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    Re: So I lost my glasses...

    Except feminism has billions in funding and MGTOW has tiny forums and some cameras for YT videos.

    Feminism also dominated education and media. Mgtow? Nothing.

    So not quite the same.

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    Re: Its getting tough for them now!

    There is no way single mothers won’t always be government worshipped.
  3. Re: Two bleeding hearts in the street bleeding on one another. WOKE devouring WOKE

    That’s where the feminist #woketards screwed up. Their man hating is so pure they are required to hate MTF. They cannot avoid it. They literally have to hate.

    But the trans people bit back hard,...
  4. Re: feminists ignore proof that rape culture does not exist

    Of course not. As if they can prove any of their claims. It’s all just recycled Soviet propaganda about oppression.

    Rape culture? More made up shit that they themselves created.

    They point...
  5. Re: why do some women cheat while others remain loyal

    What makes you think some don’t cheat?

    Absence of evidence doesn’t mean evidence of absence or whatever.
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    Re: goals before and after going MGTOW

    Before: I was kinda always MGTOW, even as a child. Never understood marriage. Thought it was weird.

    Had a variety of lovers for sex and fun, with relationships terminating within 6 mos. As...
  7. Re: Do any of you have (much) younger women hitting on you?

    Back when I entertained lovers I had a few women a decade or two younger than I. Not many though and it was never a goal.

    Now nothing, because I stopped dating entirely.
  8. Re: Alternative dwellings for independence (tiny houses, stealth vans, etc)

    I travel around doing the stealth van thing. Great way to travel the country on the cheap, since hotels are a rarity or unnecessary. You can camp all across America, or sleep in the van at a truck...
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    Re: Why Dads Matter In A Child's Life

    What are you? From reddit? You can, in fact, add to the conversation, not just complain about it like you're shaming people.

    Check this person for testicles mods. Smells quite feminine.
  10. Re: I despise the right-wing politicians and feminists equally

    That argument would be more believable if the religious and right wing (like there's a difference) weren't whole sale in favor of genocide and murder 100% of the rest of the time.

  11. Re: David Futrelle wants to lick Amber Heard's cunt

    Oh Dave…backed the wrong horse and painted yourself into a corner.
  12. Re: Probably the best description of "fear of dying alone" you will ever find

    As someone actually “dying alone” it’s not a big deal.

    Apparently in some people’s worlds you don’t have friends and family who care about you.
  13. Re: Latest Woke backfire, controversy over age gap in 30 year old Jurassic Park film.

    Faketroversy. Typical.

    If she had said it was fine it wouldn’t be published.
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    Re: How is everyone handling the inflation

    I've decreased my lifestyle somewhat. But I was already doing that.

    My issue isn't so much inflation, as much of that is avoided in my case, but the economy tanking as far as equities right now. ...
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    We're all toxic males

    Where are the men of courage? They’re gone thanks to ‘toxic masculinity’
  16. Re: Post-nut clarity and old age may have some things in common

    I'll tell you this, I never had problems with women, never got oneitis, and never got into some relationship where I didn't have an exit plan day 1.

    How? I have high sex drive. Instead of...
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    How to spot a female misogynist

    How to spot a female misogynist
  18. Re: "Sex Trafficking" Can Mean Prostitution or Literal Kidnapping

    Not mentioned. Sex trafficking is a blanket term for illegal aliens, many of whom turn to drug dealing and prostitution to make illegal income since they’re criminals.

    And then cry sex...
  19. Re: are we headed for a wacko totalitarian breeding program?

    My God,

    You people crawl down some of the stupidest rabbit holes. You think this is all some grand conspiracy?

    And then the mechanisms required to do so are ridiculous.

    Is it impossible to...
  20. Re: Wow, check out this expose female mgtow=hermites

    Oh look a man hating group filled with violent femcels who want to murder and rape men.

    And they sound like they all support Trump and are racist.

    Call the FBI and complain, they need to be on...
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    Re: A Female Hulk TV Series

    She Hulk used to be like they put Joan Jett and an Orion slave girl in a blender set on Damn and turned it on.

    She was voluptuous, sexy, and lots of fun.

    Of course, this is some cunt lawyer who...
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    Reddit Hate Speech: Ouroboros

    A female friend of mine just got banned from reddit. Not temporarily banned mind you, permanently banned.

    Why? Hate speech was the reason given. Hate speech. A reversal where women are getting...
  23. Re: I'm not sure if these people just tried to downplay cheating

    I have a “don’t get involved with peoples drama” approach. Unless you’re a family member or something, random people sleeping around doesn’t concern me.
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    Re: Another reason for Indian men to go MGTOW.

    Especially because they’re vegetarian.
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    Re: Women do not love men.

    How could women love any individual high availability thing?

    You love each individual French fry you get with your burger?
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