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    Re: Geeks + Gamers and G4 Drama

    All I saw was some bitter, man-hating lesbian go ham on the channel's audience for finding Olivia Munn attractive.
  2. Re: Is "slut shaming" a heterosexual female cartel tactic to reduce intrasexual competition?

    Slut shaming? They're all on LonelyFans now with zero fucks given. Men are now routinely derided as abusive, regressive incels for not wanting to share their beau with a queue of simps paying $5 a...
  3. Re: SATIRE - Feminist Church Debuts Anti-Manspreading Pews

    But-but-but the pews also won't be able to accomodate the size of plus-size, rotund warriors! Missogginee boddee standuhds REEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
  4. Re: I feel as though I wasn't supposed to figure any of the Red Pill Out

    It was discovering women dating up,not down - and the horrible, rude, arrogant attitude of the women on POF, Tinder, OKC etc - an attitude WAY beyond what they had to offer themselves - wanting such...
  5. Re: How many women migrated from dating websites to sugaring and onlyfans?

    There's been a huge rise in women on onlyfans and other 'give me your money, you pathetic simps' websites since the pandemic hit.

    You can't get a guy to take you out as a foodie call or get a simp...
  6. Re: Why Men Don't Want To Marry You - MGTOW Proof

    And when the video finally cuts back to the woman who asked the question in the first place, she goes straight into 'Who hurt you?' NAWALT mode, shaming the men as bitter - despite being given a ton...
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    Re: New California Law - Spousal Rape

    So if the condom slips off, it's a sex crime - but if a woman knowingly lies about being on the pill, it isn't?
  8. Re: The latest asinine thing feminists are saying about rape

    Feminists: "Feminism is about women and men both being equal."

    Also feminists: "When a woman has a drink, the alcohol loosens their inhibtions and totally robs them of their ability to make...
  9. Re: The latest asinine thing feminists are saying about rape

    EDIT: Should have quoted the post I was replying to.
  10. Re: The latest asinine thing feminists are saying about rape

    I would love - LOVE the feminists who proclaim this to walk into a support group for genuine rape survivors and wave their placards and slogans around. They'd be in the back of an ambulance within a...
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    Re: Entitlement

    The percentage of men who are 6'2" earning 100k? Add to that handsome face, square jaw, muscular physique, full head of hair, intelligent, funny, big schlong.......the average fat, tattooed,...
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    Re: "I still value you as a good friend"

    Translation: "I'm not giving you the job, but I'm happy to keep you as an unpaid intern."

    If a man and woman truly are friends, then that would be a line that they never cross, so that...
  13. Re: dumbest things feminists say: "He's old enough to be her father."

    Yet feminists remain silent about things like Ghislaine Maxwell, Twilight Moms: middle aged women going to the cinema to flick their beans to an underage Taylor Lautner, or Jenny McCarthy molesting a...
  14. Re: YouTube removed dislikes because the redpill mansophere is growing and they need to hide real public feedback and data.

    Jeez, the reaction to the Gillette "MEN ARE BAD" advert really got to them, didn't it?
  15. Re: Sarah Jessica Parker thinks lack of interest in her new show is "misogyny"

    It was a show made for a female audience. The only people with a lack of interest in the new season are the same women who used to watch the original show - men never watched it in the first place....
  16. Re: How Am I Supposed To Like Humanity After Doing This Experiment

    Go onto google/youtube and type "tinder child rape experiment" into the search bar. That will open your eyes. Guy Chadfishes on Tinder with an admission of child molestation in his bio. Women...
  17. Re: Men need to “shut up and listen” to women . . . Benedict Cumberbatch has said.

    Ah yes, being lectured on how to be a man by Hollywood actors when half of Hollywood have been linked to visits to Jeffrey Epstein's child-rape island.

    I think I'll take Hollywood's moralistic...
  18. Re: Feminists bit their allies heads off -- now abortion might be outlawed

    This. Feminists want all men to fuck off. When men take them up on their advice and fuck off as advised, they ramp up the man-hatred tenfold. You can't tell somebody to fuck off if they're not there,...
  19. Re: Her: “I’m not looking for dating just casual…”. What is she really saying?

    "I'm looking to sleep with as many men as possible and then ditch them all for the richest one."
  20. Re: "Childish men are to blame for women having kids late in life" - -Time to "Man Up" guys!!

    Wow, it's almost as if men with half a brain are seeing how women behave during their child bearing years and deciding not to sire offspring with them! I'm shocked, I tell you! SHOCKED!
  21. Re: "Childish men are to blame for women having kids late in life" - -Time to "Man Up" guys!!

    Women feel entitled to men's sperm and 18 years of child support payments - before they've even met him.

    Men are selfish and childish.

    Pick one, ladies.
  22. Re: Do shows like "You" reinforce the stereotype of the creepy dude?

    TV shows have always reinforced the creepy guy stereotype. Look at the 'Teen comedy' TV shows where there is always one Screech-type character whose sole purpose is to be treated like shit by the...
  23. Re: New Crisis! "Hogging" Is A Horrifying Sex Competition That Some Fraternities Engage In, And People Are Finally Talking About It

    I've always had a primal attraction to bigger women, the huge tits and asses ignite the inner Sir Mix-A-Lot in me!
  24. Re: New Crisis! "Hogging" Is A Horrifying Sex Competition That Some Fraternities Engage In, And People Are Finally Talking About It

    That's just cruel, using somebody under false pretences in order to humiliate them is disgusting.
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    Re: Lesbians Being Trans-phobic

    Trans woman: "You're a woman, right?"

    Lesbian: "Yes I am."

    Trans woman: "So, you're attracted to women, right?"

    Lesbian: "Yes I am."

    Trans woman: "Well I'M a woman, so let me put my penis...
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