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  1. Re: Are Women Finally Regretting Feminism? These Women Admit Men Are Providers And Masters

    Women 30 and above are done, nothing they can do to get back men their age.

    If younger ones see the problem early enough maybe they could try to correct the way but still most of them will be left...
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    Re: Sexual Perversion and Promiscuity is Leftist

    I think that men ejaculating excessively are those self serving mostly due to porn.

    Regarding fetishes and that stuff well, good luck having vanilla sex with a woman your age if you are 35+.
  3. Re: When a woman at work asks what you did over the weekend, what do you say?

    I ate pizza with a friend of mine who helped me to fix the washing machine, by the time we finished it was too late to do anything.
  4. Re: Do any other Forum members enjoy dressing well?

    While I believe that suits give you an edge while dealing with people I also believe that the right body below the clothes is as important if not more.

    Dealing with women comes easier when you...
  5. Re: Boycott Valentine's Day And Celebrate MGTOW Day

    Cant wait to go to the gym on monday and see all the 30+ single girls there...pretending they are fine.
  6. Re: The Price for Fresh Disposable Males On The Rise

    The only reason I see to join the army is to learn how to master weapons and operations beside the money but anything more than that its pointless to me especially serving a society that is basically...
  7. Re: What would you do with in mid-30s with 500K net worth?

    There are many things you could do but the most important one is to chose the best environment possible, if you can afford it professionally consider to move to different areas.

    It also depends on...
  8. Re: Systemic discrimination: Teachers mark girls higher for IDENTICAL work to boys (OECD study).

    Being there, experienced on my own life.

    Teachers (middle aged leftist women) forced guys to sit near girls instead of letting anyone chose whatever place.

    Then anytime we had a test wheter it...
  9. Re: A Mother Puts Her Daughter On A New York City Billboard That Says "Date My Daughter."

    Women dont really know how men operate it seems unless they were looking for general media attention rather than a man.

    I tought mothers were geniuses when it comes of sabotaging their sons but...
  10. Re: Why Men Don't Approach YOU! Woman "finally" Understands Why Men Stop Giving AF...

    There are no good/bad or rewarding/useless behaviours...there are only men that are allowed such and those that are not.

    I do approach women but only at my terms, basically in clubs or place where...
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    Re: The reason women are attracted to psychopaths

    Women are attracted from men who dont follow rules and are fine with conflicts for the simple fact that law abiding, rule following men get jack&sh1t out of this world...the 20th century exception...
  12. Re: Feminists bit their allies heads off -- now abortion might be outlawed

    As mammals our society always protected women and sacrificed men for one single fact which is that it needs a woman to make a kid while a single man is enough to make 100 given enough women.

  13. Re: Striking videos show Afghan women surging forward and leading men in a Kabul street protest against the Taliban

    Strong, empowered and emancipated as long as the patriarchs dont have beards, guns and mean what they say.
  14. Re: It is an absolute outrage that AgainstHateSubreddits wants to ban Men's Rights

    Thats the best way for them to radicalize people.
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    Re: Rebellion strategy, for the common folk

    I believe a critical mass of men already reached phase 4, if the authorities and society keep pushing many of them will move to phase 5 while others will move from 3 to 4.

    Phase 6 is a whole...
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    Re: Rebellion strategy, for the common folk

    The difference between the first 4 stages and the last ones is simply how much you have to lose and how many bad days you had in a row...its really that simple.
  17. Re: A soldier's face after four years of war, 1941-1945

    Not trying to be funny but reminds me the 100 cocks stare many women have...
  18. Re: As Women Continue to Fail, Air Force Removes Running and Pushups From Mandatory Training

    Damn wish I was younger, apparently the military is turning into a friendly place with still the decent pay and the pretty uniforms.
  19. re: SATIRE: New Crisis! Frustrated Women Demand Trans Women In Public Restrooms Stop Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

    A crappy idea isnt working even for those who originally supported it, shocking...
  20. Re: Trend in women bragging about manipulating their men.

    I welcome such public habits with joy, you cant force a horse to drink but if someone else is making him thirsty you wont probably have to.
  21. Re: Woman set husband on fire because she thought he poisoned her chicken wings

    Thats like insulting the waiter before he brings your meal but multiplied by 10.
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    Re: Repo Man and MGTOW movies

    A boy and his dog...cant get any more mgtow than that and its also rated R.
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    Re: MGTOW are woman haters!

    How can you be a "toxic separatist" when women themselves say that they need no man.
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    Re: U.S. Birth Rates Drop to New Record Low.

    I plan to predate europe as much as I can in the next 10 years then move in some sane country or at least a country where its a free for all but wealthy men dont get taxed to feed the horde.
  25. Re: ‘I’m an intersectional cisgender Millennial woman of color’: CIA goes full woke in widely mocked promo video

    Just like they hired arab looking men in the 00s to spy on al quaeda, they now hire people fvcked up in the head that can better relate to current threats.

    Too bad that it only takes a pissed off...
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