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    Re: Hey Everyone

    Come now, there is hardly anything lucky about being kissed by some girl or other.

    The right pessimism is that borne from success, not failure -- and though you say you will never put any women...
  2. Re: Wite knights gotta white knight - beta fool

    Her mother and sister have charmingly opted to accept the circumstances and make money out of it:

    "It's my story about smuggling cocaine, mine!!" Guess you must have something to be proud of!
  3. Re: Who in hell pays for this "consultation?"

    These are offered on Fiverr, a website where you can pay for many services, usually starting at 5 US dollars (a "fiver"). Truly great if you need some graphic design done for instance: just find a...
  4. Re: "Childish men are to blame for women having kids late in life" - -Time to "Man Up" guys!!

    The first example is most notable to me, as the other two simply failed to find a man, which is likely entirely their own fault. But Kate, who has "everything going for her" (including a soul-killing...
  5. "Women are using Tinder to con men into doing chores"

    There is something very sinister about this: the way in which she does not at all appear to care, and thinks it...
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    Re: "A letter to my wife"

    I used to have one trump-card; the only thing that really upset my mother. Whenever something regarding finances was being discussed, or property, I'd say "It's not really yours is it; where would...
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    Re: My old girlfriend died. :(

    Your grief over her death is painful and I don't have any soothing words, but I think your grief if you had impregnated her and settled down and she lived still would be far greater and more...
  8. Re: To the Women Over 40 and the 20-Somethings Who Write About Them

    Younger women (students) that I know are very scared of growing up; at 20 already they start to start to rationalize why it must be great to be 40. It's been done forever: just look at this poem from...
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    Re: So much bullshit to get a chick

    The point to many older pick-up artists was that the men enjoyed the game in-and-of-itself; they found the chase exciting, it amused them, it was enough on its own. If you do not enjoy it -- and it...
  10. Re: I wish my Husband were the Love of my Life

    It is almost shocking that this article is real, and once I have gotten over the initial dismay I may respond in more detail. Man, this truly would be a believable parody wouldn't it, wow
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    Re: Youtube or Metube?

    It is an issue that many Youtubers have great thoughts but lack the eloquence and preparation to get the thoughts across well. If they had taken an hour to convert their thought into a...
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    Re: State of young men in America

    The title of Fitzgerald's short story collection All the Sad Young Men just about nails it doesn't it!
  13. Re: ROK talks about why you shouldn't be freinds with women.

    I'd first have to find amiable women who would be good friends -- a very difficult task to begin with!
  14. Re: So what do I call myself now? Ghost?

    You call yourself a free man, and do what you want to. Don't be too distracted by finding a coherent life philosophy... most men hasten to find one, subscribe to the common one and find only despair...
  15. Re: Get that boxed wine ready - Hilarious cat lady story

    What I find most notable is the comparison to Susan Boyle (who I had never heard of and had to google). It is a common trait of people who know they are in a bad situation to look for famous people...
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    Re: White Women are so Pathetic

    When a newspaper runs an article describing a new album of popular music of a sign that "there is a God" standards have sure flown out of the window. It is indeed deeply pathetic to see this: "The...
  17. Re: *sigh* - Anyone else seen this bollocks? "What women desperately want from men"

    The first problem with this article is the photo that accompanies it. When Vidal stated "If most men and women were forced to rely upon physical charm to attract lovers, their sexual lives would be...
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    Re: What would you do?

    He says everybody is a loser, but is that so? The question is, did the wife really lose? I do not know myself -- maybe she just did it, and never thought about what could happen; there is also the...
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    Re: Taking a vacation

    Breaks are always a fine idea: you need to see things afresh sometimes. Hopefully you'll return less worried about what's going on around you: it's not worth it, I think. Good luck and have fun!
  20. Re: Ask Me Anything! -- Live From Medellin, it's BeijaFlor

    Very interesting thread and concept. There is a passage of Ruskin that always influences me in this regard:

    Beija, what do you like?

    Who are your favorite authors?

    Which men and women...
  21. Re: Beta male shaming tactic making the rounds on the internet

    He shows an extreme eagerness to display how 'masculine' he is -- of course this comes very naturally to most men, who are not particularly worried with whether something looks masculine or not. "I'm...
  22. Re: New Box Office Hit Zootopia - SJW propaganda or introspective novelty?

    It is very funny to see adult ideologues praise or blame or a children's movie based on whether the political ideas expressed are cosher -- ideas which go over the heads of children, who are enticed...
  23. Re: The Guardian discovers the red pill - and loses itself in feminist drivel

    A very poorly written article, with many ineffective generalizations. The tone is very condescending, sounding like a schoolboy angrily reporting a bully to his teacher. I would, though, hardly...
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    Re: The Culture of Degeneracy

    The American fascination with the figure of the gangster was the subject of Robert Warshow's brief but famous essay The Gangster as Tragic Hero, who did indeed find a certain love of violence for its...
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    Re: The "Ghosts" of Christmas

    I sympathize with your story, wonderfully told. John Clare had it right in his poem on Christmas:

    Thou day of happy sound and mirth
    That long wi childish memory stays
    How blest around the...
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