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    Re: When the girls remind you why you're MGTOW

    At least the fellows those female singers robbed were able to escape those women. My greatest reminder is when I see nice young fellows stuck with a Land whales. Land whales that don't even try to...
  2. Re: Another one confused MGTOW with something else

    Excellent Thread Gentleman, lots of nuggets of wisdom here that will help lurkers in the months and years to come. My philisophy is easy, just stay away from women. To me they are parasites, and more...
  3. Re: U.S. Supreme Court rejects woman's appeal in teen texting suicide case

    I couldn't get the link to work for me

    23? She looks 40 yrs old in the articles I could find
  4. SCOTUS throws out !0 Million Dollar claim against Army

    Get a load of the HEADLINE, SCOTUS 'blocks justice' of rape victimArmy Woman claims Rape trial mishandled by the Military because the Army found the accused not guilty. SCOTUS threw out the claim...
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    Re: Dating app on the TV

    The women at my office get a cake for every occasion. Its the LARGE Costco cakes, all sugar and cream. I work outside, and they buy a cake on my birthday. They will save one piece for me, and when I...
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    Re: MGTOW comics ideas

    This might be a good topic for a comic, cuz its true. Some woman is selling candles that sell like her vagina for $75
  7. Re: The Church of Scientology Says Danny Masterson Stalking Suit Must Go to "Religious Arbitration"

    My memory is a bit hazy on this, as it happened 20 years ago. We had a business dispute with a supplier that we had both agreed to arbitration in cases of conflicts. However, when the problem arose,...
  8. Re: Women selling nudes to to help quash the australian wildfires

    In 10 years, the guys that buy those photos will get sued and Metoo'd

    Imagine bad men taking advantage of women trying to save their country
  9. Re: The cock carousel, packaged and sold to women at the expense and humiliation of men.

    They continue to sell the feminist fantasy that men will pay hundreds of dollars for dates on older used up women they just met. Womens value goes nothing but down after her 20's, but todays women...
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    Re: Women's cruelty towards boys

    Happy New Year Unboxxed
    Please reread the caption I included with my post. I said that feminists were using the mentally disadvantaged to promote their agenda, not that the actors in the video were...
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    Re: Women's cruelty towards boys

    I googled that OP story, its real. At least she was arrested. Feminists are far more conniving then that rageaholic. Look how...
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    Re: The insanity has reached South Korea

    Im thinking, they can tell each other apart

    Here is a funny scene from Get Smart. An Asian criminal was kidnapping all the wrong women because all blondes looked alike to him

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    Re: The insanity has reached South Korea

    It was totally BS that she would show her face, but not her name because women are so victimized in S Korea she might lose her job. It will be interesting if to see if Korean men simp away like...
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    Re: Dealing With Red Pill Rage

    I think I have moved on to the Red Pill relieve stage. The more Red Pill content I consume, the more content I have become. But for one year, wow, was I angry. I think your point about the father to...
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    Re: Woman takes advantage of elderly men

    Was on a puddle jumper last week, seated next to a young attractive well dressed Asian girl. I expected the normal Hi, and her being on her lap top the rest of the flight. Instead she worked on me,...
  16. Thread: Expat Ideas

    by FrankS

    Re: Expat Ideas

    I have been thinking a lot about this since my divorce, great way to cut expenses. In some locations, If I get a house, I can get a live in maid for cooking and cleaning for $200/mo. Or go ultra...
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    Re: Im quite confused, are men poor or rich?

    For those that have seen the movie Shooter, the main character has the perfect life in a mountain cabin. He gets suckered in to a romantic relationship and leaves paradise. The entertainment ...
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    Re: We Rank #2 for Mgtow Forum on Google

    We will be getting more and more lurkers. Its getting crazier and crazier out there

    I just encountered a woman that was upset that Veterans(its Veterans Day in the USA) getting free meals at...
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    Re: Why I support female MRAs

    Thanks for Posting the video pbisque

    I had two takeaways

    1) That Female MRA is only upset because her new partner is stuck paying $5000/mo to an Ex
    2) She says she gets negative comments from...
  20. Re: Hermione Granger flies her broomstick streight into the wall

    The Wall is UNDEFEATED!

    Some have to see the grey hair and impact from gravity before they admit it
  21. Thread: Another Ghost

    by FrankS

    Re: Another Ghost

    Welcome Revenant
    Thank you for sharing your journey to the Red Pill. I was most impressed with your instinct to not date after your divorce. It took me a little while to realize women had nothing to...
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    Re: Theater passes, El Terminador

    The Feminator Bombed at the Box Office, reviews blame the ultra feminist scheme.

    It is forcasted to lose 100M...
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    Re: Be Thankful for the Blessings You Have

    It is a good to count ones blessings, I was thinking about that very topic when I woke up this morning 2 years off the plantation. I was able to sleep in, and no longer a slave to a contentious wife...
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    Re: Yet another amber alert

    Best Solution, stay away from women, don't marry, don't cohabitate, don't procreate. But for those out there that are married, start researching the laws for your State. With some homework and...
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    Re: Can post wall women appreciate sex?

    I qualify to offer an answer
    Im mid 50s, married 20 plus yrs, divorcegraped 2 years ago. Her sex drive was pretty good till she hit 40, then it dropped off. Out of duty and because I was so nice to...
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