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  1. Re: The Myth that Men are the more Horny/Perverted Gender

    They do.

    Back in the day, you could go into any newsagent and see shelf after shelf of "romance" novels. Those cheap little Mills&Boon books are porn. They are not "novels", they are porn. What...
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    Re: Why Are Women So Dramatic?! Sheesh!


    Women can be good listeners, but it's because they are always looking for leverage. Or they are looking for personal secrets that they can exchange with another woman. Anything - anything at...
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    Re: The SMP Has Spoken, And I Am Out

    Sexual marketplace.
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    Re: Advice on advice.


    Your friend is a naïve fool who has never been in court. They are set up so that if you don't pay a lawyer, you get steamrolled b/c the judge is not allowed to tell you when you are...
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    Poll: Re: rating women's looks -- I'm curious

    The white highlight in the inner corner of the eye is apparently a thing, but this person is definitely doing it wrong.
  6. Re: Rational thinking now makes you violent. Society is FUCKED!!

    I get 'misogynistic', but I'd dispute that hetrosexual masculinity is 'hegemonic' in this day and age, I'm not at all sure what it means for it to have boundaries and for those boundaries to be...
  7. Re: Hunter Biden cries poverty! President's son is demanding his support payments to four-year-old love child with Lunden Roberts be LOWERED due to a 'substantial material change' to his income

    Well, there's an easy solution: he can just pay the CS in artwork. Couple of tubes of paint, some box cardboard, away you go!
  8. Re: Women gets 75k + her insurance payout as she records herself crying about her father's death.

    A woman's tears are salty little lies.
  9. Thread: Waah!

    by Mr Wombat


    Riiight. And, of course, you would like The Menz to fix this for you. Cool! You want us to fix it so you don't bleed every month; or do you want us to fix it so that all construction happens...
  10. Re: Luka Doncic in legal battle with own mom over controlling his trademark.

    As more and more men remain unmarried, you will see more and more women become mothers of sons ion order to have someone to support them. This is why women don't like men that live with their...
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    Re: Queen Elizabeth II is very ill

    Checks and balances. Anything you can do with having a constitutional monarch you can do in other ways, sure. But having a monarch is one way to go about it.
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    Re: Juvenilization in Popular Media

    GoT, written by a man, was better in this regard. Cersi as queen (regent, whatever) accomplished one thing, and that was a massive wedding. Joffrey, nasty little bastard that he was, outlawed trial...
  13. Re: ‘I thought we were pretty solid’: My girlfriend and I sold our home. The $200k profit was wired to her account. She refuses to give me my fair share

    Whores never give money to johns. Even if (as in this case) it's business. It grates against their very being. A whore handing money to a john would be like a wife letting her husband chill and relax...
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    Re: Ahhh! The Lips!

    Aaaand body dysmorphic disorder strikes again. "I'm so fat!" and "I should have been born a boy/girl!" are now joined by "My lips are so thin and ugly!"
  15. Re: Woman Throwing A Major Tantrum In The Parking Lot Against Indian Women

    1 - Women think they can do whatever they want.

    2 - Women don't know when the fight is over, when to back the fuck off.

    -- EDIT --

    American women. At 5:23, the cop says "all you can back up...
  16. Re: The Plight of a former SAHM who left husband of ~15 years... to become an Escort, now Age 60

    "Last weekend, I was super fricking distraught"

    It's a little thing, I know, but "distraught" doesn't admit of degrees. There's no "a little bit" distraught, or "very" distraught. You are...
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    Re: Uncomfortable situation

    If you are going to reconsider and refuse, refuse quickly. Don't leave it hanging until 2 weeks before the wedding.

    Incidentally, that kind of controlling behaviour is domestic abuse. Your friend...
  18. Re: The student loan forgiveness will largely go to women

    They are. It's not just Russia and China, it's the BRICS bloc - Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. Both Iraq and Lybia tried to sell oil for gold, and got stomped by the USA. Russia and...
  19. Re: The student loan forgiveness will largely go to women

    They can. It's called "auditing" a unit.
  20. Re: The student loan forgiveness will largely go to women

    It's the female version of Peter-Pan syndrome. They don't want to grow up. They want to stay in school forever.
  21. Re: Women hate when guys ask for advice on how to improve their appearance (unless they're married)

    Best haircut I ever got was from a dude. Out of business now, because he didn't want to be in business, he wanted to hang out with his friends. But I took a photo of the result. Haven't found anyone...
  22. Re: Student loan 'forgiveness' is a stealth bachelor tax

    They get 17-year-olds to sign a piece of paper that saddles them with debt for the rest of their lives, and it's legal.

    150 years ago, it was slavery.
    100 years ago, it was debt servitude and the...
  23. Re: Trump may lose again in 2024. But according to sources, he may win in 2029.

    Takes a special kind of competence to lose money owning a casino.

    Any would-be republican candidate would want to hammer that one. I have suggested several times that what the USA needs is a...
  24. Re: Trump may lose again in 2024. But according to sources, he may win in 2029.

    Most people are only familiar with the little people section of Gulliver's Travels. But Gulliver also visited an island where some people are born immortal. At 80, they lose all rights and property...
  25. Re: The student loan forgiveness will largely go to women

    High School is enough for that.

    Yup. Fraud would be a problem, of course. But free online courses and a government exam where you have to show up in-person might do the job. The exams wouldn't...
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