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  1. Re: How Feminism Leads to Strong, Free, Indepenent Men (MGTOW)

    But arent these "problems" such that can be easily solved IF only men organise themselves? Or if not solved, at least easily avoided (such as hollywood or media).

    But doing this, working together...
  2. Re: Are men to blame a bit for sparking mental confusion and launching feminism?

    I am still looking for any important contributions the female collective have given humanity. They claimed that women being "oppressed" kept women down, but women have had a right to vote for a 100...
  3. Re: Feminists to re-write George Orwell's 1984

    Books, aren't we the last generation using those things?!

    But I guess in the near future books may be banned, and burned as in the Ray Bradbury story "Farenheit 451" (the temp at which paper...
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    Re: How to deal with Chad?

    I agree with DangZagnut above. Your feelings of insecurity make you overreact, and nothing really objective / tangible has happaned. It's feelings, and guesses, and looks, which really means next to...
  5. Re: Man Shot at Ex's House For Demanding Court Ordered Time with Kid - Video

    What does a terrorist attack in France have to do with the execution of a father wanting to see his children????

    I do think it's "somewhat over the top" to kill someone if I ask them to leave,...
  6. Re: Man Shot at Ex's House For Demanding Court Ordered Time with Kid - Video

    I am so happy I don't live in the USA. When I was young, I used to admired the place. This was an execution, nothing less. The victim was upset, rightly so, but did not want to hurt or kill anyone. ...
  7. Re: Does having a kid via surrogate in the US/Canada save you?

    Accoring to the famous Turd Flinging Monkey, men have higher "fertility intentions" (a scientifical term) then women. This means that men on average want children, and more of them, then women do. I...
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