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    Abusive mother gets a free pass in Spain

    Wanna know how justice works in a 1st world leftist democracy (Spain)? Keep reading.

    Marķa Sevilla was paroled after kidnapping her own 11 years-old child away from the father, neglecting the...
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    Re: Shame is usually a good thing in society

    In all spanish-speaking countries, one of the worst insults a woman can get is "Desvergonzada". It literally means "a woman who don't feel shame".

    Even in a big city, a "desvergonzada" is someone...
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    Re: Don't get scammed by a prostitute

    I had a similar experience with two former girlfriends. One said that I was a closeted gay, and the other said that I was "cold and distant". Really? Just because I was able to keep my cool and...
  4. Re: 5 Reasons Why Western Men Should Not Marry A Japanese Woman

    Funny how japanese men go to bars afterwork to get wasted and avoid dealing with their wives... but East European men (Russian, Polish, and other Baltic ones) also have very high alcoholism rates...
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    Re: A Quote from The Dark Knight.

    Remember that guy Jesus who told people to have morals, emphaty, and integrity? How did things ended up for Him two thousands years ago?
  6. 5 Reasons Why Western Men Should Not Marry A Japanese Woman

    You might like this: a japanese comedian explains why it's a bad idea to marry a japanese woman. As if western ones weren't bad enough! ;)

  7. Re: are we headed for a wacko totalitarian breeding program?

    SATAN, of course!

    Stay with me for a minute, please. Just look at the classic list of Deadly Sins and see if they can be an accurate description of modern feminists, Social Justice Warriors, and...
  8. Tinder mommas were predicted in the '60s!

    This is from a 1960's cartoon from Argentina, and it certainly predicted the Tinder mommas accurately. Female nature doesn't change, fellas!
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    Re: How does nudity empower women?

    Hey women! Remember when baring your boobs in Playboy was the best way to end your career?

    I blame Baywatch for suddenly making nudity the best way to boost newcoming actresses into celebrities.
  10. Who wasted the biggest family fortune in history? A woman, of course!

    This is a 13-minutes long documentary that explains how the Vanderbilt family dilapidated their entire fortune after being the richest multimillionaires on the Earth. And the one who started their...
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    Woman exposes feminist's hypocrisy!

    This woman posts very brief videos in YouTube about current politics, but she's fiercely conservative in her views. This time she slaps feminists who say they don't need a man:
  12. Re: My brother's unicorn wife isn't as good as he made her out to be

    My father was the elder of the bunch (5 boys and 5 girls), and he hated all the manipulations and grudges among his sisters and mother. He started working as a doctor in the '60s, and as soon as he...
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    Re: How to convince incels to not be incels?

    I embraced being an incel when I became tired of pairing with lesser quality women.

    I managed to get girls way in my 30s, but only could get chubby ones and not-so-visually-appealing chicks....
  14. Toxic female of the year: she harasses paramedics who want to help his boyfriend

    This is MGTOW gold: in Colombia, a woman tries to stop paramedics to help his injured boyfriend! But she has her reasons, of course:
  15. Re: Female Blogger upset over female privilege in Italy.

    That reminds me what Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits fame) said: "There is a special place in Hell for those musicians who hate the song that brought them fame and fortune"
  16. Re: Compulsory Conjugality, The Latest in Forced Enslavement of Men

    Can't help to think how Gene Simmons was right. He always have expressed his contempt for marriage, and for decades he said he was "happily unmarried" to Sharon Tweed.
  17. Re: Onlyfans thot fatally stabs boyfriend, out on bail less than an hr, and continues to post content

    Why would anyone have a relationship with an adult worker? That man was asking for trouble from the start.
  18. Re: I can't believe I'm the first to write about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock here!

    I've just realized your signature describes Will Smith behavior:
    "Before any awakening there's anger, resentment, and confusion.

    Afterward there's indifference, confidence, wisdom, and peace. "
  19. I can't believe I'm the first to write about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock here!

    So many things have been said all over the place, but here are my thoughts about it:
    -Will Smith genuinely laughed at the joke. So, why would he be so irate after a good laugh? Just to appease his...
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    Re: How do you deal with housekeeping?

    Oh, yes. I discovered that trick back in college. I lived with 4 room mates and we had a box of Kool-Aid sachets in the bathroom.

    We dropped the content of one envelope in the tank or directly in...
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    Re: How do you deal with housekeeping?

    I have inherited the high standards of cleanliness from my mother. I don't like to pay someone to clean because I've found out they never do it as thoroughly as I want. So I have come to terms with...
  22. Re: Are Women Finally Regretting Feminism? These Women Admit Men Are Providers And Masters

    Sorry to ask, what is this? I don't understand the reference (non-US reader here).
  23. Re: Should we re-examine the open borders policy for new members?

    It's a fact: MGTOW will always be under attack. I understand not everyone wants to write an intro, but at the same time it helps to weed out new members. It doesn't need to be fancy, just a way to...
  24. Re: MGTOW is spreading: #marriagestrike trending in India on Twitter

    Yes, but that was assumed as the price to pay for being a father: men busted their lives working to raise their kids with a wife. It was his duty.

    The problem today is that in addittion to all...
  25. A funny '62 Studebaker booklet for ladies!

    Get ready for a chuckle!

    Here you have some extracts from a 1962 Studebaker Lark booklet aimed at women about how to care and drive their new car.

    They got a very respected female to write...
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