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  1. Re: Plural Marriage Recognized In New York Under Key Precedent

    If I ran into allot of money, I'd move to Martha's Vineyard, become Obama's neighbor, then burn crumb rubber in my pellet furnace when the prevailing winds permit full saturation of Obama's place!...
  2. Re: The Myth that Men are the more Horny/Perverted Gender

    Will Smith, soyboy of the year award!

    Open marriage is the last of the last restrictions placed on female accountability, they hold all the cards, all 52 of them! You don't get to play!
  3. Re: Plural Marriage Recognized In New York Under Key Precedent

    Welfare payments? Who, the people paying or the people receiving?
  4. Re: Plural Marriage Recognized In New York Under Key Precedent

    Don't forget Lizzy Borden, burning witches, the Amherst smallpox massacre, the Boston Strangler, and a few million other unsavory characters! It's fast coming time for me to bounce this place and go...
  5. Thread: What a fool

    by mgtower

    Re: What a fool

    Bad enough he drank the Kool-aid, but telling others to drink before the poison takes effect? That's where we come in!


    If it's already in your mouth, SPIT IT OUT!
  6. Re: Please share tips on how to friend-zone new girl that my Asian Parent (& Auntie) keep introduce to me

    I believe in the 19 80 spread (when I'm 80's banging 19), 25 is an old dried up hag, a has-been!
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    Re: Why Are Women So Dramatic?! Sheesh!

    Ignore a woman's toolbox filled with devices to manipulate, drop their toolbox into the deepest pit you can find!

    Just the fact that you're outraged shows you've failed a shit test!

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    Re: Karen Meltdowns

    Here's one for the Karen bucket.

    This is what happens when one shines a spotlight on females behaving poorly, or in this case arrogantly and entitled to the "front of the line".

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    Re: September is "Honkie" month...

    Geese can outclimb and outmaneuver a radio controlled seaplane, and they don't come back!

    Only a well fed German Shepard can even come close to shitting what a goose can shit!

    They show no...
  10. Re: New Crisis! 'This is not the representation we're looking for': Netflix is slammed by 'disgusted' and 'gobsmacked' viewers after adding LGBTQ tag to Jeffrey Dahmer series

    Whitney Wisconsin's neck of the woods, Carmela Harris's riot control, where she turned up the heat by bailing out the rioters. Nice bunch of people, I'll stick with Vermont Cheese over their stuff,...
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    Re: Where are all the mgtow men gone?

    Very good delineating description of MGTOW/full-circle, the lion tamers go inside the cage, we stay outside the cage.
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    Re: The worst song on earth!

    OMG! Giant meteor, SAVE US!!! New York, LA, Baltimore, take your pick! Mudball meets baseball bat!
  13. Re: Hollywood's Intent for James Bond Is Proof It No Longer Lives In Reality

    In the beginning there was no more watchable TV.

    This is the end of audio-graphical entertainment, the only thing left to watch is the developing and evolving WORLD WAR III

  14. Re: Adam Levine, Feminist: ‘Men Should Be Pillars of Support To Women’

    Their pillar of support can be found behind my zipper...
  15. Re: Adam Levine, Feminist: ‘Men Should Be Pillars of Support To Women’

    Those are some mighty powerful words, Tig, if we follow them through just a little further, there's a full circle of wisdom.

    Hatred: Revenge: War: Retreat.

    You were simply on the wrong side...
  16. Re: Adam Levine, Feminist: ‘Men Should Be Pillars of Support To Women’

    Break through some barriers? Okay, here's one for them; I want women to be my "pillars of support", I'm waiting....
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    Re: Video: Our Beautiful World

    That was nice, but nothing will erase my memory of the Passaic River shoreline at low tide on Harrison bend adjacent to Newark NJ, circa 1970 (you'd swear the Exxon Valdez and a few others happened...
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    Re: Can a dead nation be alive?

    Hipity hipity hopity, get the fuck off my property!
  19. Re: . . . Michigan House Candidate Is Fine With Women Not Being Able To Vote

    We don't let dogs and children vote, why should we let women? But that doesn't matter, now that they do vote it's easy for politicians to manipulate them into voting for communism and the hive...
  20. Re: At a Men's Bible Study I was asked why I haven't been in touch with my "living" children.

    Angry woman at the alter and dual standards on men vs. women brought me to my last day in attendance, which has nothing to do with my faith or lack thereof but rather everything to do with scripture!...
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    Re: Do I have control over my life?

    All of the above but stop dead at marriage! You listed a string of pearls with a couple turds at the end!
  22. Re: Do any of you guys pay for house cleaning services?

    I was watching a mining video, they used an compressed air powered mucker on rails, I thought to myself it would work allot better with hard rubber on the drive wheels, the steel wheels just spun...
  23. Re: Rational thinking now makes you violent. Society is FUCKED!!

    We need not defend ourselves from the social ailments unleashed by feminism and their push for independence.

    They mutually gained for woman freedom without responsibility or accountability,...
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    Re: China is confusing

    Safety nets to stop employee suicide in factories?

    Appointed political organ donners?

    Unannounced floodwater releases drowning whole valleys, farms, and cities?

    Painting the mountains...
  25. Re: Do any of you guys pay for house cleaning services?

    Sorry for the "off topic" above.

    Just got off the phone with a friend and the topic was how mud sticks to your tires and doesn't come off until you hit the driveway and pull in your garage, no...
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