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  1. Re: Who the fuck in their right mind wants to live with a woman?

    I would never ever live with a woman. Too much chaos.
  2. Re: Got played hard for the last time. Part 2

    Remember this. Women are NEVER EVER wrong. They have no accountability. There will always be some simp to defend her.

    My ex wife lied in court. My retard of an attorney was probably getting blown...
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    Re: MGK wives up Ho Megan Fox

    MGK does have kids. He has a daughter.
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    Re: Does anyone regret GYOW?

    I never regret it. I've been through it all. Women WILL turn on you in your weakest time then have others gaslight you.

    Kids? They'll turn on you and everyone will believe them.

    Now I stay...
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    Re: Is my dad a Beta male?

    Why do men back other men into a corner with this Alpha/ beta shit? It's the reason why women play mind games.

    Nobody is 100% Alpha or Beta all the time. There are some things you excel at but...
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    Re: Single Men Are Sick Bastards

    I am way happier by myself than being around women. It's peace and quiet. No reporting to headquarters (her) if I want to do something. No nagging and being told how wrong I am. If I just want to...
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    MGK wives up Ho Megan Fox

    She left her loving husband for a bad boy rapper who's biggest claim to fame is being verbally buried by Eminem.

    I can believe he is that nuts to try to turn a ho into a housewife. ...
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    Re: Women charged with throwing glitter

    A buddy of mine had a female stalker that use to strip naked in front of his window. Women are crazy and that's why I avoid them.
  9. Re: What's the best way to decline a blind date request at work?

    Why did you even entertain her with the possibility? I would've just said "I don't mix business with pleasure and Im not interested " and walked away.
  10. Re: One of my best decisions was to dump Tik Tok

    I don't understand the obsession with social media. I see a few short videos on YouTube of TikTok and it's freaking retarded.

    I literally feel my brain cells turning to shit any time I deal with...
  11. Thread: F.O.G.


    Re: F.O.G.

    I would've told them both to kiss the fattest part of my ass.
  12. Re: I'm not supposed to get crushes on women anymore

    It's a chemical reaction in the brain. You need post nut clarity. You are letting your lust for her effect you.
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    Women charged with throwing glitter

    They don't care. Look at their smiling mug shots.
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    Re: Oh this is a good one.

    Stay far away. You should've hung up on her then blocked her. Do not get involved. I have had people shit testing me about my faith in the Lord but I just ignore them. Please stay away.
  15. Re: Why Men Don't Approach YOU! Woman "finally" Understands Why Men Stop Giving AF...

    Everything is about kissing her ass. Notice how everything is about her. All those things you mentioned remind me of the so called Alpha Mgtow YouTube guys. All they talk about is getting money and a...
  16. Re: Why Men Don't Approach YOU! Woman "finally" Understands Why Men Stop Giving AF...

    I stopped approaching because I stopped caring about them. They never brought me any joy or happiness. The only thing they offer most men is a used up twat. I don't care about sex anymore anyway. I...
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    Re: Why I Don't Want to be in a Relationship

    I'm happier without them. At my age, I don't need anymore of their shit. My signature line says it best.
  18. Re: Considering a FWB? Check yourself, Before you wreck yourself

    FWB is too much trouble. I'm totally done with women.
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    Re: Tinder profile

    Im pissing myself laughing.
  20. Re: Judge Orders Single Rich Mother To Pay Child Support To Ex Husband (HAHAHA)

    They don't like when equality is done back to them. She got off very easy. Its just chump change she has to pay.
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    Re: Happy New Year 2022

    Happy New Year!!

    I got to drunk and blacked out.
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    Re: Christmas 2021

    Merry Christmas!!

    Can you believe it's been 5 years since I 1st joined here? Wow.

    I will be cooking and eating leftovers for a week. Peace and quiet.
  23. Re: Got played hard for the last time. Part 2

    Welcome. My divorce was beyond brutal. She literally lied about everything and was believed. It was so bad that she was caught in lies but of course nothing happened to her. My entire life was ruined...
  24. Re: Reaching out for help (Quitting Smoking)

    Gradual withdrawal sounds like torture.
  25. Re: Reaching out for help (Quitting Smoking)

    That never made any sense to me. Put someone on nicotine to get off nicotine? No thanks. Im trying to get rid of it permanently.
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