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  1. Re: How do you take care of your mental health?

    Eat 300 UG of LSD, and put on some music
  2. Re: How has your life changed since you went your own way?

    My life has changed quite dramatically in the most positive way. I quit simping, and spending money on stuff yo impress people, I spent more time on things I enjoyed. I quit smoking after 20 years...
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    Re: Crying Coworker Etiquette

    In over 10 years Iíve had one female co worker in my industry, she quit in less than two weeks. One of the many reasons I love my job and thereís never any stress at work
  4. Re: What is more important to you, time or money/

    My life motto is use money to buy time. I donít buy material things and I find ways to spend very little on things I need, like food, my house, vehicles. This way my money goes to personal enjoyment...
  5. Re: Biden's daring new initiative to help feminists lose weight... Food shortages!

    My mother grew up on rabbit meat, they bred them in the basement of an average size house. I never realized they werenít pets when I was a young kid
  6. Re: What kind of lifestyle or attitude should a MGTOW have after abandoning the idea of marriage?

    Whatís your favorite music ? Go watch it live !
    Get in touch with nature, go for a hike or kayaking. I started oil painting with Bob Ross and itís been awesome even though I suck at it.
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    Re: What are your personal quirks?

    I dance hard, even in my vehicle

    I take some sort of psychedelic before every concert

    Despise wearing a seatbelt and am completely oblivious to any beeping sound a vehicle makes

    I canít...
  8. Re: becoming happy after huge disappointment

    The hardest part of dating to me was hiding my happiness because woman hate seeing someone happier than them. So if nothing else, be happy just to piss woman off !
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    Re: Flex your MGTOW lifestyle a bit here

    I spend mine on vacations, usually doing some sort of hallucinagen at a concert on the beach. That or skiing if itís winter time. I donít spend much when Iím home, just the basic house, truck, good...
  10. Re: What hobby should I do to alleviate boredom?

    I went completely outside the box last year and started painting with bob ross. I have never been into art or any good at any of that stuff but I couldnít believe how much I enjoyed when I started...
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    Re: How many friends do you have?

    I have quite a few friends who are basically MGTOW, although I doubt any of them know about it. 4 close friends I highly doubt will ever be in relationships. A few couples that I am close with both...
  12. Re: Women need to start demonstrating value again

    The modern woman is no more than a trophy for alphas to compete for or show off. The rest of us are either tormented by them or impartial to them.
  13. Thread: Vaccines

    by Money&freedom


    Wondering everyoneís opinion here. I donít trust too many people, especially the ones pushing this so hard. I take great care of myself, have had covid with hardly any effects, and I donít want or...
  14. Thread: New Here

    by Money&freedom

    New Here

    Hello Gentlemen, new here. Been MGTOW for a few years now, and itís improved my quality of life and happiness significantly. With all the bans going on, I am hoping I have found a place to enjoy...
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