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  1. Re: I'm not sure if these people just tried to downplay cheating

    I have a ďdonít get involved with peoples dramaĒ approach. Unless youíre a family member or something, random people sleeping around doesnít concern me.
  2. Re: Another reason for Indian men to go MGTOW.

    Especially because theyíre vegetarian.
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    Re: Women do not love men.

    How could women love any individual high availability thing?

    You love each individual French fry you get with your burger?
  4. Re: Another Day in Clownworld- Spain Proposes Leave for Periods

    Well it'll keep the quota hires out of the office being useless, so that's good.
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    Re: Woman exposes feminist's hypocrisy!

    Trad thots gonna trad thot.
  6. Re: My brother's unicorn wife isn't as good as he made her out to be

    Hate to say it, but in order to get away from the situation youíll have to move far away, so people canít visit.

    You need to protect yourself from these aggressive parasites. Theyíre terrible.
  7. Re: Do any of you still do the online dating thing?

    If you’re a hot guy, swipe apps are great. If you’re a chick, swipe apps are great for validation and food dates with idiots.

    If you aren’t female not a hot male, then it’s pretty much a waste...
  8. Re: Do any of you still do the online dating thing?

    Used to. Not swipe apps mind you, but websites where you put profiles and such.

    I had success with it. But don't do it any more. Went monk.
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    Re: How to convince incels to not be incels?

    As the incel said, it's not about sex. If it was about sex they could solve it.

    There's different types of incels. The ugly ones I get and have sympathy for. It's no fault of there own.

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    Sticky: Re: Reddit has banned the MGTOW subreddit

    Banning /r/MGTOW was the best thing to have happened. Itís spread all over Reddit.

    Since the ban, you see all sorts of MGTOW threads hitting the front page that never did before. From all...
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    Re: How to treat my simp brother?

    When it comes to toxic people you need to learn how to dump or deal with them.

    Frankly I donít believe there isnít someone you canít ignore and ghost, despite what you say, unless said brother...
  12. Re: Men, What are the Traits of Alpha, and how to develop it?

    You canít.

    Youíre either born hot and maintain that, which grows your confidence with undeserved praise and attention, or youíre not.

    Thatís it. Thatís all. The only thing you can do is...
  13. Re: Does the Western Lifestyle Put Their Own Societies on the Path to Extinction?

    Itís just religious people trying to keep everyone in the Bronze Age.

    All religions claim the same shit.

    Yes, your religious nonsense no one wants any more. Deal with it. Get a new grift...
  14. Re: Delusional Feminists Think Equality Is Unfair Towards Them

    Itís just gold diggers desperate to make excuses to gold dig.

    They arenít feminists.
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    Re: Are hookups worth pursuing?

    If you naturally hookup, sure. If you have to learn ďgameĒ and all that bullshit, then monitor isnít. Better to use escorts and pros, you have the income to support it.
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    Re: Is MGTOW dead?

    Well these guys have to come up with topic ideas on the daily.
  17. Re: Will Smith : A walking lesson in why it pays to be MGTOW (And NEVER White Knight)

    Makes me wonder. Iíve been with girls who hated my politics it never jada played me.

    Iím not sure they care all that much about politics. Politics are for children.
  18. Re: I finally reach the point where I truly do no care about women anymore

    Sex is sex. Women are women. Best not to confuse one giving value to another.
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    Is MGTOW dead?

    MGTOW really came to prominence in 2014 or so and started growing (thanks to Reddit) spawning a lot of youtube creators.

    Then as revenue was an issue and a lot disappeared or just because...
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    Re: What is your opinion of 'Rollo Tomassi?'

    I donít like bullshit shills slinging snake oil to thirsty people.

    Acting like all women are hack able. In the end, itís just PUA bullshit that works with maybe 80 IQ girls.

    And it becomes a...
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    Re: Feminists hate most human beings

    It's a religious hate cult. Always has been.
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    Re: Do we all pay for sex?

    You always pay for it, in so many ways.

    Free porn and masturbation costs nothing. Sex (for women) costs nothing. For men? It costs everything.
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    Re: Will one ever regret going his own way?

    I havenít regretted it yet. But I know a ton of divorced guys who regretted it.
  24. Re: Data reveals women pay up to $7800 more to own a car

    Lol. As if women spend their own money on things.
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    Re: First hooker experience

    Why not stick to brothels so you can give the girls a once over for looks?
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