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  1. Re: Jordan Peterson cries after being called a king of incels.

    Most men don't do that. Everything revolves around the almighty vagina. They want a nice car? To attract vagina. They want to be rich? To get a hot vagina. Women are constantly put on a pedestal. Do...
  2. Re: The Godzilla $38 Billion Divorce: Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos Are About to Officially Split

    There is no pleasing women. It makes me laugh when I see simps kissing their asses.
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    Re: The worst song on earth!

    I heard this song at 6:30am on my way to work yesterday morning on my boss's car radio. It made me smile and think of this thread.
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    Re: Music supporting MGTOW
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    Re: Tired of Nosy Bastards

    But then you say..........

    You don't set boundaries even though you claim you do. If you really did tell them to "fuck off" in a nice way then they'd get the picture. If they were digging deep...
  6. Re: 30+ Single Woman Hits THE WALL, COMPLAINS, Then Asks Where All The REAL MEN Are

    She doesn't want the "Real, Honest, Kind, Good, Etc" man. She never did. When she was younger she ignored them deliberately. Now she is just saying it so she doesn't have to accept responsibility....
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    Re: This Is Why Social Media Is Cancer
  8. Re: Women Over 35 Hitting The WALL Hard #9 Where Did All The Good Men Go1!!!

    Why should she do anything? She was raised that she is a perfect little princess and that the world should kiss her ass. She is even reminded of that daily with the "You go girl!", "You can/deserve...
  9. Re: Women Over 35 Hitting The WALL Hard #9 Where Did All The Good Men Go1!!!

    They are bitter cause bad Boy Chad or Ray Ray The revolving prison door doesn't want her anymore. She will complain she is strong and independent but depends on her friend zone. She only calls them...
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    Re: Advice on advice.

    I agree with you but I know of a situation like that. The kid(who is now 28) was raised to believe the guy raising him is his father. They do look alike no doubt about it. Let's just say his mom had...
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    Re: Has anyone else here gone non-alcohol?

    I drank oceans the day after drinking but was still thirsty. I also ate countries but was still hungry. That makes me think it lessened the hangover.

    I did that few days later crap. That's when...
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    Re: Has anyone else here gone non-alcohol?

    That's the whole point. You said it here.

    Don't be afraid to tell someone or something that is hurt you in anyway to "F**K OFF". I treat myself every Friday that I don't drink or smoke. I buy...
  13. Re: Women Over 35 Hitting The WALL Hard #9 Where Did All The Good Men Go1!!!

    Oh I would've buried her. There is no way I would've kept my mouth shut. Most men keep their mouths shut cause they don't wanna ruin their chances with her. I would've told her straight up that 2...
  14. Re: This woman seems like a really sweet person

    I don't trust nobody let alone a woman. Here is some advice to everyone who claims to "identify with her".
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    Re: Enabling Fat People
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    Re: Has anyone else here gone non-alcohol?

    You are where I was. You need to ask yourself "Do I really want this? Do I?". I look at all the time and money I wasted and that is more than enough for me to say "Ah, screw it". I think of all the...
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    Re: Men's Group Is Against MGTOW

    I saw this and laughed when I saw

    Lol...what? All I can think is this........
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    Re: Online creeper sites are obnoxious

    I don't have any social media accounts that require real information. I have a reddit but that's it. I would never put my photo or anything personal online.

    A guy I use to work with was a total...
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    Re: I'm here thanks to the PUAs

    PUAs are just desperate brainwashed fools. Yea they must get some "puss" but do they care about you long term like MGTOW(i.e. divorce rape, child support even for a kid thats not yours, harsh law...
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    Re: Can a dead nation be alive?

    MGTOW is a very small subset of men. Maybe 3%. The majority of men are "anything for pussy" guys. They will sell you out for just a whiff and have no remorse.
  21. Re: Women Over 35 Hitting The WALL Hard #9 Where Did All The Good Men Go1!!!

    Good men saw the writing on the wall and abandoned ship. We were taught wrong while the "assholes" had it right. I am an asshole. I proudly admit it. Do you know what asshole means? I can't be...
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    Re: Uncomfortable situation

    Ok let's have some fun.

    1. My boundaries are simple. Treat me with respect then I will give it back no problem at all. I don't care if you are a serial killer or some hot piece of ass. You...
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    Re: I quit smoking after 22 years

    I noticed improvements since I quit smoking. My chest doesn't feel like it's on fire when I walk hills. I actually walk up hills without being out of breath.
  24. Re: Even Tom Brady is not exempt from women's bullshit

    Thank you. Remember this about women. Don't listen to what women say but watch what they do cause women are "Do as I say not as I do".

    You are correct. Women think with their tingles. If you...
  25. Re: I decided that I won't move out of my parents house.

    Don't fall for the bullshit shaming. It's called "home" for a reason. People just shame others because they are miserable and want others to be miserable with them. I bet all those shamers that bitch...
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