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    Re: Music supporting MGTOW

    The official song of NO MA'AM: son

    There comes a time when a man needs to say "no ma'am."
  2. Thread: jrawr

    by ResidentEvil7

    Re: jrawr

    She needs to go to the kitchen and make her man a man-size steak; wash his laundry and give him every wish! This site is for REAL men!
  3. Re: Men Don't Need Women To Be HAPPY - Big John Video

    I'm surprised this topic didn't get any replies. I thought happiness was part of MGTOW.
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    Re: Karen Meltdowns

    Sorry, I didn't know better. I was just showing you guys just how awful women are.
  5. A Segment Of What Would You Do. Man Asks Date To Split The Check At A Bar

    I know this is just a set up by 2 actors, but the reaction on the other bar customers is somewhat ridiculous. This man and...
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    Re: Should I go my own way?

    Don't marry! Women are bitchy, nagging controlling bitches and a real man doesn't need them. The best sex is a combination of PornHub and your left hand.
  7. Re: Do some Bitchute videos get throttled?

    Last night I tried to go on BitChute and I couldn't view videos either. I contacted them and they told me they're looking into it.
  8. Men Don't Need Women To Be HAPPY - Big John Video

    This guy Big John is a MGTOW hero in my book. He tells it the way it is about the nature of women and what a woman can do to...
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    Re: Why Are Women So Dramatic?! Sheesh!

    The problem I have when it comes to talking is that I tend to tell the fullest truth; it could be part of my autism. Even with job interviews, I go into full explanation (if I know what words to...
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    Why Are Women So Dramatic?! Sheesh!

    Why is it that women, especially my mother, have be so dramatic and difficult when you talk to them? Saturday night, my mom calls and it started off good up until I told her that my aunt that she's...
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    Re: Karen Meltdowns

    That's worse than just poor behavior. That is Satanist.
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    Re: September is "Honkie" month...

    Since when do whites and/or men have a month of our own?

    January: Muslim Heritage month (Biden started it)
    February: Black History Month
    March: Women's History month
    April: Autism awareness...
  13. Re: . . . Michigan House Candidate Is Fine With Women Not Being Able To Vote

    That's one difference between men and women; men are logical and women are emotional. I learned that from my dad.
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    Re: I Want To Make A Pill Statement

    I felt it was a good idea, because both gold and freedom are the most precious things you can have.
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    Re: I Want To Make A Pill Statement

    What links? I came up with it as an idea.
  16. When Men Stop Simping For Women (Funny Video)

    This is funny. There's one clip of woman who wants to dump her friend, then he shows her the replacement girls and she freaks out. ...
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    I Want To Make A Pill Statement

    While looking through MGTOW comments on YouTube, there's is a commenter named The Gold Pill. I think the Red Pill should morph into the Gold Pill where its men who are free of relationships, free...
  18. Re: Women getting pumped and dumped, then crying about it [youtube]

    Now they know what men go through whenever we're used as pawns. This video makes me smile.
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    Re: Where are all the mgtow men gone?

    I agree, this site and the MGTOW philosophy is quite fun. I love this site because it's a site that men get together and talk about things that interest us and share things in common. That's a big...
  20. Re: Women Over 35 Hitting The WALL Hard #9 Where Did All The Good Men Go1!!!

    It happened to me one day. I was searching for man cave videos and I found on with the MGTOW acronym in the title and I found other videos that were critical of women and their nature. I did a...
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    Re: Enabling Fat People

    You're lucky. My body doesn't want to be above or below 280 pounds. I eat and drink right for about 90% of the time. I will say my biggest weight loss failures came from lack of activity which is...
  22. Re: another funny vid -- 57 year-old woman upset that 20-something dudes don't want her

    Men in their 20s aren't looking for a woman old enough to be their mother to date.
  23. Re: Thankful I'm MGTOW - look at this relationship

    I saw a few short parts of the video, and I just couldn't, because my eyes are going blind looking at that VERY post-wall fat bitch wearing an ugly flower skirt and a tattoo on her tit while she's...
  24. Re: Women Over 35 Hitting The WALL Hard #9 Where Did All The Good Men Go1!!!

    I can't believe I saw that above video! God, those women are so freaking annoying; whine, whine, bitch, bitch, poor me! That's just one reason why I can't stand women! All they do is complain and...
  25. Re: Facebook reporting conservatives’ ‘private messages’ to fbi, doj.

    More reasons to avoid social media, because now they're after you if you voted for Trump. You should be able to vote for whoever you want without having to deal with the law. It's an American right...
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