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  1. Re: Entitled Woman Sues Kraft Over Mac And Cheese Cook Time for $5 Million

    The problem is that the attorney who filed this complaint knows that chances are very high that Kraft will settle for $1 mil and he makes a quick $330k.
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    Re: I need to get out

    If you've only been married a few months, you could probably punch out and not lose much-if you live in the US it is going to depend on the state. Potentially nothing.
    If you think it's going to...
  3. Re: Even Tom Brady is not exempt from women's bullshit

    She got bored and convinced herself that she settled. Just like 95% of marriages. I'd say he got lucky-behind the scenes you can assume she was insufferable to be around. The question is whether he...
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    Re: Why would men get married before 40?

    "Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness." -The Architect in Matrix Reloaded

    They hope their old lady won't...
  5. Re: How to do something about whatever issue pisses you off the most

    Hilarious. God forbid they meet to actually work on the problems they are screaming about. As usual, they just want to complain...and get attention for complaining. Why it's considered newsworthy is...
  6. Re: If MGTOW is all losers, why do man hating feminists keep writing articles based on lies and fear?

    I'm taking my ex to court over child support/custody in the next few months (depending on when the court date is but she has been served the initial motion) and my ex has absolutely gone nuts over...
  7. Re: Nobody Is Talking About The Record-High Number Of Americans On Psychiatric Drugs . . .

    It's like counter-Darwinism. In nature where those with defective genes are shunned from reproduction or die off before mating, the modern world has allowed for "survival of everybody."
  8. Re: Selling Your Spouse and Window Into Life in Georgian England

    Let's not forget that in the mid-18th century the life expectancy was like 39 years old. If your old lady wasn't going to be a team player when you got cholera or typhus, you were screwed. Better to...
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    Re: Andrew Tate Is A God

    I think there are a lot of disenfranchised men out there but if they focused on their own success/happiness/accomplishment rather than listening to others who "have the answers" they'd be a lot...
  10. Re: If MGTOW is all losers, why do man hating feminists keep writing articles based on lies and fear?

    Sara Brzuszkiewicz

    Dr Sara Brzuszkiewicz is the Editor in Chief of European Eye on Radicalization.
    She has been post-doc researcher at Alma Mater Studiorum University (Bologna). Previously, she...
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    Re: More subtle misandry at the abc.

    The press is full of activist journalists rather than people reporting on issues. Of course it took 3 women to write this, because they never intended to 'report on a story' but rather shine a light...
  12. Re: New Crisis! ‘Hateful comments’: My boss fat-shamed me for wearing a crop top

    She looks like 10 pounds of monkey shit in a 5 pound bag. What do you think she's weighing in at? I'd guess about 170-175. That's average in the US (and I think that number is 176lbs from 2016-post...
  13. Re: New Crisis! ‘Thicker, curvy’ women denied entry to Hollywood bar; rant goes viral on social media

    Looks like the commenters on the article have the right idea. Maybe stick to places where you are welcome. There are no bouncers to impress at Golden Corral.
  14. Re: The Bad News Since My Dad's Passing Never Wants To End

    Unboxxed, as usual, provides some sound advice. Is your mom the executrix of the estate? If not, you need to talk directly with the executor/executrix. Is there an estate attorney involved? That...
  15. Thread: Cosmo2022

    by Skywarp

    Re: Cosmo2022

    Maybe it's a "know thine enemy" thing.
  16. Re: Women being kicked off welfare will come running back to us guys

    In the US welfare money (EBT cards, SNAP benefits, Medicaid) is federal money deistributed by the states. There is next to NO incentive to police fraud. My ex used to work in this department for my...
  17. Re: Real Life Video from The Wire? GRAPHIC: Video Shows Moment Baltimore ‘Anti-Violence Activist’ Is Shot Dead While Attacking Woman With Butcher Knife

    Anti-violence activist is code for felon who can't get a real job. So he's out helping the "community."
    Every city with a ghetto has them and they are useless as tits on a bull in every one of them.
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    Re: Why This Board Sucks - But MGTOW Doesn't

    I guess we know you love Andrew Tate. What's your resume look like, chump? I'd guess that your list of accomplisments involves lots of time playing video games and finding porn on the dark web. Big...
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    Re: housing crisis - women worst affected

    Another one sided story from some slag working on her victimhood resume. I'm sure his side of the story would be a little different but I guess that's why they didn't interview him too. Sounds to me...
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    Re: Dealing with old memories that bring up rage

    I can understand the rage but I would say be thankful for it. If it hadn't been for that experience (and I'm sure many others) you very likely may have not 'seen the light.' You could be shackled to...
  21. Re: A nice article how dating apps have empowered these delusional women...

    When I was on dating sites I used to see profiles of women that went like this:

    Huge discussion of themselves and what they are looking for: 6 figures, 6 feet tall, etc.
  22. Thread: Too funny

    by Skywarp

    Too funny

    The power a pretty woman has always goes to her head.

    Now accepting...
  23. The state of being a wife and motherhood today

    Brittany Mahomes, married to one of the highest profile sports stars in the US.
    Mother of 1 and pregnant.
  24. Re: Spoiled Bratty Woke Students Meltdown Over A Biologist Stating That Men And Women Are Different

    The problem is that these kids have never heard the word "No." And they don't listen for shit.
    They will go and complain to the administration of the college and the professor will be censured or...
  25. Re: Entitlement Princess who moaned on Tik Tok gets Dumped

    I'd chalk it up to "Take any stance as long as you get views and subscribers."
    The video was on Youtube which is pretty tilted toward male viewership.
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