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  1. Re: Bad Economy? CoronaVirus? Women most affected!

    I didn't read the article, however it is obvious why women would be more affected. Women tend to work in hospitality and service industries which are compromised now. That exciting career jet setting...
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    I still want my account deleted/banned thank you.

    I thought my account would be gone by now, I also only just checked my previous request to be self banned to see what, if anything was happening. I figured since Jagrmeister came on in such a strong...
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    Re: Self banning myself.

    Of course I am concerned about men being falsely accused and it is something that led to me avoiding women well before MGTOW as a term even existed.

    I didn't mention it in the post that was...
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    Re: Self banning myself.

    MGTOW and politics is inevitable. If topics can't be raised than a MGTOW forum is pointless.

    Anyway, however this works, delete my account, thanks.
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    Re: Self banning myself.

    The Admin sent me a PM, I think it was meant to be a warning, I am not sure. It was quoting one of my posts and talking about "racial crap". I merely stated facts, there have been many issues with...
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    Self banning myself.

    I can see why you have so few members if factual events such as gang rape by immigrants can't be mentioned. If that is "racial crap" than this site has a serious PC insanity problem.

    I'm gone.
  7. Re: Coronavirus Most Deadly To Men (Women hardest hit!)

    It's the same when girls do better at school it's a cause to celebrate. Never mind that boys are falling behind and why, not an issue.

    A graph from Australia in relation to CoVid cases by age and...
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    Re: MGTOW: Being Happy with The Path

    I've always been going my own way since I was a kid. I never fitted in nor did I care. And this was well before the term MGTOW existed. I am comfortable with my path because and I know this will...
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    Re: Missed opportunities

    If you liked Golf, would you join a Football forum and expect them to talk about Golf with you?
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    Re: The elevator pitch

    I was at the supermarket recently. There was an elderly couple at the self service checkout. The woman was all a fluster, telling her husband how to pack the bags, he is doing it all wrong!!!! He is...
  11. Re: Does Covid-19 and its consequences have any philosophical impact for you?

    I feel like the world has been forced to catch up with me. I also feel validated by being a tight wad. I read recently that most people in Australia have less than $7000 in the bank. This was before...
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    Re: We Have Become 'Karen' Nation

    Thanks for the rep point, in it you asked for me to expound on the point I made. I found this ...
  13. Re: Why was Classic Liberalism Replaced by SJWism?

    Because it was always a long term goal to end up where we are now and there are plans for more extreme measures in the future. Ever notice how all these Equal Rights movements ended up with the...
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    Re: Gynocracy - Where and When Does It End?

    I believe it is in it's dying days to be honest and it's because women themselves aren't happy. A lot of women have realized they aren't happy having to work and be single mothers, that having a...
  15. Re: "Online date drugged me" - an object lesson in woman's lack of agency

    When bad things happen to men not only don't people care it's even considered hilarious. Something bad happens to a woman, even due to her own recklessness, it's a national tragedy and everyone must...
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    Re: Understanding Sex Through Porn

    I don't think it really helps us understand sex. When you see a lot of the stuff out there the woman is faking it, going over the top. Some you will catch checking that the camera is pointed at their...
  17. Re: Well, just remember, you asked for this...

    I do understand why it's in place, no problem there. I was just commenting.

    All good will read the principles too.
  18. Re: Well, just remember, you asked for this...

    Also as far as women go. Although I was never a Simp about women, once the last of my hopeful delusions passed that one might be different, it has been very difficult to get excited about them no...
  19. Re: Well, just remember, you asked for this...

    Yeah I have read some real horror stories in terms of divorces, one guy on another MGTOW forum said his wife divorced him when he was diagnosed with cancer! What I left out in terms of early life was...
  20. Well, just remember, you asked for this...

    I guess I'll start by saying I am 46. I find age to be an important factor in understanding where a man is coming from in terms of MGTOW, women, life and the world in general. I have noticed that a...
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