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    Re: Red-Pill Rage Stages

    When I look back at my life and think back to the times that I felt the absolute worst about myself, there was always a woman involved. Whenever I look back and think of times where I was depressed,...
  2. Re: There's no point in being friendly with women. Because if you do, she's act uncomfortable. And later who knows, she might sue you for a creep.

    If you ignore women, they usually go away. Men see being ignored as disrespectful. I don't think women see it that way. Women look at guys like furniture out in public and they navigate around them....
  3. Re: Lack of accountability, Sky News discusses that women are at greater risk of not meeting retirement goals

    I used to work in investment management and there is a ton of literature and marketing targeted specifically at women. doesn't work. In the back of almost every woman's mind is that someone...
  4. Re: Happily married to utterly devasted overnight

    First, ditch the best friend. There's no room in your life for disloyalty like that. He doesn't deserve a second chance. What good is he to you now anyway? Are you going to confide in him your...
  5. Re: What's your thoughts on why most men cannot live without women

    Truth is, most men haven't tried it. When their not in a relationship, most men are trying to get in one or at least chasing women. I was that guy. Once you break the cycle, you get a lot of clarity...
  6. Re: Are you ever treated as less than for not being married?

    I think my friends who are married are a little jealous. They have kids and I have kids but I'm divorced. I can sense the exhausting marital grind that they are caught in when I talk to them. The...
  7. Re: Why Men No Longer Want To Get Married - Proof MGTOW Works

    "Women deserve better...because we say so."
    This is the entitlement that is pushing men away to discover that life without a woman is not only better, it's awesome.
  8. Re: Stories: Next-level Nagging and Condescension on Dating Apps

    Dating app profiles are worth their own sub-forum or sticky post if people could actually post the profiles. The comments could be (more like would be) comedy gold.
  9. Re: Open relationships are good when they suit women, article.

    Seems like another "you go girl" article to me. Never any negative info or follow up when she's living alone with a bunch of cats. The underlying message is "once you have the financial cuffs on him,...
  10. Re: Incontinent Ex-Trans Man Sues Over Penis Removal, Predicts an 'Avalanche' of Court Cases

    You've got to be pretty optimistic or naive to think that a major surgery like that isn't going to have some consequences like "not workin' right."
    I just don't have any sympathy.
  11. Re: "It's More Than A Phase" Things Modern Women Don't Want Men To Know About Them

    How do you know a woman is lying? Her lips are moving.
  12. Re: When Modern Women Act Crazy, Men Have No Choice But To Leave

    The last person to listen to for advice about women is a woman. When you're younger, it seems like getting dating advice from women is a great idea. When you're older and look back at the advice...
  13. Re: New survey shows older women are now dating younger men. "Hereís why"

    Uh oh, get ready to see the granny's in your town walking funny.
    According to the article, 90% of men are interested in dating women 10 years older or more. Seems like a highly questionable stat to...
  14. Re: I took another lap around the dating site - somehow it's gotten worse

    The last time I was on dating sites I was amazed at how political they were. A lot of "If you voted for Trump, don't even think of swiping right" kind of garbage. And there were some real chubsters...
  15. Re: I took another lap around the dating site - somehow it's gotten worse

    Soon there will be a time where animal shelters can't keep cats in stock.
  16. Re: Watchout Gentlemen, Women beginning to look for cheap rent on social sites, listen to this "nextdoor" email I just got

    That's because they see this as temporary until they ensnare another host. They have no intention of attempting to 'make it work' for an extended amount of time. Or any intention of getting a steady...
  17. Re: Watchout Gentlemen, Women beginning to look for cheap rent on social sites, listen to this "nextdoor" email I just got

    I'll give him this, she's smoking hot. About as smart as a raccoon. My ex brother in law is kind of a shady type. Has a good job but is a liar and is always trying to put one over on someone. He gets...
  18. Re: Watchout Gentlemen, Women beginning to look for cheap rent on social sites, listen to this "nextdoor" email I just got

    In most states in the US, the laws are way skewed toward the tenant. In my state in particular, if someone starts getting mail at a particular address, the landlord has to go through the eviction...
  19. Re: Landwhale feeding time, grab your coal shovel!

    I would pay money to see her thrown into a pond full of alligators.
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    Re: Imbalance of Power

    The best solution is to not care what women want and avoid them. You're playing with loaded dice when you seek companionship from women and it's only a matter of time before you roll snake eyes.
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    Re: A Female Hulk TV Series

    I hear that. I'm pretty over comic book movies and shows. This looks about as entertaining as watching a 2 hour corporate diversity video.
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    Re: Racism - Let's talk about it.....

    I think you're right about the white guilt thing. I've never heard a black person say they don't want to be called black. But white "journalists," political/social commentators on tv and social media...
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    Re: Racism - Let's talk about it.....

    If you look at crime, scholastic and economic statistics, it's tough to believe that we are all created equal, at least intellectually.
  24. Re: Iím an Overprotective Girlfriend and I Have 8 Strict Rules for my Boyfriend

    Women telegraph what they want by making these statements. And they want exactly the opposite. If you follow her rules, you'd be off like a prom dress in no time because you ARE following her rules.
  25. Re: I know a 68-year-old unmarried former "hippie" woman.

    Sounds like the "system" is working. She's alone, exactly where she deserves to be.
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