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    Re: I Found A Unicorn.

    A unicorn? Sorry, I am allergic to horseshit.
  2. Re: 'Parasite singles': why young Japanese aren't getting married

    Marriage, like higher education, is failing the cost benefit analysis for men. Well, they wanted to demonstrate their strength and independence, so all I can say is. 'You go gurls!' Far, far away...
  3. Re: Feminst Craziness Explained? Birth Control Pills May Be Shrinking Brains In Women, Study Finds

    Just remember, it is her body and her choice. But men will still get the blame.....
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    Re: Words Have Lost Their Meaning.

    When volume and outrage trump logic and empathy, words become pointless. Just ask any feminist for their opinions on men....
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    Re: Divorce is in the air

    Perhaps these men are finally getting the memo. Even if men never hear of MGTOW, their own observations and experiences should trigger their survival instincts. And right now, the system is so...
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    Re: A MGTOW response to #metoo

    That is good news for men! The companies will profit from better productivity and work environment. The companies will also be able to figure out what areas actually make money and what areas are...
  7. Looks like Google is learning that the end game of entitlement....

    is more entitlement. Looks like Silicon Valley is starting to eat itself.

    This is the same company that deliberately...
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    Re: Please Help! Cry me a river!

    Expect more of the pleas for help as more men walk away. What ever happened to the fish bicycle thing?
  9. Re: Taking a stand: (Feminist) students ponder female body hair standards . . .

    And these are the same laydeez that will be demanding a job when they graduate because they are worth it.

    I have come to believe that we can only measure feminine toxicity on a logarithmic...
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    When delusion collides with reality....

    the hamster goes into overdrive.

    This article is a combination of schadenfreude, hamsterbation, entitlement and fleeting female introspection.

    The bottom line is that the rational behavior of...
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    Re: Where Tradcon values yield to MGTOW

    I live in an Amish community. And I am seeing increasing number of Amish girls publicly using iPhones. Talk about tradcons on Tinder......
  12. Re: First male birth control injection almost ready . . .

    I really do not see this as preventing any problems. It will not prevent STDs/STIs. As Manual Laborer pointed out, it will not keep a man from being named on a birth certificate as the courts...
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    Re: Buying the Boyfriend Experience in Japan

    So let me get this straight:

    Empowerment, independence and strength do not equal happiness, security and fulfillment? Shocking. /sarc
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    Re: And now James Bond has been castrated

    If I recall correctly, the 00 numbering system indicated a license to kill. A female 007 does not make sense: merely showing her body count would exceed the time constraints of most films. And that...
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    Re: Should I buy feminist Monopoly?

    The great drawback to this version of the game is that it does not allow for false accusations against men. They should at least have a 'false accusation go directly to jail for 25 turns' card and...
  16. Re: Hermione Granger flies her broomstick streight into the wall

    Good point. I wonder how the online dating services and divorce industry is going to deal with this if it becomes a new trend.
  17. Re: Dating, comittement, having a gf? Go ahead...this is what's on offer. Have at it...

    That post from Reddit reads like it was written by a man. Feelings of guilt and shame with introspection? Regret about her sexual past? When have you ever heard a female voice those? She made the...
  18. Re: The world’s first Gattaca baby tests are finally here

    First they need viable eggs and a viable womb. The post-Wall mid-40's career gurl-power sloot is not really in a position to supply either. IE, the freezer lost power and her womb ain't what it...
  19. Re: Hermione Granger flies her broomstick streight into the wall

    Self-partnered? LOL. Well, we all know how successful whimyn are keeping themselves haapppppyyyyy!

    Perhaps she and Theron can hook up......
  20. Thread: How big is MGTOW?

    by Boar

    Re: How big is MGTOW?

    My take on the original question is a bit more abstract.

    How big is MGTOW? Given the benefits of going your own way, I would say that MGTOW is inversely proportional to the depth of the vagina....
  21. Re: Why are men so cucked that they fantasize or actually submit to a dominatrix?

    I wonder if these films actually receive government subsidies to be made? If enough men start voting with their wallets, as they did with the Ghostbusters bomb, then how long would it be before the...
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    Re: Is ghosting enough?

    My personal take on ghosting is that it is not about being completely invisible, it is having nothing to offer. Most people will acknowledge your existence, it does not matter if you are homeless...
  23. Thread: Meagan Markle

    by Boar

    Re: Meagan Markle

    This is what happens when entitlement threatens real power. I would say the Megs and Hazza got pwned.

    But wait, this cannot happen to Megs, she is almost literally a princess. They are perfect...
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    Re: Theater passes, El Terminador

    I am going to give it a pass. I prefer to vote with my dollars. Let the strong and independent feminists support Hollywood with their money. Oh, wait....that is not how social justice works. /sarc
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    Re: Be Thankful for the Blessings You Have

    Great topic. I have found that Stoicism is a useful philosophy for gratitude.

    Negative visualization is a Stoic technique that encourages reflection on what is the worst thing that could happen...
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