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    Re: Why are good men so hard to find?

    point well made.... the "training" part of "Roots" is probably what has been lost....
    I've also maintained that not everyone can date "by instinct"...
  2. Thread: Christian Thread

    by Eiji

    Re: Christian Thread

    I only just found this thread.. .but I want to say something.....
    one reservation I got about the bible is this..... it only concentrates on the Mediterranean Sea area of the Earth.... but why just...
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    Re: Did women kill chivalry?

    I figure that chivalry has outlived its purpose...... and its died from "natural causes"...
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    Re: Gamma Males (nice guys)

    I figure Al Bundy of "married with children" is a "gamma male"... works all day for a lazy wife and ungrateful kids...
    if thats what being married is about, then no thanks.... not me....
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    Re: Where have Americaís young men gone?

    I think I can answer the question of the OP.....
    men haven't gone anywhere in the usual sense..... in fact, we're still here.... its just that with the "80-percenters", those women refuse to see...
  6. Re: Valentineís event has been cancelled and another could be scrapped due to a shortage of interest from men (2019)

    I second that... they refuse to see 80% of us anyway... so let them reap the results of that ideology..
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    Re: Why Do Smart Men Date Dumb Girls?

    "dumb" girls???
    that all depends on what you define as "dumb".... (its like asking what is "normal" or "perfect"... term is just too wide open to interpretation...)
  8. Re: Women Generalize About Men Based on A Small Number of Men

    well.... looks like some women are out for "instant justice".... like that van attack in Toronto... it was an unfortunate event, but I think they were a bit hasty to pin the whole thing on the entire...
  9. Re: Irish blind date event for singles was cancelled after no men showed up.

    an understatement if I ever heard one.....
  10. Re: Feminasty Landwhale Lawmaker Says Men Should Be Castrated to End Abortions, Taxed to Store Their Sperm

    one word for that Red... doublethink....
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    Re: You know it's really bad when . . . .

    truth be told.... even though I did like watching "superfriends" as a kid.. I never was all that much into superheroes....
  12. Re: Dear Girls Who Are (Finally) Ready To Date Nice Guys: We Donít Want You Anymore

    women had their chance with me.. and they failed.... now they must accept the wages of failure... any offers of dates will be answered with one word: "NO"
  13. Thread: Inflatable Wife

    by Eiji

    Re: Inflatable Wife

    you got to be taffin me.....!!!!!
  14. Re: Feminasty Landwhale Lawmaker Says Men Should Be Castrated to End Abortions, Taxed to Store Their Sperm

    Wouldn't be a lot simpler to just not have sex in the first place??? I mean, I've heard "men only want one thing" a few hundred times too many.... and I'm thru having my y-chromosome held against me...
  15. Re: Feminist Vegan Cafe That Charged 18% 'Man Tax' Shuts Down After 24 Mos

    I know what you mean.... I have this comeback when I meet vegan folks... "if humans were not meant to eat meat... then why do we have canine teeth?"
    besides... if you look at animals with vegan-like...
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    Re: Went to the flea market yesterday

    heh.. we got quite a flea market at the Hamvention here in Dayton..... if you're willing to do some digging (and a bit of the lost art of dickering), supposedly you can find just about anything in...
  17. Re: Putting a Child on a Diet is Akin to Sexual Molestation [eyebleach!]

    I wonder what others will think of her when more kids start developing Type2 diabetes or gynocomastia???
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    Re: Pegging - you know you want it!!!

    absolute Kobayashi Maru.....
    I think something like that might work for a man who's bi... but not me.. that sort of thing isn't worth my dignity... (and never will be..)
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    Re: Prostitution and Porn

    most sensible thing I've heard in months... at least then we can TAX prostitution.... I mean, these lawmakers obviously learned nothing from Prohibition.... making something illegal wont make it go...
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    Re: Women can "fake it" in every way

    heh. in regards to "faking it".. I think this might be good for a laugh or two....
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    Re: These are the numbers of the online battle field

    yeah.... seems women dont need apps or dating sites... so that ends up causing an unnatural amount of competition for women who do use them.... if they use them at all....
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    Re: Post wall woman tries to sell relationships

    she may as well be trying to sell ice to Inuits...
  23. Re: It should be illegal to kill a gorilla under the same circumstances as Harembe

    I think there was a short story I once read.. "the last guinea pig".. just about all the animals were being wiped out by some unknown disease... story ended with the only 'lab animals' left were...
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    Re: My thoughts on Dating Sites

    Dating sites are a criminal waste of markup language....
    after all... aren't two-thirds of the female profiles on them fake anyway???
  25. Re: Police: Woman asked husband if she was pretty, assaulted him when he didnít reply

    I'd say "I'm taking the Fifth until you learn to not use loaded questions..."
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