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    Making Full Use of their "Autonomy"

    Maybe Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg was talking about holding back the State from preventing a woman from creating and...
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    Re: I'm homeless

    "Everyone including my former neighbor who is an ex fire fighter said the building was hit by Jewish lightning."

    Sorry to hear this. Hope you can find reasonable arrangements until you find...
  3. Re: Guy Turns NYC Apartment Into Arcade, Loses Fiancée

    Awesome. Street Fighter II classic. The guy is living as we all should- aspirationally, not a conformist boring lifestyle - the choice of all women and far too many men.

    Women have no value. ...
  4. Re: Woke cannibalism: NBA star 'dragged' for not complimenting WNBA player correctly!

    Maybe he didn't say her name because her name sounds so fake - "Aerial Powers". Really? That sounds the classic made up name for a basketball player. As if someone's real name was "Air Jordan". ...
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    Schopenhauer "On Women"

    Not saying I agree with all of it, but it's kind of funny, esp. given what a towering intellect he was.

    Schopenhauer?s Famous Essay about Women (new translation, abridged)

    The nature of the...
  6. A Religious Perspective on What's Wrong with Women Today

    This is Roosh- you all know him as a former PUA and some may discount what he says because of that. But I thought it was well written...
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    Re: MGTOW: Being Happy with The Path

    This made me think about this blonde girl I dated when she was in her twenties. She was hot, we had a lot of fun together. It didn't last but I read an article by her about 7-8 years later or so...
  8. Re: Covid-19 One Month In- The Effect of No Sex

    Given the neuroplasticity of the mind it's hard to know what part of one's emotional landscape is native and what is put there by society. Having said that, if society does install a false belief in...
  9. Re: Covid-19 One Month In- The Effect of No Sex

    >With all due respect jagr any posting on a MGTOW site extolling the virtues of sex is bound to grab attention.

    I have to make clear - and we decided this as mods WAY back in the beginning for...
  10. Re: Covid-19 One Month In- The Effect of No Sex

    Good analysis. It does seem that confidence and risk-taking does seem related to some kind of inventory-taking internal to the brain of one's status, and we are biologically hardwired to include...
  11. Re: Covid-19 One Month In- The Effect of No Sex

    This is just a wall of text that manages to be extremely lazy. The information is out there but you refuse to look it up. You want people to spoonfeed you the information. Honestly I don't really...
  12. Re: Covid-19 One Month In- The Effect of No Sex

    Wrong. The exact opposite. Read my posts about the health benefits of sex - to the immune system, to lowering cortisol, ; once you read those, you'd know it's more of a vitamin than a drug in terms...
  13. Covid-19 One Month In- The Effect of No Sex

    Prior to this wonderful virus spreading like wildfire, I'd see a gorgeous escort twice a week (I have a rotation of 8 or so).

    Now Covid-19 has us all "social distancing" so our lungs dont' fill...
  14. Thread: My Intro

    by jagrmeister

    Re: My Intro

    I agree, but at the same time, I don't overthink it. Once I've gone through filtering the top 3 girls out of a bunch of profiles I've scanned through and 15 girls I've tried out, I've ended up with...
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    Re: The Anglocunt Headsnap

    Good reasons Opaque; I concur with most of them esp. "gender affirmative action" which gets women positions esp. in white-collar workplace where they contribute perhaps 60% that of a comparable man. ...
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    Re: The Anglocunt Headsnap

    I am NOT checking her out. I am just walking while looking forward which is what I thought people were supposed to do (not having my face glued to my phone not looking where I'm going)

    Nothing is...
  17. Re: From Best Of MGTOW: MGTOW Awareness of the Actual Nature of Women

    Your evidence against 50 years ago is what happened 15 years ago?

    No one is making the point that women were perfect once upon a time, but rather hypergamy, and the shitty behaviors listed have...
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    The Anglocunt Headsnap

    I consider myself a studious observer of human behavior.

    In other words, I noticed new trends or increases in certain actions.

    One such behavior is something you may recognize: women make eye...
  19. Re: How to spot a Veteran of the Cock Carousel

    * Resting Bitch Face

    * Petulant/Snippy: from countless pump/dumps

    * Aggressively reject as many men as possible for no reason, even showing bitchy soft rejections like making eye contact with a...
  20. Re: What do you think about this man says about big cities being harmful to manhood?

    Dude's multi-tasking (tending to the fire while shooting a YouTube video) - isn't multi-tasking a feminine activity!

    I'm joking but not really. Because his definition of masculinity is not...
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    Sticky: The GYOW Guide to MGTOW


    The following MGTOW curriculum is a condensed, curated guide to MGTOW that will give you a strong sense of...
  22. Re: From Best Of MGTOW: MGTOW Awareness of the Actual Nature of Women

    Good find Unboxxed. Posting our archives reminds me of the importance of our GYOW library.
  23. Re-Post: Men aren't attracted to Gender-Neutral Women

    Every once in a while someone here reads an old post of mine, I get notified, re-read it and laugh (at it and the comments below it). So I'll re-post it for the fun of it.

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    Re: So long Joe- you've lost the male vote

    Must we reserve our outrage for only incidents which are completely novel? The tired and stale response of resignation is waving the white flag of defeat. Anyone advancing the feminist agenda...
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    Re: So long Joe- you've lost the male vote

    Bear in mind guys like Joe Biden already have it all. He's been a Senator. A Vice President of the United States. A net worth of $9M.

    He has power.

    And how does he use it? By acting in a...
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