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  1. Re: Fat Acceptance is Pressuring Guys to Date Women They Find Unattractive

    Haha ain't that the truth

    As a guy who have lived a little over 30 years, it amazing to see just how rapid social decline happened. Maybe It was because I was in different life stages at the time...
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    Re: My friend let me know he got engaged

    Damn man I'm sorry for your lost.

    It a rough thing seeing your friend make such a fatal mistake but "love" blinds a man the obvious fact that committing to/marrying a women is a raw for a man.
  3. Re: If MGTOW is all losers, why do man hating feminists keep writing articles based on lies and fear?

    LoL they are just pissed that some of their slaves are escaping. It the same sort reactions america slave owners did when slaves kept trying to escape. They think men that leave are defective or...
  4. Re: Fat Acceptance is Pressuring Guys to Date Women They Find Unattractive

    Yup and what's crazy is that they're still fucking this up.

    Women over step their boundaries, got too loud and proud and their dirty laundry is out for all to see. Soon more and more men will walk...
  5. Re: Fat Acceptance is Pressuring Guys to Date Women They Find Unattractive

    Women are such crazy hypocrites.
    This whole fat acceptance "movement" is a force chads to fuck em and wife them up.

    They need to either start fasting (intermittently or for 1-3 days a week),...
  6. Re: Anyone notice that women who smoke/drink hit the wall especially hard?

    Yeah I noticed that too

    I remember meeting up with some old high school classmates a 3 years after highschool. The girls look so weathered that I could hardly believe it was the same person from...
  7. Re: debunking the notion that women are the more empathetic sex

    Women are sociopaths

    They have no empathy or remorse. They will do whatever they want, via manipulation, mind games and other dirty tactics to get with they want.

    They are chaos in human form,...
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Thanks man, I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving too
  9. Re: Conspiracy…is MGTOW another pillar of depopulation?

    I wasn't passing judgement on whether it was good or bad. i was just explaining why a human population would collapse.

    The powers that be either need to change things up or accept population...
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    Re: rigged game keeps losing men

    Yup and what even funnier is that now women are MORE miserable now then during the "bad old days".

    Instead of having a family with kids that love her and will be with her during golden years now...
  11. Re: Conspiracy…is MGTOW another pillar of depopulation?

    There are two reasons why birth rates are down. Women with their own jobs/money and extreme irrational misandry.

    The vast majority of women marry for money, if they can't get a monetary come up on...
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    Re: rigged game keeps losing men

    Women dehumanize men so bad they can't even conceive that men don't want to play a rig game where they always lose.

    They don't even have the decency to have at least gambling odds of winning. Hell...
  13. Re: Feminists should quit whining about dudes who try to find a girlfriend

    Yup, Women want a reserved army of betas to be called on any time a woman needs beta buxs or some other use.

    If thoses men stop longing for women and live for themselves, they are no longer...
  14. Re: A nice article how dating apps have empowered these delusional women...

    Lol everytime I think about engaging with women, I'm always reminded how ridiculously women are.

    They really don't get it, the more they demand (and less they provide) the less they get. They are...
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    Re: housing crisis - women worst affected

    "it torture living with a beta don't ya know?
    Benefits be damn"

    God women are such pieces of

    It kinda insane how over value women are despite them on average being nothing but dead...
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    Re: Why are we MGTOW ? (Rant)

    Thanks man, I view it as a learning opportunity on female nature. Seeing how women really get down and nasty divorce raping their husbands.

    In the grand scheme of things I got out pretty light...
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    Re: Spain calling the manosphere out.

    Man that gotta be put on a shirt, that is basically what women and their simps truly believe.

    Between that and their general beliefs that women are basically beyond criticism and standards (no...
  18. Re: Entitlement Princess who moaned on Tik Tok gets Dumped

    I got a hearty chuckle from this

    but one thing I noticed is that this video is made by another chameleon. Been a lot of those lately wonder what the cause is?

    Do they really need simps that...
  19. Re: What I think of Economist feature: "Incels: how online extremism is changing"

    This, you got to be as selfish as them.

    Trying to play fair with a bunch of dishonest cheaters will only resultin you getting scammed time again.

    Put yourself and your interests first because...
  20. Re: New Crisis! Unvaccinated Single Women Say 'No' To Vaccinated Single Men

    It's generally what frog said but more specifically it the cost per nut/orgasms. So for a example if it takes say 150 dollars investment to get a women to sleep with you. the dollar to nut ratio is...
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    Re: Why are we MGTOW ? (Rant)

    That's something I realize too, that feminists (feminist aligned groups) simply see men as either evil or non human.

    It took me a while to really get and understand this fact too. But I do have to...
  22. Re: The commandments of the religion of gynocentrism

    fair point but I believe the other points are still vaild in terms of providing more details in exactly how society and women wants to men to behave
  23. Re: New Crisis! Unvaccinated Single Women Say 'No' To Vaccinated Single Men

    Theses women just won't stop will they lol

    Women for a long time been failing the dollar-to-nut ratio as well as the cost benefit analysis for a long time

    At this point anyone who is seriously...
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    Re: This modern world.

    In a society like this there will always be an untouchable class, very sad but this will not get better

    More souls will be lost
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    Re: Career and college women

    What's up with that? So many 30 plusers either taking antidepressants, alcohol or some other drug to numb themselves.

    How can so many women with so many opportunities mess up this badly?

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