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  1. Re: Imagine how entertaining this decade is going to be.

    I've given the topic (not the tooth) some thought. It's impossible to predict the future of course. As I see it clown world will consolidate deeper. I think the segregation between the sexes will...
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    Re: What even is marriage?

    Wall of txt. warning. Sorry I can't make a tl;dr on this one

    This is a question I've been given a lot of thought about. My answer, riddled with personal bias and assumptions, is marriage is...
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    Re: Hereís how bad the economy is:

    Hahahaha! You had me going for a second, OP. Awesome post.
  4. Re: The inner fight between Red and Blue pills

    As I see it, you're still burning the last cinders of your red pill rage, OP. That's perfectly normal and nothing wrong with.
    As for your question "how to stop caring?" All I can say is why should...
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    Re: Geeks + Gamers and G4 Drama

    Yeah, I really like their channels (G&G, RP Outpost, Nerdrotic and the Critical Drinker). They fully RP-ed me regarding the Clown World in entertainment.
    Regarding marriage and relationships with...
  6. Re: MGTOW ideology, deemed and dubbed Terrorism.

    Can't say I'm surprised. Our "beloved" overlords must know that society needs men but not the other way around. I see this as a sign that MGTOW is gaining ground. The "incel, you just can't get laid"...
  7. Re: I forgot I didn't have alimony and child support, so I bought a useless toy

    Are those replica coins from the JW movie? Either way: I love them! Amazing purchase you made, OP!
  8. Re: How is the Gillette/Proctor & Gamble boycott doing in your neck of the woods?

    I'm living in the EU, brother. I'm afraid we don't have your mentioned shops. I also forgot to mention genetics dealt me a very sensitive skin. I know I'm sounding like a bitch now. But it's the...
  9. Re: How is the Gillette/Proctor & Gamble boycott doing in your neck of the woods?

    Regarding Gilette I must confess I'm a traitor. I have tried to join the boycot but other razors were pure hell for me. Either I ripped off my own skin or they didn't shave at all. Growing a beard...
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    Re: I saved myself from a hate-crime.

    Sensible thing you did, OP. You never know what diseases it carried.
  11. Re: Are blue-pilled married men aware of their situation?

    In my case: I wasn't aware. Like I wrote in my intro: Red came too late for me. When I got Red shoved up my ass I was in shock. And indeed had all the stages: denial, rage, bargaining, grief and...
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    Re: Are you fucked in this instance?

    I think it depends which country you're talking about, OP. In sane countries, like Switzerland you're not welcome if you don't have anything to offer to the country. The only 3 reasons you're allowed...
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    Re: MGTOW. Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

    This is a long going debate, OP. As i see it I think I'm in "the middle" of both sides. Seeing it from a medical POV there are 3 "levels" of abortion.
    1 is when a pregnancy threatens the life of a...
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    Re: WarChief - 7 day ban

    Yeah, those posts were awful. Because that's exactly what the Cathedral wants us to do: turn against each other. The "us vs them" is a thing which even still penetrates the manosphere. It's the...
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    Re: Jackoff Self-Ban Request

    Hate to see you leave, brother. But I hope you walk your path with peace. Thanks for the awesome posts.
  16. Re: Dating apps are basically brothels with extra steps.

    I think "dating apps" are in fact brothels for females. I'd advice against wasting your time there as a man. If you are so dying to have a female body present with your 30 seconds, just go to a real...
  17. Re: New Boyfriend Needed! Maybe You? Police arrest woman who allegedly killed boyfriend with sword after taking meth on Christmas Eve

    Maybe me as a new BF? Thanks for the tip, OP. I'm highly interested in her and am thinking about that. I'll be very quick in my decision process this time and do my utmost best to give you an answer...
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    Re: How to help blue-pill mates

    OP, one thing I've learned in my life is lots, if not most people don't want to be helped. In some cases offering unwanted help can actually be very dangerous. I think everyone needs their own...
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    Re: Entitlement

    Can't we start to push for 6.3 please? Because I still qualify by 2 mm with the common standard....
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    Re: What A Circus It Is

    I'm afraid I don't have a short, simple answer for this, OP. Wall of txt warning.

    Your "misogyny" will subside, OP. It's part of the RP rage and is perfectly normal. It's a projection of the rage...
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    Re: Work Opinions Requested

    My advices
    1 your co-workers are never to rarely your friends. Don't shun them but keep convo's as much as possible only related to work. And casual conversations? Keep them shallow. Like talking...
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    Re: Itís hard, and Iím wobbling.

    I have seen lung Covid, OP. And in that perspective my advice is an intensive rehabilitation program. That's the best treatment I've seen thus far. With that program I also recommend psychological...
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    Re: Has Anyone Gotten COVID Yet Here?

    Could be something with your stomach or esophagus, OP. Reflux, gastritis/ ulcer or esophagus spasms. The way you're describing it, doesn't make me think about your respiratory tract at all. Because...
  24. Thread: Vulgmarx

    by RedPilledSimp

    Re: Vulgmarx

    "I'm dreaming of a white Gulag"
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    Re: So I think I figured something out

    As I see it, women aren't "creatures of satan" or BS like that. It's just nature. And nature isn't "good nor evil." IMO women only have one thing to bring to the table: their V. That's it. And...
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