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  1. Re: Women Are Sharing Examples Of Internalized Misogyny That They Need To Unlearn And It's Super Interesting

    A lot of this is just so bizarre to me. It seems they have stretched the definition of misogyny so thin as to be almost meaningless. Not liking armpit hair? Being well groomed is now misogyny. This...
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    Re: Christmas 2021

    Staying with family. Eat a lot of food. Standard really haha.
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    Re: How to help blue-pill mates

    I don't help them with anything unless they ask. Their personal life is their personal life.

    Haha yeah me too. Ain't nobody going with you man. That's one thing we all got to do alone. No...
  4. Re: Woke Matrix Scriptwriters Complain About The Phrase ‘Red Pilled’ Being ‘Kidnapped By Right Wingers’

    Couldn't care less what they think to be honest.
  5. Re: Kyle Rittenhouse Tells LeBrone James "Fuck You!"

    Good for him. I hope he sues all the mainstream media outlets who mislabelled him as a white supremacist for millions.
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    Re: Things that destroyed my romanticism

    Ironically if you say that these days you'll be called a misogynist - even though those are all objectively good and positive qualities.
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    Re: Things that destroyed my romanticism

    Interesting thread -

    I met my fair share of disgusting and miserable feminists at university, whose life is just one long tantrum, which quickly disabused me of any notion that women were the...
  8. Re: Men need to “shut up and listen” to women . . . Benedict Cumberbatch has said.

    Another mindless celebrity spouting nonsense - or at least phrases that he thinks will win him brownie points with the rest of the Hollywood elite.
  9. Re: Question about women flaunting their bodies.

    Female double-think. By far the foremost value of a woman is her appearance, how attractive she is. Feminism and modern society has convinced her superficially at least that it isn't, so she can...
  10. Re: Does anybody else feel physically ill thinking about Modern Society?

    This is the antidote basically. Just focus on improving your own life and leave the madness in the background. For the most part living your own life has not yet been made illegal.

  11. Re: Should I take Jordan Peterson seriously?

    I enjoy the videos of him owning leftists and feminists on Youtube. I liked the few university lectures of his that I watched as well. There's so few people these days with enough balls to publicly...
  12. Re: What hobby should I do to alleviate boredom?

    A lot of good suggestions. I really enjoy investing - and while there's obviously some risk, there's a very tangible benefit when you get it right (which there isn't with a lot of other hobbies)....
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    Re: R/loveafterporn = women banning porn

    Honestly I wish more men were awake to this truth. Because if they were I don't think feminists would be able to get away with half of the shit they get away with.
  14. Re: Woman kicked out of restaurant because of her crop top [eyebleach]

    Honestly it's probably not a bad business plan, especially in 5+ years. The one caveat is that I'd rather not spend my days lasering off 'I LOVE DARREN' off some landwhales obese thigh... I'd have to...
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    Re: How many friends do you have?

    Reminds me of something the writer Bukowski said - If you want to know who your friends are, get yourself a prison sentence.

    I haven't been to prison thankfully but I've been through hard times...
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    Re: Started a course with feminists

    Yeah I imagine this is quite common now for a lot of non-STEM courses. I suppose all you can do is avoid her like you would any other person who was intensely loathsome. She won't be the last person...
  17. Re: Porn actresses in Japan facing poverty after doing porn

    Japan is weird. They produce the most debauched porn probably in the world yet they have to pixelate out any genitals. So you can see a woman being molested by a squid or whatever but god forbiden...
  18. Re: What is your opinion on the book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck"?

    I've read it and thought it was absolute shite. His writing style has this horrible, obnoxious frat-boy attitude to it and he just recycles a lot of the ideas anyone even vaguely familiar with Zen...
  19. Re: New Crisis: Men with ‘golden penis syndrome’ are ruining sex and dating for women

    This is not so much a case of men being arrogant but of many women not delivering much beyond the physical. The vast majority of men are not going to ghost a quality woman, they'll work to keep her...
  20. Re: I suspect I am in a party of one on this forum!

    Good to have you here. I think there are a few other gay male users, so I don't think you're totally alone. Personally I do not see this site to be in any way exclusionary but just a "safe" place to...
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    Re: Women hating on you for no reason?

    Yeah this kind of ridiculousness is ingrained in most big corporates nowadays sadly. They're all hyper-anxious about being labelled as a racist or sexist organisation so any little comment is grounds...
  22. Re: Woman kicked out of restaurant because of her crop top [eyebleach]

    Yeah I've seen some absolutely ridiculous tattoos as well. All on kids under 30. I suppose its emblematic of how overly soft, weak and permissive our society has become... nobody around with the...
  23. Re: Woman kicked out of restaurant because of her crop top [eyebleach]

    Likewise I don't think I've ever seen a tattoo on a woman and thought 'Wow, that makes her look so much better!" Most of them just look like someone has been drawing on them with a biro pen.
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    Re: Women hating on you for no reason?

    Sorry that happened to you. Always frustrating when shit like that happens especially for no reason. Unfortunately the modern workplace can be a playground for a vindictive woman, pretty easy for...
  25. Re: Woman kicked out of restaurant because of her crop top [eyebleach]

    When I read the headline, I thought how bad can it be but having seen the photo I don't blame them. That would seriously put me off my lunch.
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