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  1. Thread: Ban Me

    by Demosthenes

    Ban Me

    Ban requested...
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    Re: The “One-itis” is Creeping Back

    Yep. She's not 'yours', it's just your turn.

    And most women are usually looking for the next guy to whom she can give a turn, and/or as a plan B for when she bails on her current relationship.
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    Re: The “One-itis” is Creeping Back

    And happily ever after all depends on where you stop the story.

    Real life keeps going on.

    Stories get to stop where the writer/editor/director/publisher/producer wish them to.

    Happily ever...
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    Re: The “One-itis” is Creeping Back


    a bit of the nightmare of a relation$hit and the consequences of thinking 'she is the one'...

    She's not special. Someone else is already tired of her shit. She's likely tired of her...
  5. Re: More Videos "I'm not a feminist anymore" are appearing on YT

    Feminist Women claiming not to be a Feminist:

    I am no longer claiming to be a feminist because I want a husband and children even though I know that my claim means absolutely nothing. Should I...
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    Re: "The life of the Modern Western Woman"

    Too bad the video could have easily been 2 minutes if we had not been inundated with all the 'watch me draw this stuff' bullshit going on and that annoying music.

    ...scroll the bar to see the...
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    Re: "The life of the Modern Western Woman"

    How about embedding. And maybe even more of an actual discussion and your own impressions, given not everyone wants to devote however much time to watching yet another video...

    Not everyone has...
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    Re: Heard of "Date Night"?

    Whatever. If that's what you believe, more power to you. I've actually seen it decline, and become less common, not more...but again...whatever. It's not like your opinion or mine matters.
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    Re: Ford hearing

    This man is not an activist judge willing to upend constitutional civil liberties and he is considered hard right.

    The left wanted Merrick Garland, in part,because of his stance on the second...
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    Re: Heard of "Date Night"?

    Term has been around for decades...
  11. Re: Coach red pill on YT spreading lies for feminists

    This is just another dumb ass who thinks he can define and frame the individual choices of other men.

    If one's choices are based on being trendy, or being part of a perceived fad, or those choices...
  12. Re: Longtime monkMGHOW, ReTesting the Affection of Women

    They stole, but there was another willing participant there.

    You gave your trust and your loyalty to one or more who were unworthy. You invested in them in a way that compromised yourself.
  13. Re: Femanazi shaming making the rounds on the net lately

    Captor: Why are the hostages fearful and why do they not love me for all I have done for them? I have protected them, and kept them alive!

    Rabid Dog: Why are these humans so upset with me growling...
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    Re: Kavanaugh/Ford


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    Re: Clementine Ford (sigh)

    Toxic Masculinity = Feminism

    Feminism = masculinized females not understanding what it is to be feminine

    Feminism = feminized males who have been taught to be ashamed for being male
  16. Re: if you don't spend £100 on date then you 'hate women'

    If you don't do something (for XX group), then you hate them.

    It's the lowest and most childish of manipulations.

    It's a total shut down for having any conversation. Accusations of hatred and...
  17. Re: You have to at least respect the honest ones.

    No. I don't have to 'at least' respect the honest ones.

    Respect is earned and not bestowed.

    Simply because...
  18. Re: Marraige Is Over For Men, But Women Still Want It

    The Bride's parents paid in the past. Of course, that meant, in the past, the Bride's father invested in the wedding and a dowry, in order that the young man marrying his daughter would have a decent...
  19. Re: Feminism: "He Asked Permission to Touch, But Not to Ghost"

    Feminism is about ensuring female superiority, and then forcing everyone to call that superiority 'equality'. If women can't gain anything specific, they are still willing to try to take something...
  20. Re: Feminism: "He Asked Permission to Touch, But Not to Ghost"

    That sentiment kinda reminds me of this:

    The look on his face...
  21. Re: Women's worst nightmare comes to North America!

    The rape they complain about is the rape of manipulative control 'from women' when men decide not to bother trying to be with women, not giving women attention, or giving women governmental...
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    Re: The kids are alright

    The kids aren't alright.
  23. Re: Marraige Is Over For Men, But Women Still Want It

    Marriage...One and done. And it has been eye opening and amusing to see how many women get upset that a man who has married once, is not willing to risk it again.

    And they absolutely hate the...
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    Re: "We must always protect our women"

    As long as women set the rules and they demand X, Y and Z, it's fine. As soon as a man makes the same decision - no one on one meetings due to the potential for false allegations, he's a problem.
  25. Re: Fake domestic abuse charge live on reality TV

    Her behavior is that of a child.

    She's no better than a lying attention seeking little girl who tells mommy and daddy that her brother looked at her funny and to make him stop, except she's in an...
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