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    Am I right?

    I have just been thinking and wondering if the person to truly cares end up worse off, I do hope Iím wrong but itís looking like that to me, what do you guys think.
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    Re: Enabling Fat People

    Treadmills are good but nothing beats going out and walking go hiking up some big hills, even carry a backpack with weight in it.
  3. Re: New Crisis! Tinder Generation Canít Find Love

    It’s because of them dating apps women have the power to do what she likes because she knows another dumb ass is ready and waiting for her just a swipe away.
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    Re: Ghost Jobs?

    I would love a ghost job, Iím super fed up working with bloody idiots, hope you find your ideal ghost job that pays you well.
  5. Re: Why Modern Movies Suck - They Hate Their Own Fans! Ghostbusters Feminist Remake etc

    Can’t stand all the box ticking in modern movies
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    Re: This Is Why Social Media Is Cancer

    Don’t bother with social media like the majority here, social media offers nothing for the end user, just keeps the people dumb.
  7. Thread: Cryptos

    by Encrypted587

    Re: Cryptos

    Humm crypto 2k down been holding over a year, don’t have much good to say about it but it was the one that opened the door to investments and trading stocks and commodity’s and I really enjoy the...
  8. Re: Thankful I'm MGTOW - look at this relationship

    How anyone puts up with that it’s beyond me.
  9. Re: Desperate Short Men Seek To Attract Women: Workers from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta are paying $75,000 to be taller, a surgeon told GQ.

    So someone is willing to go through pain and a shit ton of money to attract a parasite? Unreal.
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    Re: Advice on advice.

    Women really don’t have any morals do they, then again if they did they would be less efficient I guess.
  11. Re: Hunter Biden cries poverty! President's son is demanding his support payments to four-year-old love child with Lunden Roberts be LOWERED due to a 'substantial material change' to his income

    I really don’t like the biden administration
  12. Re: Women Over 35 Hitting The WALL Hard #9 Where Did All The Good Men Go1!!!

    The amount of men I know who do the dating app crap are endlessly taking women out for free meals, and it’s becoming more popular now with the cost if living crisis, why they keep falling for it I...
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    Re: Enabling Fat People

    Asia manage to stay a healthy body weight obviously doing something we aren’t.
  14. Re: Rational thinking now makes you violent. Society is FUCKED!!

    They will always hate us, we are not part of the system we have control rather than being controlled, if 20% of men all went MGTOW it would cause massive ramifications with economies.
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    Poll: Re: rating women's looks -- I'm curious

    I have it a 1 and that was 1 to much.
  16. Re: Women gets 75k + her insurance payout as she records herself crying about her father's death.

    Please don’t think I’m defending her, but she knows exactly what she is doing, the people who donated to her need a word with them selves.
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    Re: Sexually placing women

    Women has sex toys she is seen as a strong independent woman 🤣
    Man has toys and he is seen as a looser weirdo pervert
  18. Thread: Joke Time

    by Encrypted587

    Re: Joke Time

    Q what is the difference between a penis and a bonus?

    A your wife will always blow your bonus.
  19. Re: Wake-Up to Makeup: How women use 'false advertising' to trick men

    There was a old saying and that was take your first date swimming lol ��
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    Re: Calling all traders / investors

    I was thinking we could use a voice and the ability to share screenshots if necessary, just a idea
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    Calling all traders / investors

    Hi guys, not sure how many of you here are active in the markets, but would of you be interested in building a small team on a separate platform to chat and exchange trading ideas like trends, news...
  22. Re: What's the worst excuse you heard someone make to abolish females of accountability/responsibility?

    A friend of mine, his GF is earning way more than him but he pays for everything, so I said common get a grip you canít pay for everything, and he said well some one has to look after her, I think...
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    Re: How to treat my simp brother?

    Never fails me what men do for women itís actually scary, and how men are so blind to it as well
  24. Re: I finally reach the point where I truly do no care about women anymore

    Agreed I just see them all as a royal pain in the ass.
  25. Re: New Crisis! Woman plunges HEAD FIRST into filthy national forest vault toilet after dropping her phone and using dog leash as harness to lower herself in to retrieve it

    Hahah all ways time for the obligatory selfie
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