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  1. Re: Buying the Boyfriend Experience in Japan

    "I waited patiently, but no tears came. Was I missing something?"
    Yes. A heart. And possibly, a soul.
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    Re: The Herbivore Man

    Yes, it means "grass eater" - and the shaming language implied is that the Corporate Samurai is a badass MEAT eater - a T-Rex. The grass eater is more like a cow, or the gentle-giant of dinosaurs,...
  3. Re: #metoo denies men due process. Women most affected.

    Feminists are very clear when they say:

    "You are not entitled to due process in a company HR room."

    Of course, "you" means "male". If a female didn't get due process, it would be front page...
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    Re: The Herbivore Man

    They watched their fathers work 80 hours per week at the altar of capitalism and corporate worship, only to get divorced, tossed by the company and then die a slow emotional death, or an actual...
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    Re: The one thing men excel at

    Men can accept their position in a hierarchy and function at their level, and contribute to a group cause.
    Women always resent women who are in a higher position.

    When I see a successful, fit and...
  6. Re: Shit Tests, Deceptions and Manipulations

    Here's some more:

    The "withdraw and wait for a reaction"
    Basic emotional manipulation.

    The "pout and act moody but make no complaint" |
    More manipulation and attention/validation seeking.
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    Re: Please Help! Cry me a river!

    Have another kid. That will help.
    Or maybe stop "giving it away for free" and get some money out of the Chad C0ck you're banging.
    Zero Fucks Given.

    Having children is a CHOICE. Taking care of...
  8. Re: Why is a hard patriarchy such an attractive 'remedy'?

    You can't put the toothpaste back into the tube.

    Wishing for a patriarchal third-world society to take over and raze feminism to the ground is of no use. (Even though that's one possible outcome)....
  9. Re: First male birth control injection almost ready . . .

    Well, yeah, I guess for us MGTOW guys. We're.... free.


    We're fucking free!!

    TO MGTOW!!
  10. Re: First male birth control injection almost ready . . .

    Just wait for it. Lying about, or not informing about, having had a vasectomy will be considered rape.
    Removing a condom is now rape. I guess if one breaks, that's rape too.

    Anything that thwarts...
  11. Re: First male birth control injection almost ready . . .

    The next time I stick my dick in a human female, even a "pro", it will be post-vasectomy.
    That is the only real male reproductive right, aside from abstience - which I currently enjoy.
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    Re: Pussy Recovery - it's an addiction!

    When I used to objectify women and put them on a pedestal, I couldn't live without them.

    Now that I see them as female human beings and understand their nature, I don't want to be anywhere near...
  13. Re: Reddit Unpopular Opinion: "Young men opting out of society to play video games and focus on their hobbies are ... acting completely reasonable"

    I almost fell off my chair when I read this article:

    It's a WOMAN who FIRST admits in the first...
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    Re: Where Tradcon values yield to MGTOW

    Marriage contract: Man gets intimacy, woman gets security.

    How it works:

    1. Her responsibility: The intimacy is bait - it wanes then stops in the marriage. Expecting her to "put out" is rape....
  15. Re: AU feminist denigrates Australia's firefighters.
  16. Re: AU feminist denigrates Australia's firefighters.


    hahahahaha. Very nice.
  17. Re: AU feminist denigrates Australia's firefighters.

    Attention firefighters:

    If you see this dykey bitch in a blazing inferno, you DO NOT HAVE CONSENT to save her life.

    Exit the building immediately.

  18. Re: Im quite confused, are men poor or rich?

    Being tied to a nice home in the suburbs... a nice place to raise kids... that alone is being tethered to the gynospehere and all of it's trappings and pitfalls. The way society is going (which is,...
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    Sticky: Re: Thanks to MGTOW

    I don't have standards for women because you can't have standards for people who are completely unaccountable for their actions while expecting the rights and privileges of grown adults. I have...
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    Re: Tampons Are Coming

    Okay, fuck it. Where's my flamethrower...
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    Re: We Rank #2 for Mgtow Forum on Google

    Every MGTOW discussion online is about men whining women won't date them? LOLOLOLOL.
    BITCH PLEASE. We're celebrating the fact thots like you want nothing to do with us.
    And the feeling, sugartits,...
  22. Re: Dating, comittement, having a gf? Go ahead...this is what's on offer. Have at it...

    What women say: Men cheat! Not fair!
    What women mean: Men cheat TOO! Not fair!
  23. Re: Dating, comittement, having a gf? Go ahead...this is what's on offer. Have at it...

    Another thing to always remember is the idea that women are in AMAZING "anything" for very long. You HEAR them talk about amazing this or amazing that, but for how long? Women's sense of something...
  24. Re: Im quite confused, are men poor or rich?

    Feminism "says stuff" to provide word salad for whatever program, perk or privilege they are pitching for women at a given moment. Your example is an excellent one.

    Wage gap! Men make too much...
  25. Re: Hermione Granger flies her broomstick streight into the wall

    "Self partnered".... "consciously uncoupled"...

    These women pay $500/hr for a Hollywood therapist to blow up their asses and tell them how awesome they are.
    That's where they learn these trendy...
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