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  1. Re: MGTOW ideology, deemed and dubbed Terrorism.

    It’s a slippery slope between lumping us in the same category as angry incels, MRAs and PUAs, and then throwing the “terror” label on all of it. It’s blatantly 1984 Orwellian thought crime. We’re all...
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    Re: Women charged with throwing glitter

    You’re not even safe in your homes… They’ll hunt you down, they’ll climb over fences, scale walls, hang from the ceiling with their claws and stalk you at night, waiting for the opportunity to strike...
  3. Re: Prince Andrew MeTooed? Prince Andrew Loses Bid To Dismiss Pedo Lawsuit

    Wether it’s all true or all bullshit the only reason this lawsuit gets the go ahead is because women are always right, women have all the power and women are always the victims, no matter the...
  4. Re: Imagine how entertaining this decade is going to be.

    I think this decade will show peak wokeness, peak depression, peak ignorance and peak general “weakness” from the majority of people at some point. I have to believe in my heart that it will bounce...
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    Re: Why I Don't Want to be in a Relationship

    “Unless I’m mistaken, most of you are in the same boat – not limitless beings with unbounded potential to actualize all possibilities, but humble humans with limited time, energy, and attention. You...
  6. Re: The Man Cave/ Game Room/ Home Theater LED Basement Of The Future (MUST SEE)

    Very cool! Love that blue lighting sci-fi ascetic. But part of me still winces at the mention of the “Man Cave”. I mean it’s probably practical to have something like this in a basement but still I...
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    The way most society is heading is kind of scary and something I find absolutely infuriating every day. The ones in charge of policy and general decision making at the top of government, corporations...
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    Re: Mommy Issues

    That need for female attention and companionship is strong in some men that’s for sure, stronger than the desire for just sex with them, otherwise the itch would be scratched and done with by a pro...
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    Re: Don't Be Like This Guy

    Exactly, never do the chasing, be the best you can be and they will find you (if you want them to that is). I don’t really know how any guy could put serious energy into the chase anymore, red pill...
  10. Re: Anybody here into philosophical pessimism?

    I do like a bit of philosophy Hedon hell yeah!

    Hmm well I’d consider myself somewhat nihilistic, I believe that inherently there is no point to what we do or think other than what we make up in...
  11. Re: I feel as though I wasn't supposed to figure any of the Red Pill Out

    All conditioning from media, from family and from friends hides the truth of things before our very eyes. No one wants to acknowledge the fact that men these days are shat on constantly as disposable...
  12. Re: Got triggered yesteday (Snowflake post incoming)

    Hope you’re doing okay ScrewJita my man. It’s a bloody crazy world out there dealing with women’s self made soft serve shit show sometimes. I myself often find social media and any other media really...
  13. Re: Hilarious: Men and Women are equal! Until a transwoman starts competing against them in sports.

    It’s an amazing time we live in when physical, provable, biological differences between sexes are ignored over “feelings”. I “feel” like something, therefore I am and you better damn well respect my...
  14. Re: Old movies, the 70's-era plantation, and Bigfoot.

    Oh man exactly! In my last cohabitation too I heard these exact same kinds of complaints. If we weren’t out of the house doing something that cost lots of money then that was boring. There are so...
  15. Re: Rookie female cop gives her Lt. a lap dance, says if she were a man this wouldn't have been a big deal?!

    Spot on mate! Never in history has this fact been more overtly evident than nowadays. Needy, attention seeking, screaming, tantrum throwing children. And why? Because there are absolutely no...
  16. Re: New Boyfriend Needed! Maybe You? Police arrest woman who allegedly killed boyfriend with sword after taking meth on Christmas Eve

    This dude wasn’t too sharp to be with such a crazy like her. I guess he really should’ve cut it all off before this happened. Such a shame that their little slice of heaven was ruined by drugs…
  17. Re: The worst kind of girl you can fall for is the innocent looking one.

    Hitting the nail on the head right there yes! Different faces, different approaches, different clothes, different voices but all exactly the bloody same games. From the experience I’ve had with “good...
  18. Re: 'The world's best place to be a woman' is being sued for misogyny

    Wow these are some wild claims. Amazing how you can claim up to 40% of women have experienced some kind of sex violence or rape or whatever, and they’ll always be right, 100% of the time don’t you...
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    Re: Remember girlsdoporn?

    These crazy women… just when you think they couldn’t get more crazy and do more backflips and get even more power over any and all men you get a story like this. Girl does porn one day, regrets it...
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    Re: Ex pregnant

    Good luck mate is all I can say, sounds like a mess, but theses messes are all too common sadly. I’m not exactly qualified to comment on raising kids but I think you’re 100% right in saying that...
  21. Re: The new female ascendency, How will society be changed by the over-production of female graduates?

    It will serve nothing but to alienate the male and female from each other even more so than now. For example a man in the majority of cases decides to make it on his own without a degree and focus on...
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    Re: Dude mows people's lawns

    There’s a property a couple of streets away from me that’s getting this way also and would you believe it two women live there. No idea if they’re lesbian or not or just sisters, regardless, they’re...
  23. Re: YouTube removed dislikes because the redpill mansophere is growing and they need to hide real public feedback and data.

    YouTube removing the dislike button is them blatantly spitting in the face of all its users. It’s telling users that they’re not allowed to have an opinion that doesn’t match theirs, not allowed to...
  24. Re: Since no desire for chasing women how much porn do you watch? Porn addict?

    Yeah I totally agree with you that Porn is a better alternative than gambling with a woman that could give you a nasty itch, accuse you of wrong doing or literally do anything at all to you with no...
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    Re: Wife buys clothes for husband

    Many times they're dressing up their man as a simple accessory to their own outfit. Its treating men as children or toys when women dress them the way they choose. If you opt out of choosing what to...
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