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    Re: A Female Hulk TV Series

    It's Hollywood's latest formula:
    Rehash the same old shit + cave to the Woke Mind Police

    When will they figure out that this formula leads to boring movies that people don't want to see?
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    Don't get scammed by a prostitute

    MGTOW who want to scratch that itch might use the services of sex workers. Be careful if you do. Some of them will rip you off. Here's a video about that. We could use this thread for strategies...
  3. Re: Jordan Peterson's Critique of Voluptuous Women Is Misplaced (Hippo Rage!)

    I saw women throwing a fit over Peterson simply being honest. Feminists keep trying to change the so-called beauty standards by putting pictures of grotesque fat women on the covers of, or inside...
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    Re: List of things that oppress women

    That proves that huge numbers of women are inherently sick in the head.
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    List of things that oppress women

    1. Gravity. It's been holding women down for centuries.
    2. The rings of Saturn. Look how long these things have existed. Yet, not one time have the rings of Saturn ever voiced support for...
  6. Re: Yuval Noah Harari | What To Do With All of These Useless People?

    So far Grand Theft Auto has never turned anyone into a car thief, but somehow an elaborate sex toy will turn a man into a rapist. No fleshlight has ever turned any man into a rapist, but put a...
  7. Re: Do any of you guys pay for house cleaning services?

    This tells me if I get a service, I'd better be choosy and not just hire the lowest bidder. That sounds like a nightmare.
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    Re: Racism - Let's talk about it.....

    Nowadays it's practically impossible to talk about the real racism that's out there because everything gets conflated with racism.
  9. Re: I know a 68-year-old unmarried former "hippie" woman.

    She's in need of the services of a gigolo, and I'm not being sarcastic. A male prostitute can provide a past-her-prime woman with her sexual fantasies, making them as much like those asinine romance...
  10. Do any of you guys pay for house cleaning services?

    This dude in the video recommends just paying a cleaning service so that you don't have do to so much housework yourself. Every weekend, I take a bunch of my time to do the housework around here. I...
  11. Re: argument with feminist over Anya Taylor-Joy

    That's pretty much it. Occasionally, I'll troll feminists just for a laugh, but I know never to expect any kind of legitimate dialogue with any of them. They're too brainwashed to see anything...
  12. Re: argument with feminist over Anya Taylor-Joy

    She doesn't have me hooked in. This was just for fun, the way a lion plays with its prey. I got some good laughs out of it, but I don't feel obligated to continue mocking feminists.
  13. argument with feminist over Anya Taylor-Joy

    Yes, I know I shouldn't do shit like this, but sometimes I just can't resist fucking with feminists' heads. I had responded to the typical whiny feminist shit about men supposedly being shallow for...
  14. are we headed for a wacko totalitarian breeding program?

    Birth rates have been declining thanks to our asinine system that rigs the odds against men. We've watched as it gets harder and harder for any woman to find a husband. None of them see the truth...
  15. Re: Feminine prerogative/hypergamy 101 (1971 edition).

    I remember That Girl. I grew up watching it in reruns and wanting to jizz into Marlo Thomas' snatch. I also wanted to be like Captain Kirk on the original Star Trek and going around banging alien...
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    I'm not usually a rap fan, but .......

    I'm a classic rock guy, and a modern jazz one. I can even get into classical music sometimes. But I've never been able to get into rap. I found the Super Bowl halftime show annoying. It just...
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    Re: RIP Kevin Samuels

    Holy crap, he was only 57. (Some sources say 56.) Way too young to go.
  18. Re: Slutty girls warning about Roe v Wade [amusing pic]

    I vehemently supported abortion rights for a long time. Then some feminists screamed at me, "You're a man; you have no right to an opinion on this." Fine, whatever. So when I dropped out to become...
  19. Re: Slutty girls warning about Roe v Wade [amusing pic]

    You don't want to date a woman who has had sex with 4,387 men? But you're missing out on the chance to be number 4,388.
  20. Re: Slutty girls warning about Roe v Wade [amusing pic]

    OMG, see that grotesque fat pig holding a sign about denying him sex? ROFLMAO. Whoever he is, she's doing him a favor. When she finally gets horny and wants some, he'll be like, "Don't you...
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    Re: Roe vs Wade, Laws, your opinions.

    I despise the far-right and the feminists equally. I hope that both sides get so riled up that they all kill each other. I'll be laughing on the sidelines.
  22. What feminists don't understand about abortion and the right-wingers who oppose it

    There are very few things with which I agree with the feminists, but abortion is one of them. I'm against making it illegal for many reasons I won't discuss in this post. I have a different point...
  23. Re: Slutty girls warning about Roe v Wade [amusing pic]

    That's hilarious. Hookup culture has already been decimated for years. Plus, the women in these photos are gross, save the one on the right, though you can't really tell much about her.
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    Re: Roe vs Wade, Laws, your opinions.

    Man, that's brutal. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.
  25. Re: Scientific Redpills - Study finds: The uglier you are, the more your wife or girlfriend wants to fuck other men when she can get pregnant.

    The Free French had it right back in 1945. The country has gotten really fucked up since then.
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