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  1. Re: What can be done to be immune to black pill thinking?

    Nothing is permanent, which raises the prospect that for every single human being, there WILL, more or less, be some type of suffering. All of us are going to get sick, grow old and eventually die....
  2. Re: Really feeling comfortable here now.

    I'll raise a glass to that brother, Amen! Also, good to see you're still on here after all this time.
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    Re: Should I work?

    Yeah, get a part time job and put that money into some kind of index fund. If you don't want to work long term, think about stocks and investments which will give a nice income/cushion. Savings don't...
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    Re: Is sex all that great??

    Its not something to deny for starters. Sexual lust is insurmountable for a lot of people, us MGTOWs included. Hell, even the Buddha said that sexual desire is the strongest energy we experience. In...
  5. Re: Do shows like "You" reinforce the stereotype of the creepy dude?

    Never seen the show, but a murderer being obsessed with the woman may be appealing. In some women's minds, being obsessively chased would mean they are highly desirable.

    Not only this, the guy is...
  6. Re: My Bitch Cousin Sent Me A Wedding Invite In The Mail

    Hate weddings. I try to keep away from them; my parents usually end up going whilst me and my brother stay out of the way. I got one coming up in October however that is pretty close, and my parents...
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    Re: Dr. Dre divorce settlement

    So glad this site is still here. Nothing new but, not even being a billionaire is enough for these blood-suckers nowadays. She is probably leaving because she doesn't want to become the "nanny" of...
  8. Re: Male leaders and the women in their lives

    You're right about that. I google searched and, on average, narcissism has increased in college aged student surveys. I guess none of this is anything new. Armageddon it is.
  9. Male leaders and the women in their lives

    I'm not sure how to word this post and I'm sure its been discussed before, but its only just occurred to me that the very male leaders we bash for the policies they make have women in their lives as...
  10. Re: New Badboy Genre: My Antifa Lover: A Riot of the Heart: Steamy Romance Against Fascism

    The reviews on goodreads are a ball of laughs. My favourite one is:

    "Have you ever had your friends jokingly-but-not-really tell you to do something thatís so egregiously ridiculous that youíre...
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    Re: Happy new year

    Jeez, time does flyby. Its been exactly 6 years to the day since I joined (3-1-2015). Happy New Year MGTOWFOREVER and the rest of you guys, keep that gyow flag raised high.
  12. Re: Article that mentions MGTOW as the reason women aren't marrying

    This description right here is spot on. As I approach my mid-thirties, there is simply no way that I'm going to waste time and money on a thot in any shape or form. The monies are best spent on video...
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    Re: MGTOW: The impact.

    It doesn't matter if there isn't much activity on here. As long as we're not conceited and avoid arrogance in our approach, its good practice to be a MGTOW.

    It will always, however, concern me...
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    Re: Her money pile. Forever NOT growing

    This reminds me of the #ThotAudit hashtag which was trending about 2 years ago. Boy, did some of those women have to cough up taxes. Needless to say many of them were extremely butthurt about the...
  15. Re: I want a man who doesn't take himself too seriously.

    Yeah, she probably saying "have a sense of humour for my neurotically serious mental health problems sucker. Bow down and be my subordinate". She just wants you to be the collateral (damage) for her...
  16. Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: Hypergamy

    What an excellent breakdown of hypergamy, especially that last part from the Atlantic. The women are free to play the game how they see fit. I've long resigned myself to spectating the shit-show from...
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    Re: Living the Dream

    Ohhh... about the vitamin D. I was reading on reddit about this guy who supplemented with vitamins to boost his low testosterone levels. The normal range is between 300-1200 for testosterone and this...
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    Re: Why do we post?

    Yep, I agree with you; our freedom of speech is under attack and the difference I'm making may be minuscule. But if I stand for nothing I'll fall for anything. I've seen the truth of the gynocracy...
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    Re: Why do we post?

    Well, we post to communicate our thoughts and experiences to anybody that will read it. It is a way of getting our "voices" heard. The purpose of our MGTOW musings is to forewarn males about the...
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    Re: Intro requirements

    Yeah, I agree with frog. Some of them are genuine, they do need a space to air their problems. How of many us here are anonymous? Feminists can go parading their bullshit in plain site and we have to...
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    Re: The Herbivore Man

    From what I know of nutrition, the term is ironic in a sense. Humans were built to eat mostly fruits, vegetables and starches. Look at gorillas, their diet is mainly shoots and fruits (with some...
  22. Re: Nation's Progressives Give Thanks That They Have So Much To Be Angry About This Year

    But wut about muh feelz! I WAS BORN BETWEEN PISS AND SHIT! Oh, wait...
  23. Re: Reddit Unpopular Opinion: "Young men opting out of society to play video games and focus on their hobbies are ... acting completely reasonable"

    YO! Chukhed, wassup! Haven't seen you on here for ages. That signature definitely sticks in the memory. Glad you liked that reddit post, there is definitely a bunch of red pills there.

    Good to see...
  24. Re: Reddit Unpopular Opinion: "Young men opting out of society to play video games and focus on their hobbies are ... acting completely reasonable"

    Well, knowing what we know and given the paradigm's of today, marriage has become a fools game, especially for men obviously. Just for some stinky entitled vagina's special day. For us, this seems...
  25. Reddit Unpopular Opinion: "Young men opting out of society to play video games and focus on their hobbies are ... acting completely reasonable"

    The OP of that thread then goes on to list a bunch of articles (which most of us know...
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