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    Re: Dystopian Experiment

    I'm sure there's a psychological backstory, but ultimately it's an eye test - some people like me like what they see, some people don't.
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    Re: Dystopian Experiment

    Always been drawn to girls with ink. You all are old squares and out of it haha. Still pining for the pure 'girl next door' type...... To each their own, IMO, women should not pretend to be...
  3. Re: The Myth that Men are the more Horny/Perverted Gender

    What's just as disturbing is those female instructors were likely treating the "attractive" kid with favoritism while shunning or disrespecting the kids they felt weren't attractive. This is what...
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    Re: Dystopian Experiment

    I had forgotten about the whole thing and it came up in a search. To me having a sense of humor about the whole nature of women is far better than just being defensive or angry. IF they are going...
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    Re: Enabling Fat People

    Percent of adults aged 20 and over with overweight, including obesity: 73.6%

    Good luck shifting the narrative in a Mob-Rule Idiocracy...
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    Dystopian Experiment

    From a few years back- amusing experiment on dating site. Still makes me laugh. Can only viewed by veteran members. ...
  7. Re: Thankful I'm MGTOW - look at this relationship

    Thank you gents for the laughs !
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    Re: I'm here thanks to the PUAs

    >I read continually that MRActivists do not specifically exclude marriage et al in their language, for instance, in the case they make to women. That they might even seek to re-negotiate...
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    The Great Regression

    Wanted to get this in front of people as I think it's my best attempt to describe, at the core, what is up with women today.

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    Re: I'm here thanks to the PUAs

    PUA, MGTOW, MRA are ALL responses to the same phenomenon- the deterioration of the modern woman.

    It's called The Great Regression:
  11. Re: "Starter Husband" -- Better Bachelor's latest vid is an eye opener

    >Our MGTOW lifestyle is basically a guide on how to survive in a dystopia.

    Very much this. Feminism is elite social engineering -- the elite have regressed women back to the Paleolithic era...
  12. Re: "Hey, wait a minute! The wealthy men don't want to get married."

    I would like to see DeSantis in Florida make prenuptial agreements in marriage a legal requirement for marriage in Florida. He'd do it too. They have the legislature that would back him if he did.
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    Re: Uncomfortable situation

    I tend to agree with this. We have decided marriage isn't right for us, that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't right for others. More to the point, I'm not sure I would impose my own views of what...
  14. Re: America is in a recession headed for depression, companies are making no money and most of the people in charge of hiring new talent is women.

    I don't think we'll be able to outcompete Chinese companies when we are hiring to fill quotas for "girl bosses". It seems like a minor issue to some, but corporative competitiveness is similar to...
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    What exactly is Primitive Instict?
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    What is a Broken Woman?
  17. Re: Finnish female PM dancing like crazy at party :D

    The Press has covered up with she was actually doing. I had to dig for it. But there's video of her dry-humping another woman. And another one of her getting intimate with a man (not her husband)....
  18. Re: The appeal of extremism and what to do about it

    Extremism often takes the form of individual sentiments such as, "I cannot spend time with any women, otherwise they will accuse me of sexual harassment".

    Or: "all women are conniving,...
  19. Re: I wonder how much of this drivel is true

    When women are alone, it's rarely a choice. When men are on their own, it's what every man knows is their natural state.
  20. Re: Trump may lose again in 2024. But according to sources, he may win in 2029.

    Nothing to do with his behavior. I've worked at all levels. I can size up whether someone has competence or not. Nothing to do with political parties- I've supported people in both parties. As...
  21. Re: Trump may lose again in 2024. But according to sources, he may win in 2029.

    Somehow I knew you would play this "whataboutism" game. His supporters cannot explain his ignorance so they say "what about this guy?". Watch the debates- it was clear who knew about policy and who...
  22. Thread: Bam

    by jagrmeister

    Re: Bam

    >He originally had a 7-day ban by Jagermeister for, as he said, "routinely violates elements of Principles in extremism, cynicism, defeatism."

    >My guess is he returned to those ways, though I'll...
  23. Re: From the mouth of babes - an online dating story

    Was she an immigrant woman? All women factor but wonder if immigrants factor it more.
  24. Re: Missing from the conversation about incels and MGTOW men

    This point is so critical for us to remember and forward in framing how MGTOW rescues men, it doesn't radicalize them. It's the diametric opposite of society's spin (courtesy of feminism).

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    Re: Student loans forgive

    Typically loan forgiveness is not considered income, at least in the US. Is my understanding. If there are sources that show otherwise, pls post. The only time I heard it considered income is if...
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