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  1. Re: Feminst Craziness Explained? Birth Control Pills May Be Shrinking Brains In Women, Study Finds

    Not in the least bit surprising. Not that it's not the whole brain getting smaller, but certain bits of it.

    Women are creatures of their hormones. It's one of the central facts of their lives....
  2. Re: Man sues female manager for sexual harassment & wins!

    She was doing it to a kid. A fucking kid. Imagine, just imagine that a male manager was groping the crotch of an 18-year-old fresh out of school. Imagine that he attacked her with a frying-pan.
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    Re: MGTOW is about A.G.I

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    Re: So sick of Women

    What Unboxxed said. Write out an intro post along the lines of the "how to intro" sticky post in the "New Member Intros" sub. Everybody else has done it - you can do it, too.

    It would also be very...
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    Re: Divorce is in the air

    Two breakups in my circle of friends - one a settled 11-year relationship, the other a de-facto with kids. Elsewhere, one of my friends will soon be taking a *huge* pay cut from a serious career...
  6. Re: Professor Eric Rasmusen Attacked By His University For Tweeting Article About Lack Of Women Geniuses

    Not that the professor is necessarily right. Maybe low conscientiousness and agreeableness is a result of, rather than a cause of genius.
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    Re: MGTOW comics ideas

    A "Rescue force Alpha!" type deal where they just let the bitches burn or drown, because legal liability.

    A club bouncer who handles bar fights by throwing out the chick that caused it (there's...
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    Re: A MGTOW response to #metoo

    This is the way the west used to work. For working people, anyway. The man bought the money in, the wife maintained the home. Food, clothes, kids, even paying the bills. Housekeeping was a full-time...
  9. Re: Why is a hard patriarchy such an attractive 'remedy'?

    - when men have to support women (alimony) is that not a patriarchal concept?
    Not really. In the bad old days of the 1800's and early 1900's, a woman who was...
  10. Re: What a debate run by women would look like

    The debate shows not so much "childishness", but that a woman's concerns mostly start and end with what's going on inside her own body. That childbirth and fertility are inescapable facts of a...
  11. Re: Mackenzie Davis talks about the new terminator movie

    Pfft. "Lesbian, lesbian, lesbian, queer". The interesting thing about this article is how little it is actually about the movie itself. Not once does it address the question: "is this movie actually...
  12. Re: Why are men so cucked that they fantasize or actually submit to a dominatrix?

    If movies pander to women, then it must be that that's where the money comes from. Why so? At a guess, it's because women have custody of the kids. Men are playing video games.

    As to old-fashioned...
  13. Re: Long-winded life story required for membership

    One example is when a would be member makes an introduction and either gets an instant 'welcome'. [/QUOTE]
    I've done this several times. Someone says hi without being defensive, hits the points in...
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    Meagan Markle

    The scene - Hazza and Meg make...
  15. Re: A Traditionalist Reader Says Katie Hill, Ilhan Omar Prove "You Donít Want To Worry About Character? Elect A Woman!" Very Wrong

    People like to fuck. So long as the american electorate continues to be shocked, shocked, shocked that 'people' includes politicians, this will continue to be a problem.
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    Re: Just an intro

    Meh - ticks the boxes, I guess. I'm not getting a strong sense of who this guy is, tho.

    JAG - I always like to hear a story. I'd like to hear you relate an incident, tell me something that...
  17. Re: Long-winded life story required for membership

    Well, I find my own intro plausible. I wrote it, I know it's pretty accurate.

    What are you really trying to say, OP? You'd like us to waive the intro requirement just for you? No. The answer is...
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    Re: Male and female combat mode

    The main female line of argument is: "How can you say such a thing!"

    Its almost never about the content of what's being said, it's all about the who and the why.
  19. Re: Here is the Rebuttal to when Women say "I don't need to marry you for money, I have my own job"

    I think I've said this before, but if anyone out there is lurking:

    Ever noticed how all those "wellness" things are directed at women? Why is that? Because if you ask a man if he is generally...
  20. Re: The "down side" of porn and why it is useful.

    The sweet and innocent types are fucking. They are fucking a *lot*. One of the most important red-pill truths for young guys to truly understand is that bitches be fucking. All the time. For women...
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    Re: Turning 30? Watch out!

    30 is when you become the age that your parents were when you were a child. Its the age at which there's no reason you should assume that your parents know better than you about various basic things....
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    Re: The Salem Witch Trials

    It was a land grab. Those accused witches owned the land next door to the families that accused them.
  23. Re: Now Even Sex Robots Have Rights...? Feminist Push?

    "The puritans hated bear-baiting not because it gave pain to the bear, but because it gave enjoyment to the audience."

    Feminists don't hate sex robots because it might mean women get replaced or...
  24. Re: It seems to me that nowadays men spend much less in designer clothes and status cars

    "Workin' Gear" here in Oz. Sturdy jumpers (sweaters), sturdy shoes, sturdy socks. Oh, I have to suit up for work, but the rest of the time I'm wearing something cheap.
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    Re: Snopes puts on the chiffon dress

    Even if they are right, it is not the (previously stated) mission of Snopes to do anything about this. It is no more Snope's job to combat Trump than it is for it to launch a mission to Mars. Some...
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