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  1. Re: Who Do You Guys Idolize Real Or Fiction?

    One character I find especially interesting lately is Christopher Knight, otherwise known as the North Pond Hermit. He spent 27 years living by himself in a tent. Here's a quote:

    "Solitude did...
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    Re: Grandparents

    I never lived near either set of grandparents, so I didn't have a lot of contact with them. But overall, they were a messed up miserable bunch. My mother's father was an alcoholic, although never...
  3. Re: I found that married men are completely unreliable,

    I'm guessing most of your friends aren't too far into their married years. They are unreliable during the early years of marriage, when the wife hasn't yet entirely broken their spirit. Later they...
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    Re: Anti-sexual interest pills?

    For incels who want to reduce their sex drive, I have a simple two-part non-chemical suggestion. First, less internet porn. Then more getting out and looking around the real world. In the United...
  5. Re: Do any of you have (much) younger women hitting on you?

    I have sort of a gift/curse that men and women will approach and tell me their life stories without any provocation. Most of the time I don't kid myself that they want anything more than some...
  6. Re: Do any of you have (much) younger women hitting on you?

    It seems likely the answer for this situation. In case you haven't been through a typical MLM pitch, these people are hungry and aggressive. It's not just a matter of you buying their product, they...
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    Re: A sex strike, you say?

    I've been thinking of it as playing a bluff with the one card they have left. A few generations ago, they had sex and reproductive capacity. Kids were a positive economic benefit and might even help...
  8. Re: Alternative dwellings for independence (tiny houses, stealth vans, etc)

    This topic hits home for me because I live in an apartment in one of the (unfortunately) popular cities in the US. I just got wacked with a 25% rent increase. It's enough to knock me out of...
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    Re: Do Not Lay With Anger

    To add a little more detail, this is biblical advice usually translated for modern consumption as "don't go to bed angry with your spouse". Closer to the literal meaning is "don't marry anger". ...
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    Re: Why Dads Matter In A Child's Life

    It is an important issue. Part of the challenge in replying here is the depth of the topic. For many years, I thought my father didn't qualify as a positive role model. He gradually came to dislike...
  11. Re: My personal view on older men simping.

    Some of the problem is behavioral conditioning. Most of these guys got married many years ago. Marriage is an institution. Remember the discussions of "institutional men" from the movie Shawshank...
  12. Re: I took another lap around the dating site - somehow it's gotten worse

    What you are seeing online seems to be mirroring what's going on "IRL". A couple of weeks ago I started noticing the weight issue among women. Then I read the thread here on tattoos. I invented a...
  13. Re: Probably the best description of "fear of dying alone" you will ever find

    Yes, that confirms what I have been hearing. The internet and social media have set up the channels for women to get caught up in cultlike female fantasy groups and ideas. To be fair it's certainly...
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    Re: Covered in tattoos.

    There are going to have modernize this. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Step right up to the freak show and see the last of her kind. It's a woman, by herself, not obese, no tattoos or body piercings,...
  15. Re: Probably the best description of "fear of dying alone" you will ever find

    Without the TV on all the time, there is nothing to drown out the demon voices. One voice is biology and a million years of evolution telling her she should be producing babies and in relationships. ...
  16. Re: The Positive side of MGTOW, the happy tidbits of going your own way.

    Here's an alternate saying with a MGTOW slant to combat the female propaganda about idleness: "Mother Nature despises idle men". She needs men to keep busy all their lives, and never figure out...
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    Re: The female inflation problem

    The more southern states seem to have it bad. Friends have told me Kentucky is a disaster. I get out and walk daily everywhere I go. Something I notice more often is how few people are doing any...
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    Re: The female inflation problem

    I've wondered about the official stats. I found one report that claimed women were about 5% ahead of men just counting two categories overweight and obese. One problem is the method of gathering...
  19. Re: Latest Woke backfire, controversy over age gap in 30 year old Jurassic Park film.

    Another reason it's BS is because professionals in the entertainment industry know that the actual age of actors isn't necessarily an issue. 30-year-old actors can play high school students. Actors...
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    Re: The female inflation problem

    And then in my experience it's rare to see a woman without a phone or a drink in her hand. They have to be consuming something, all the time. I've been observing this for years now.

    Lately I've...
  21. Re: The Positive side of MGTOW, the happy tidbits of going your own way.

    This choice and lifestyle gives us opportunity, time and space to explore whether there's a meaning in this life other than eating food, buying stuff, and cranking out another generation of human...
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    The female inflation problem

    I wonder if anybody else is seeing a big increase in the typical female weight. We know there's been an epidemic of excess weight and obesity in modern society for many years now. But it seems to...
  23. Re: Women and girls are very incompetent on social skills, But they are also conniving and deceitful bitches. Take AWAY The TITS and VAGINA, WOMEN are psychopathic little men. (MY ThOUGHTS)

    And for women, it's entirely a verbal process. They have exceptional ability to say the right things, make promises, appear to be adults with integrity. But actual behavior is something else...
  24. Re: MGTOW or economy, people arent forming families, look at apartment construction

    It's the same thing in my area. A new housing complex just popped up down the street. $700,000 gets you a pressboard duplex with a tiny balcony and a yard the size of a postage stamp. I walk by on ...
  25. Re: Dating Was Never a Thrilling Endeavor

    I've been reading posts for about a year now, and I'm always impressed with the bullshit detection skills of MGTOWers, often at a young age. Dating is a ridiculous concept to begin with. It only...
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