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  1. Re: Lack of accountability, Sky News discusses that women are at greater risk of not meeting retirement goals

    I agree that our species can be incredibly stupid. However, I disagree that UBI will solve the issue, mainly because it's the same greedy, stupid species that will be running it. I don't know if...
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    Re: How to destroy generosity

    Going back to the OP, the conclusion is very simple; the quickest and easiest way to kill generosity is to abuse it. Looking back at my younger days, I have to wonder how much longer I would have...
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    Re: The Archie Bunker Thread .

    I can remember one scene, when he found out that his daughter and son-in-law weren't going to have his grandson baptized, so he slipped into the church and did it himself. At the end, he looked up...
  4. Re: Feminist whines about classic James Bond movies

    Of course, there's always the question that the activist is incapable of answering...How hard is it to not watch a movie that offends you?

    It's been many years since I've watched that movie but...
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    Re: "Momlife" blowing up.

    I really don't care about these comics, other than to see how many women relate to them and actually think that it shows how much they're being exploited in a marriage. In my experience, work that a...
  6. Re: There is no equivalent of "dressing slutty" for men

    Very well put. Most men are attracted to signs of health and fertility; that means a feminine figure, clear skin, long, thick hair, etc. A woman who wants to broadcast her attractiveness puts these...
  7. Re: Lack of accountability, Sky News discusses that women are at greater risk of not meeting retirement goals

    I can just about picture the headlines in another twenty years: "Sixty percent of female retirees are living below the poverty line, society has failed them." The next day: "Forty percent of men who...
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    Re: A little story for your amusement

    One of the members on the old Reddit board said it best, "Always have popcorn ready. When something like that goes down, sit back and enjoy the show."
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    Re: Fried BLTs

    I gained 5 pounds and saw my cholesterol level go up 10 points just by watching that video...but it looked good.
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    Re: A little story for your amusement

    The writer Patrick McManus said in one of his stories that over the course of his life, he had rescued dozens of wild creatures and all it had ever gotten him was kicked, scratched, pecked or gored. ...
  11. Re: There aren't a hundred different genders, and saying so is not bigotry

    A radio host put it best. There are only two genders. Now, sexuality? The sky's the limit. Your sexual preference isn't your gender.
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    Re: Woman sues man cause she was ghosted!

    There are a couple of things that I find incredible.

    First, she yelled at the judge and didn't face any consequences for that. I don't have a great deal of experience with the judicial system,...
  13. Re: So did every attractive girl in my high school class date a pedo?

    I understand the gist of what you're saying (or at least I think I do) but to a certain extent, I must respectfully disagree. I fully agree with age of consent laws.

    No, they're not perfect,...
  14. Re: Anecdotal post of a wife leaving her husband

    I'm working under the assumption that you're not trolling. Here's my attempt at logic in the situation.

    In this case, the woman "broke the marriage contract" but the ex-husband is still forced...
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    Re: Its getting tough for them now!

    I'm willing to bet that whomever quoted the "1 in 4" statistic is playing loose with the definition of homeless. For instance, a woman who's crashing on a friend or family member's couch, even...
  16. Re: feminists ignore proof that rape culture does not exist

    From a political standpoint, nothing brings people together like an outside threat and rape was the great outside threat for feminists for the longest time. Then, it came out that rape was actually...
  17. Re: feminists ignore proof that rape culture does not exist

    One case neither proves nor disproves rape culture. The only thing that this one case proves is that Brock Turner was (is?) a piece of excrement, the judge was as well, and the two guys who grabbed...
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    Re: Women in construction

    Gentlemen, from my experience, there are women who are capable of working in construction, just as there are women who are capable engineers. The problem comes when you lower standards of...
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    Re: Most work is respectable

    One of the lessons my father taught me was that you never get in the way or put down someone doing an honest job. A lot of the jobs that so many people look down on are absolutely vital, maintaining...
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    Re: A sex strike, you say?

    I've tried another, slightly different view on the matter, and the whole idea of the sex strike, the protests and the demonstrations just gets sillier to me when I consider it. It all comes down to...
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    Re: A sex strike, you say?

    So the Supreme Court said that abortion's legality is not the authority of the Federal Government and it's up to each individual state to make that determination within its own borders. Now, we have...
  22. Re: Remember gents women can be a threat in the workplace too

    Gentlemen, we've all seen the lists of relationship red flags. Some of them are good, some are odd. However, I would like everyone to consider that many of these relationship red flags are also...
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    Re: Do Not Lay With Anger

    You only have one life. Spending time being angry about something you cannot change is a waste of that time. If that anger motivates you to do something positive for yourself, embrace it.
  24. Re: Where Are the Men? (SaveAFeminist Simps Are Disappearing!)

    If questioned, my answer would be something like this: I thought I was doing the right thing; I suppressed my toxic masculinity and did what the women were doing; minding my own business and waiting...
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    Re: Covered in tattoos.

    There was a comic strip some years back that depicted an old woman telling younger ones to not get tattoos. The saying was "That eagle on your back when you're twenty will be a buzzard in your crack...
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