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    Re: Share your favorite pictures, meme, etc.
  2. Re: Should I go MGTOW? What specifically made you go MGTOW

    ROTFL :-)

    Amen, brother! Amen.
  3. Re: A fucked up story on how cheating destroyed an entire family.

    Ah... Right. "Justice". In this universe.

    Are you kidding me?

    While we are discussing about "justice" for this disgusting, despicable "mother", ...

    ...let's think about the 5-6 year old...
  4. Re: How to do something about whatever issue pisses you off the most

    LOL :-)

    Related: new video from the Critical Drinker - about Disney and "The Message":

    Features this pic a lot :-)
  5. Re: Thus spoke Zarathustra - Friedrich Nietzsche (1883)

    > Do not go to men, but stay in the forest!
    > Go rather to the animals!
    > Why not be like me - a bear among bears, a bird among birds?


    ďAnd into the forest I go, to lose my mind...
  6. Re: Personal opinion on nuclear family and marriage.

    Good point, Rusty.

    Can you imagine it, if all couples and their offspring were to undergo mandatory DNA testing...
    And then the fathers would actually learn whether they enslaved themselves for...
  7. Re: Personal opinion on nuclear family and marriage.

    > ...But yeah, I’d say a decline in morality, religion becoming less fundamental ... have all turned the human race into crap.

    I agree with the realization - but not with the precondition.
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    Re: Why are we MGTOW ? (Rant)


    I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the mods and admins of this site, for giving us one of the last remaining places in the internet where we MGTOW can freely discuss.
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    Re: Adam could have done with MGTOW

    Hi, Unboxxed.

    >>> [bubby963] MGTOWs who are anti religion is like a turkey voting for Christmas.
    >> [end_of_days] ....
    > [Unboxxed] He's not talking about what you're talking about.

    Well, I...
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    Re: Adam could have done with MGTOW


    There's a flaw in your reasoning, bubby963 - and I am not sure you can see it.
    I used to be religious in my youth, and I was blind to it too.

    I'll offer two viewpoints - the religious...
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    A modern woman

    An online acquaintance has shared a link with me.
    Reading it, it reflects so much of the wisdom of MGTOW that I felt I needed to share it with you guys.

    While reading it, keep in mind that this...
  12. Re: "Before and after the wall. The tragic tale of Julia."

    There was a part of me that used to feel rage about this insane, clown-world.

    It's no longer there - since many years ago, I've moved to a cold indifference about it all.
    After all, all the...
  13. Re: Pets are Better than Romantic Partners

    As is always the case with your articles, I loved this one as well. Couldn't agree more!

    Thanks, Eddie.
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    Re: Why are we MGTOW ? (Rant)

    Well said, mate! I am not religious, but this feels appropriate:

    "Amen, brother - amen."
  15. Re: Pay attention, this is what happens to men when women have power and authority.

    You're welcome, Montauk :-)

    Wisdom from the Ancients, indeed.
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    Re: The Joker - film analysis

    (Putting Preacher hat on. Coughs, taps on mic)

    I know I will sound crazy... but I am amongst friends, so I'll just say it:

    Stop watching movies, guys.

    Read books instead.
    And no, I don't...
  17. Re: It is time for physical communities of men to emerge.

    If we are to speak hard truths... (which is what brings most of us to this forum)... then we need to say it out loud: we all end up, in the end, "selfish".

    Not in the...

    "Must exploit all...
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    "Who watches the watchmen?"

    I am sure you've heard the phrase "who watches the watchmen". Or, in the original Latin: "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

    But do you know where that came from?

    I didn't. I learned it today -...
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    Re: Tired of Nosy Bastards

    "I don't know - do I need one?"

    Excellent answer, Witch Doctor.

    In my experience, the best reaction is no reaction - silence. Let them think you feel uncomfortable; if they ask again, remain...
  20. Re: Has anyone here stopped following the news altogether?

    Haven't watched news for two decades - since I haven't owned a TV in two decades. I get the weather forecast with an app on my phone, and when I get the itch, "read the news" on BBC, DW or Reuters...
  21. The rings of power - "strong, diverse, female" blasphemy... Tolkien turning in his grave

    I could say many things about this show.

    But there's no need - the Critical Drinker is brutally honest, and thoroughly enjoyable:

    There's clearly...
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    Re: Where are all the mgtow men gone?

    Glad we agree - and indeed, no issue and no animosity of any kind from me either.

    I will grant you that it is unrealistic for some - a few - men. Raging, unstoppable hormones... Each of us...
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    Re: Where are all the mgtow men gone?

    > We both don't know if either of our advice to a young man will be followed.

    Oh, for sure - no doubt about that. But I think the young people visiting this forum are... let's just say, more...
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    Re: Where are all the mgtow men gone?

    > I just don't think it's right for us to advise any young man to 100% avoid women.


    The thing is... any young man that doesn't, is playing with fire.

    I've read some of your posts in the...
  25. Rules of Modern Dating & Understanding Women - "It's complicated"

    "It only controls weak men."

    Amen, brother.
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