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  1. Re: When a monkey brancher says 'I havent been completely honest with you'

    Yea, budgets are getting tight in industries, so bloat is cut, be it useless men or diversity hires. That cushy middle management layer where women love to land themselves is eroding. In times of...
  2. Re: Leftists Promoting the Feminization of Culture to Destroy Men

    ... a steel umbrella does nothing when it rains nuclear fire...
  3. Re: Big tech extends political censorship lock-down to protect alleged election results.

    It will serve as yet another warning. As said often: "Hard times make strong men."
    Hard times are knocking on the door. Loudly. The pandemic is fraying nerves, entertainment industries are being...
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    Re: MGTOW: The impact.

    MGTOW as a label is finished. It's become too associated with negatives to attract people. I'm pretty sure it'll just be rebranded in the near future - maybe it'll even fly under the radar with the...
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    Re: Vagina dress....really???

    And here I thought flashing your genitals about was considered illegal in most places... what's the term again. "Indecent Exposure"?
    Meh. Don't care. Seen it before, nothing special. Just make...
  6. Re: Help! We're stuck in the midlife dating desert! [eyebleach]

    So. The first of those lasses has reached feminism's last stop. Grab a cat and enjoy the last 30-40 years of your life. It's all that's left for you. 'Cause nobody, and I mean nobody - not men, not...
  7. Re: Third time lucky? Biden spokesman denounces #MeToo 'cottage industry of lies'

    Indeed. A white knights armor is weakest at their back... But that's where they tend to take their blows. Wonder how many of their ranks will get the dagger before they realize where their actual...
  8. Re: Speed-dating event in Membertou cancelled due to lack of men..Bwhahah..

    I'll invoke "until death do us part" until they get the message, as necessary. I do not think it'll come to that however. Women don't want pairing, they want resources. So look for increased taxation...
  9. Re: Time to switch of that porn and find a real woman guys... Man-UP! or I will shame you some more!

    Because banning porn will incite action in the men who are at the moment placated by it. "Give them food, water and games." Take away the latter and your rule will be threatened.

    Besides, it's a...
  10. Re: Leaving Behind a Legacy As a Man - Depressing

    If you're worried about a genetic legacy as a MGTOW, there's a very simple solution: Donate to a spermbank. You'll never know your progeny, but you can be safe in the knowledge that it'll exist,...
  11. Re: Feminist Dream! “Artists” Explain Why They Put Men in MAGA Hats on Leashes and ‘Walked’ Them

    Image needs a caption:
    "2019: A Feminist Wedding"
  12. Re: Ghosting Fail! Man surprised to find woman and her children moved into his home, report says

    So much for a failure to ghost...
  13. Re: T‘There’s A Woman Who’s Beating A Man’: All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Turns Violent After Crab Legs Run Low

    The memes write themselves today... Oh, society, you have become a caricature of yourself.
  14. Re: 15 Psychological Tricks To Make Him Propose

    Ahh. Does the bovine excrement sensor register a dangerously high level? Why, yes it does. And while the bovine excrement may not be of the feminine variety - the results are somewhat... unclear,...
  15. Re: Why Do Some Women Get More Comfort From Pets Than From Men?

    If dogs could make money, men would be free...
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    Re: Do we conceptualise too much?

    I recognize this overanalyzing. I've done since long before going my own way. Detaching emotionally from a situation and observing it as if you're viewing the entire situation from a third person...
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    Re: Asian ladies

    9, 4, 2... and the last one I'm not certain of, but I think 6.
    The eyebrows give it away. These are thicker and shaped slightly different for men. Trannies typically forget to trim them.
  18. Re: New shaming tactic against MGTOW: Chasing money is a sin

    Chasing money is a sin now? Well, then I'll be a hellbound wretch, smiling all the way down the Broad Road. And laughing at the "pious angels" who will be struggling with student and other debt come...
  19. Re: Communication with women - an observation.

    That is because women don't argue the point, but argue the feeling behind it. Women try to convey emotion in words, something men do not clue into (and women among themselves also don't, so the error...
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    Re: Where is your bug out town or country?

    I'm unsure. The Netherlands are pretty crowded, except in the rural north - where it's mostly soggy grass farmlands (suitable for cattle, not so much for grain). Considering now to retire to that...
  21. Re: Sex dolls is WHERE MGTOW JUMPS THE SHARK

    Dude, chill. The sex doll thing can be an outlet for guys who have sexual impulses they need to vent, but it's not for everyone. And that's fine. I'm not sure exactly how you spoke out against it,...
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    Re: Infanticide now legal in the US?

    I'd like to point out that were it comes to lowering birthrates, redpill and by proxy MGTOW are also among the "useful idiots".
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    Re: Good men needed for an important job

    Well, I suppose for those men who take pride in knowing they have a genetic legacy in this world, such as it is, being a spermdonor could be a path to take. It's clear that there are no benefits...
  24. Re: MGTOW only exists, 'cause you, guys, don't understand the benefits of marriage.

    Lists like these are the reason this happened:

    Truthless propaganda, noone is buying anymore... Huffies entire wokeness generating department is now...
  25. Re: What Will It Take To Make You Understand And Accept That They Hate You?

    The Carousel remains open, yes. But heavy redpilling results in Error 404: Beta Bux Not Found once she's flung off of that carousel. And that always happens in the end. Age 40-80? It's a looooong...
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