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  1. Re: Your Government Is Trying To Kill You & Depopulate the Planet

    The infertility data that is starting to come out of western countries is startling. The DARPA developed injections are altering DNA via changes to the mitochondria because the mRNA jabs are...
  2. Re: Your Government Is Trying To Kill You & Depopulate the Planet

    The world has more than enough food supplies for our growing planet as well as fossil fuels. Creating artificial scarcity is how you drive up value and control.

    We have only explored a fraction...
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    Re: What is a ghost?

    A ghost is a man that wants to be left alone on his terms to enjoy time and freedom.
  4. Re: R Kelly who spent his career kissing women's asses couldn't escape 3 decades of jail time

    Not surprising that the men most vocal and active toward promoting gynocentrism are also at their core very corrupt.

    But given R Kelly's situation it is an important reminder that the biggest...
  5. Re: How do you take care of your mental health?

    I see a lot of young men gravitating toward black pill mindsets throughout the internet and what they fail to realize like Kryptic has said is that to let go of petty things. To take it further if...
  6. Re: Do any other Forum members enjoy dressing well?

    For a pleasant ghostly life I do like dressing down. But if I want to take advantage of a social setting I will dress up and peacock. Personally how you dress doesn't matter as much as what you do...
  7. Re: Men, What are the Traits of Alpha, and how to develop it?

    Here is my quick Laconic response.

    If you take care of business as a man and people respect you that makes you alpha. The alpha/beta label is pointless as no one can be alpha or beta 100% of the...
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    Re: Accepting isolation

    It is ironic that the most kindness and gentle of men become Shitlords when they grow older. But you have to become that if you want to pushback against the BS or else their lunacy will destroy your...
  9. Re: I finally reach the point where I truly do no care about women anymore

    It is perfectly okay for a man to reach this point in his life if he doesn't care for women anymore or he has a new perspective and view on women. I think it is very healthy as it allows you to grow...
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    Re: Is MGTOW dead?

    MGTOW is like hydra.

    Most men going their own way rebranded themselves to evade the snares and shadows of gynocentric creep on YT and other gynocentric media platforms. In fact many men that...
  11. Re: Does the Western Lifestyle Put Their Own Societies on the Path to Extinction?

    Western lifestyle used to be very masculine. Current western lifestyle is heavily gynocentric and in due time the pendulum will swing the other way.

    That is how the history of humanity ebbs and...
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    Re: Are hookups worth pursuing?

    I agree with this.

    Just do the opposite of what the media promotes. For young men I advise that pursuing short term relationships with women is fine but don't fall into the trap of thinking that...
  13. Re: I Want To Thank MGTOW For All Your Support Lately

    This is the way.

    But yes living a great life for yourself as a man should always take priority. Once you reach that phase you will nourish your spirit and you will see a burst of energy that you...
  14. Re: Women most affected by Russia-Ukraine war, says U.N. Women

    I find it fascinating that women squawk the loudest regarding the war on social media even though this is probably the most ordinary military operation that we are witnessing. It is no shock and awe...
  15. Re: Is anyone else worried about your father and/or mother passing and then you’ll have no one?

    My father passed before I hit my 30s. It was hard to accept initially, because he planned on retiring and that never became a reality. But then again since I am nearing my 40s now it is a fuel for...
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    Re: What even is marriage?

    Marriage and cohabitating doesn't make sense in this era of the world. Want kids? Don't need to be married. Want a LTR? Don't need marriage. Want to date around or find a FB? Don't need marriage.
  17. Re: Should we re-examine the open borders policy for new members?

    I am fine with intro requirements. Just has to address the key points like what made them find mgtow, what was their turning point and their experiences with the world. Doesn't have to be lengthy...
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    Re: Does anyone regret GYOW?

    No regrets on my end.

    I am just hitting my prime years.

    It helps that I am a home owner, no debt, paid off car, and lots of new job prospects on the horizon.

    If you as a man don't have a...
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    Re: No incentive to work?

    My incentive to work is simple. I do not want to be dependent upon someone else's choices. As a young boy I decided that when I would become older my #1 goal would be to do what I want without...
  20. Re: A Mother Puts Her Daughter On A New York City Billboard That Says "Date My Daughter."

    The daughter grew up in the age of social media. At this point if a woman reaches 30 and still are putting up barriers they are destined to be spinsters. Feminine women don't last long on the...
  21. Thread: Theranos

    by Azure Nomad

    Re: Theranos

    Often times we suffer from the idea that we can bypass fundamental realities via technology. However, I would argue that in the end we must be able recognize that if something is too good to be true...
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    Re: Does Sex pass the Risk/Reward equation?

    Life is full of risks.

    Each man tolerates risks differently. But with the way the world is going I take risks only to come ahead more often than not. But in truth in a world where everyone is...
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    Re: Paul Elam critiques Briffault's Law

    I personally don't have a high opinion of reverse malE.

    With that said BL is basically summed up as a trading of limited resources where women give up sex and men provide physical resources. Not...
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    Re: Should I work?

    You will feel better about yourself if you start saving that money and making it yourself. Do it.
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    Re: What was dating like pre-Social Media?

    Back in the day if a woman gave you a legit phone number your chances were very good you would end up on a date. Today? You have to do follow up texts to ensure she even remembers your name. ...
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