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  1. The worst kind of girl you can fall for is the innocent looking one.

    The worst type of girl you can ever date is the one that fronts herself as a unicorn. These girls have the ability to uphold a dichotomy: no matter how much you spoil them, they always act like...
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    Re: Should I ghost my online friends?

    I am trying to eliminate my online foot-print too, only I don't know how.

    I've deleted all of my accounts and made new ones. A lot of accounts I had made are un-deletable, so I changed my info on...
  3. A relationship will only diminish your value

    I have realized several constants in any relationship I have ever come across:

    First of all, the man always lifts the woman at his own expense and not vice versa. I have never seen a woman LIFT...
  4. Re: Are Robert Greene's books on the money?

    We're good bro. No offense taken.

    I also forgot to mention that when I frequently chipped my opinion on r/MGTOW, people from other subreddits would check my post history and harass me the moment...
  5. Re: Are Robert Greene's books on the money?

    Sup Jackoff. It seems like that I have unintentionally said or done things that caused you to feel offended, and I feel terribly sorry about that.

    I admit that my contributions here aren't as...
  6. Are Robert Greene's books on the money?

    Books like the 48 Laws of Power... are they genuinely helpful at making you understand life better, or are they just cashgrabs to milk egocentric suckers?
  7. The way we perceive reality is substantially different from one another

    I realized I have a rare condition (2% of population) of something called aphantasia (the inability to voluntarily create mental images in one's mind.)

    I have always thought in words. I have never...
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    Re: How to build a work ethic?

    Let me explain my story. I had a shitty childhood. Parents have always been fighting at home, and kids at school would bully me.
    My father would tell me to NOT stand for myself when bullied, and he...
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    How to build a work ethic?

    I have a very bad work ethic. Ever since I was 6, I would put off studying up until the deadline comes, and I would feel miserable if I had to do something like mop the floor or do anything. I just...
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    East or West, it's all the same.

    Where I am from, the girlfriend-boyfriend dynamic doesn't exist, it's instead replaced by marriage. It is the only socially acceptable means of having sex or a family.

    To get married here, you...
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    How to deal with Chad?

    There's a Chad living in my neighborhood who I get to see every now and then. Ever since I first met him, I felt uneasy, because he started sizing me up with his eyes, like in a "alpha or beta" way....
  12. How has becoming MGTOW shifted your perspective on productivity?

    Males have always been measured by what they can get done. Every iota of our value is derived from our intelligence, work ethic and productivity, and of course, all of that must work in tandem to...
  13. Marriage in and of itself turns me off.

    I don't even know how the human race existed this long. Ever since I became 15 years old, I instantly felt like bringing another human to this life is cruel because sometimes life can just be a...
  14. Re: What can be done to be immune to black pill thinking?

    Yes, I get what you are trying to say.

    A summary of what the black pill is this:
    The "black pill" generally refers to a set of commonly held beliefs in incel communities, which include biological...
  15. What can be done to be immune to black pill thinking?

    I occasionally end up on 4chan. Sites like these tend to have content that disqualifies the positive in life and magnifies the shortcomings instead, conditioning you to feel constantly helpless and...
  16. Re: becoming happy after huge disappointment

    Where can I study stoicism?

    I came across a comment one day that said "stoicism is cope so you don't rope" and how it's no less bullshit than the positivity movement and its concomitant self help...
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    How to not care what people think?

    I always fret over people's opinion of me. If they knew that I'll never get married, they will accuse me of being gay or probably write me off as a nut job.

    I also worry about racism. Let's say I...
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    Need advice on losing weight

    I have gained 25 kilos of weight in the last 3 years and I feel awful physically and mentally. The culprits of my weight gain are these things:
    - 6 teaspoon sugarated tea in the morning.
    - Lunch is...
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    Re: Should I take this job?

    Not in education, employment or training, I think...
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    Re: Should I take this job?

    Well, I live in a third world country, so the pay might look low on paper, but I am only making ~$250 less what a middle class person makes here (avg. pay is $500). I have never worked before, and...
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    Re: Should I take this job?

    Isn't neet not working at all or studying?
    How can I live as a NEET? I am from a third world country, if I go neet, I starve lol
    Just for curiosity, why would you promote such lifestyle?
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    Should I take this job?

    I am a 21 year old uni student who had never worked before. I recently started searching for a job. I applied everywhere, but every place rejected my applications. Things didn't get better up until...
  23. Re: How to shake off all-or-nothing thinking?

    I tried to get a job, and failed at first. I thought I'd never land a job, but as soon as I checked with my brother, he immediately found me a job that I can take right away. So I realized that...
  24. How to shake off all-or-nothing thinking?

    After reading some mental health book called (Feeling Good) which was nominated to me by (Eddie Haskell) thanks to him, I realized I deal with a lot of cognitive distortions:
    1. All-or-nothing...
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    Re: Should I ghost my online friends?

    They were online friends, and sorry for the constant edits. I am trying to make my post as vague as possible as to not get found again from them.

    I am trying to avoid specifying exact details so...
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