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    Re: Boyscouts of America files for bankruptcy

    They demand safe spaces but deny men their own spaces. The only recourse is to walk away completely and don't answer the demands to come back. We have left and we will never come back.
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    Re: Male Contraceptives and MGTOW

    I would tread very carefully in the area of male contraceptives. Abstinence or paper-trail of recurring tests that show your vasectomy is still effective are your best bets, and even these are...
  3. Thread: Why do we post?

    by Boar

    Re: Why do we post?

    I post because I am going my own way and anyone pursuing personal sovereignty in this world is going to be at odds with a hostile system. It is good to learn how others deal with these interactions...
  4. Re: Proposed Alabama law requires men undergo vasectomy at age 50

    Feminists: Load shotgun, aim at foot, pull trigger.

    If a man has a vasectomy, then it reduces (not eliminates) his potential to be hit with child support. The last thing the system wants is any...
  5. Re: Suspicious partners are using DNA 'infidelity' tests to find out if their loved ones are cheating

    It is safer, cheaper, easier and more reliable to not trust these days.
  6. Re: ‘Stashing’ Is the Latest Dating Trend That’s Honestly Worse Than Ghosting

    If you swap the genders and replace 'stashing' with 'orbiting,' you would have the female modus operandi. I guess they do not like the shoe on the other foot. But, at the same time, I doubt any of...
  7. Re: DA Says Couple Accused of Drugging and Raping Up to 1,000 Women Did No Such Thing—Ex-DA Made it All Up

    At this rate, the domestic violence industry will run out of Chads in no time. /sarc
  8. Re: Businessman says he burned $1M in cash to avoid paying ex-wife child support

    Notice what he didn't burn? The suit he got married in? The wedding pictures? The priceless family heirlooms? No, he burned what really mattered to HER.

    I foresee more men going totally...
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    Re: Woman wants her vote back !!

    But they do the same with their wedding vows all the time!!!! /sarc
  10. Re: 5 Ways to Stop Divorce from Wrecking Your Retirement

    If divorce is so bewildering to whimyn, then why do they overwhelmingly ask for it? They have done the math and they know the cash and prizes that await. It is not that they do not have access to...
  11. Re: Fallon Fox's Right to Beat Up Women for Money Is, for Some Democrat Intellectuals, the Most Sacred Issue

    It is not about violence towards whimyn. It is all about the loss of victimhood. They can no longer use gender as an excuse for competitive outcomes. And that bothers them.
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    Re: What a woman wants

    The problem is that they get what they want and it makes them miserable. They wanted equality, they got it and then some. They wanted sexual liberation, they got that and then some. They wanted to...
  13. Re: U.S. Supreme Court rejects woman's appeal in teen texting suicide case

    Next she will get a full ride to an elite university to major in education. In 6 years she will be in the news again for killing her teenage male students en masse. By that time, killing a male...
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    Re: r/MGTOW is a dumpster fire

    It is ironic that in the age of 'social' media that people are more isolated and lonely than ever before. We are living in a time of new currency: connection. Those that can control the supply,...
  15. Re: Laurence Fox broke up with 'too woke' girlfriend for supporting Gillette toxic masculinity ad

    With the only defense options being 100% documentation (body cam 24/7) or 100% absence. I vote for the latter.
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    Re: 'Womxn's' March?! Oh, the HATE....

    Philosophies worth following do not require a march. But many idiots will blindly follow an ideology of fear and hate in the name of peace and equality.
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    Re: Dating app on the TV

    I wonder when these dating sites will start offering a 'bulk' discount? /sarc
  18. Re: Women selling nudes to to help quash the australian wildfires

    4. What percent of the insurance payout will actually cover rebuilding, as opposed to therapeutic cruises and shoe shopping expeditions?
  19. Re: U.S. Supreme Court rejects woman's appeal in teen texting suicide case

    Not even the middle is safe. That would be the prime hunting grounds for liquidation. After all, what is the market value of an 81 year old kidney? /sarc
  20. Re: Women selling nudes to to help quash the australian wildfires

    So they are making further inroads to normalizing the selling of pornography for a cause they consider just? Once they are in control of the porn industry, they will move onto prostitution. Given...
  21. Re: Women win $13M in lawsuit against porn site in California - "Regret Porn" lawsuit

    Let me guess, these 'actresses' had all slammed a bottle of tequila before the shoot so they were unable to give consent..../sarc

    Actually, I am glad this lawsuit worked because it sets a...
  22. Re: The cock carousel, packaged and sold to women at the expense and humiliation of men.

    I predict the next trend in dating will be the outright public, physical assault of the man, with the man's approval. Cuckoldry, simping and #metoo are so last year. Any man stupid enough to date...
  23. Re: Spanish Priest Apologizes for Calling Feminists a ‘Herd of Sows’

    Coming from a priest? That really shows how far feminism has overreached. I wonder when the feminists will realize that their efforts are backfiring. Shaming language is losing its effectiveness;...
  24. Re: NY Governor Cuomo Proposes New Law That Allows Women To Claim They Were Raped After Consuming Alcohol

    This law follows the general trends we have seen for decades: increased accountability for men (guilty until proven innocent--as if it mattered) and zero accountability for whimyn. It does paint a...
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    Re: JK Rowling is transphobic

    Ah, the next event in the victimhood olympics: who is the most oppressed. In lane one, with their dongs a swingin' are the transgender whimyn who have begun to assert their right to privilege. Will...
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