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    Re: I really can't tell who's more pathetic...

    Yeah, bragging about getting that guy is like a 73 old man bragging about getting a younger woman who looks like Sandra Oh. Sure, she might be younger but who cares.
  2. Re: ...and I thought the last article I posted was cuckery

    Poly is great for the woman she has multiple men to provide for her.

    Both the men in the photo look like beta cucks to me. The blonde guy possibly alpha to the really goofy looking dark haired...
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    Re: Is this true about loneliness?

    Yeah it wasn't lost on me at the time either. I was probably around 19 or so and didn't just buy one round of drinks that night. I would have spent a few hundred. In the grand scheme of things it was...
  4. Re: I'm glad we're not a movement with a charismatic speaker

    Obama had that as well. Hilarity Clinton tried to copy but just didn't have it.

    Obama was all about the taglines, talking a lot but not really saying anything. Coming out with the quick soundbyte...
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    Re: What is your analysis of this song?

    She started as a country singer right? And I bet someone, probably a manager said to her that with her looks and youth she could make a lot more money doing pop. So she switched to pop. Good on her...
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    Re: Is this true about loneliness?

    I only ever did it once as I learned my lesson but the dumbest thing I did was one night at a pub I bought drinks for 4 women just so I could sit with them. Yes, I was young and lonely and I thought...
  7. Re: Fat Acceptance is Pressuring Guys to Date Women They Find Unattractive

    When you look at porn you will find every conceivable type of woman, very old, mature, younger, fat, curvy, super thin etc etc . There is a market for every woman if they are willing to play. Look at...
  8. Re: Should I go MGTOW? What specifically made you go MGTOW

    Without getting too cheesy here, you either know you're MGTOW or you don't. I have been MGTOW to some degree all my life well before the term existed or for that matter even the internet. If you have...
  9. Re: Fat Acceptance is Pressuring Guys to Date Women They Find Unattractive

    I don't like that kind of thing either. That said I think like with a lot of things there are limits as well. I was on a porn site the other day and they showed an ad for a "Webcam girl" she was what...
  10. Re: Markets Cheer Chinese Vaccine Drive Announcement Clearing Path Toward Reopening - Protesters To Get Vaxxed?

    China is in serious need of a population reduction so if there is any truth about the vaccines making you infertile than in this case I would say it's a good thing. And I am pretty sure China won't...
  11. Re: Anyone notice that women who smoke/drink hit the wall especially hard?

    After checking out sugar baby sites I can attest that it's not just older women who are hitting the wall hard. Younger women as in 18-25 also seem to have poor complexions and signs of bad health....
  12. Re: A fucked up story on how cheating destroyed an entire family.

    Something I noticed when I was on dating sites is women tend to have a lot of orbiters as well as casual lovers. When they start seeing someone new they would have to have a crossover where they are...
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    Re: Racism in plain sight.

    One of the common things I have been hearing over the past 10 or so years is "I want to be around people who look like me" or words to that effect. When white people said things like that it was...
  14. Re: Fat Acceptance is Pressuring Guys to Date Women They Find Unattractive

    Is it really doing that though? The only men I see dating fat women are Indian men who have a hard on for white (mostly blonde) women and don't care if the woman is fat trailer trash because her...
  15. Re: debunking the notion that women are the more empathetic sex

    Look at all the women who married soldiers in times of war and then when the soldier is away they cheat on him or if he gets killed they move on soon after. The whole gender equality has been fought...
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    Re: Should we be on an industrial war Footing?

    Something else I came across was that the American's always assumed that the Russians were on a par with themselves in terms of military might and capability. This Ukraine war has showed the exact...
  17. Re: Selling Your Spouse and Window Into Life in Georgian England

    This is the kind of thing that the Woke Revisionists ignore. People were simply gaming the system in the hope of improving their happiness and opportunities.
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    Re: Should we be on an industrial war Footing?

    A comment I recently read about the war in Ukraine was "The Americans and NATO are willing to fight Russia right down to the last Ukrainian".

    It may appear the West is weakening itself by giving...
  19. Re: If MGTOW is all losers, why do man hating feminists keep writing articles based on lies and fear?

    What I love about MGTOW is we don't have to engage openly or directly with our opponents. We just do our thing and the more they push and try to malign us the more followers we seem to get. MGTOW is...
  20. Re: Men who encourage other men not to open up to women, why?

    I learned a long time ago that communicating with a woman should be approached as if you were in a court of law. Anything you say however innocent you think it is can and will be held against you at...
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    Re: Fucking Australia

    I'd like to know if this woman was white or something else. They are denying him bail so whatever she is accusing him of is a lot more serious than him just chasing her around the coffee table.

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    Re: Women's Rights VS Gas Prices

    When times get hard all the Woke bullshit flies out the window. In Australia we have had areas get hit hard by flooding, inflation is quickly getting out of control and a house can cost you almost a...
  23. Re: Spoiled Bratty Woke Students Meltdown Over A Biologist Stating That Men And Women Are Different

    Yep they are brought up on these films and TV shows where women are taking on huge men in hand to hand combat and winning and they think it's real. Look at the war in Ukraine, watch some news footage...
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    Re: Career and college women

    I knew a woman who did a degree or whatever in Psychology only to find it is very difficult to get into work wise, so she did a degree in law only to find it is very difficult to get into work wise....
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    Re: Are all Men this socially retarded/boring?

    I've done that all my life and only now did I know it had a name!

    It is very effective especially in the sense that it allows you to "hold up a mirror" to the person who is hassling or abusing...
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