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    Self-Ban Request: WXA


    I'm not exactly sure what a self-ban is, but my guess is that it's what people request when they basically want their account deleted? Is that correct?

    If so, consider this to be a...
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    Re: "I still value you as a good friend"

    I've had a different variation of "Let's just be friends" happen to me. The woman actually didn't want anything to do with me, but didn't want the guilt of completely breaking up with me. So, she...
  5. Re: More and More Women Are Paying Alimony to Failure-to-Launch Ex-Husbands. And They’re Really, Really Not Happy About It.

    One of my ex's did the whole fake-job-search thing to me; this sort of thing happens to both men and women. When I met my ex, she was unemployed. I wanted her to either get some kind of job and/or...
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    Re: Is there hope for me?

    Here are my thoughts for the original poster:

    First, it sounds like you are already seeking help from a medical professional. Be sure that you keep them informed of how you are doing, so they...
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    Re: Alternative to Wikipedia

    Wikipedia, Reddit, Youtube (and probably others): All were great places at one time but now disappoint to varying degrees.

    The advantage of Wikipedia is that it has just so many articles on...
  8. Re: What can be done to be immune to black pill thinking?

    I appreciate the welcome.
  9. Re: What can be done to be immune to black pill thinking?

    I remember the old Reddit MGTOW group, and the regular stream of outsiders that tried to mess with that group, so I don't think it's a big deal trying to control that type of thing.
  10. Re: What can be done to be immune to black pill thinking?

    I'm happy if you got some enjoyment from that post of mine. I haven't dated or been in a romantic relationship for well over a decade, and I have not even made a serious attempt to do so in many...
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    Sticky: Re: Reddit has banned the MGTOW subreddit

    I visited Reddit very regularly many years ago. It was a really rockin' place back then, lots of interesting stuff to read about on there.

    Now, I never go there. I can't even remember the last...
  12. Re: What can be done to be immune to black pill thinking?

    This was such an interesting topic and comments that I joined in order to comment.

    I don't know a whole lot about black pill, but I have seen two types of content described as black pill. Some...
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