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  1. Re: 11 qualities in men that women find attractive

    The AF/BB stood out to me as being the most important. Relationships and flings aren't mutually exclusive but nobody says that. The dynamic of it is that if a woman gets into a fling with a very good...
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    Re: Recent censorship

    Did we recently get a female moderator or did the owner get married and his wife is running things now?
    I thought we actually owned this space. Interesting.

    Making us control ourselves and watch...
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    Re: Asian ladies

    There's something about the way this is constructed that I suspect ALL of them to be trannies and this picture to show that men are incapable of telling the difference.

    Me, I can't tell from...
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    Re: Feminist solipsism at its finest

    Now I shall await, popcorn and condiments in hand, watching the drama unfold before my eyes.
    If the governments dial back on the rights afforded to trans and LGBTQalphabet persons - gays get mad at...
  5. Re: New shaming tactic against MGTOW: Chasing money is a sin

    I'm not going to chase money to the point that I'm sacrificing my health over. That's ridiculous. I'm also not going to work crazy amounts of hours for small increases in overall gain. That's not...
  6. Re: World Gone Insane? Liberal Soyboy Media Types Attack Feminazis

    I've abandoned the use of the word "media" from my dictionary. I've become a lot happier as a result. It's such a useless term. As journalism continues to go more left, more people will stop...
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    Re: White knights and heroic deeds

    Crack some skulls, you say? Sign me up.
    It warms my heart to see white knights get killed. Bad decisions require punishment.

    A bystander who is familiar with the couple is less likely to...
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    Re: Communication with women - an observation.

    Nobody is supposed to understand it. In fact, nobody is supposed to listen to it. If they aren't getting naked, then there's no point. It really doesn't matter what they say. At all.
    Isn't one of...
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    Re: Communication with women - an observation.

    Confusing your opponent works wonders in defusing a situation. The conversation just ends up stopping at a point where they're unsure of what just happened and you're happy because the conversation...
  10. Re: Is it love? Maybe not, as romance scams proliferate

    How is this different from every relationship ever?
    Isn't getting married and then divorced only to lose your stuff and have to pay a woman for the rest of her life even though she wants nothing to...
  11. Re: "toxic masculinity” is a litmus test. If it makes you angry, you failed.

    It fails as a litmus test because as a society most of us have learnt not to air our anti-liberal beliefs out in public.
    Case in point: Every non-liberal leader that has been elected in the last 5...
  12. Re: Girl throws chair off balcony of 45th floor for attention

    Why is it that when shit like this happens, other pretty bitches don't get hit.

    Like, when these THOTs fuck up, it's always a man or old people that get hurt by their stupidity. Never another...
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    Re: I give up on childfree men

    I remember in my first year in high school, they made us read Shane. I read the book and answered the questions because I just knew there was a relationship between Shane and the wife. The teacher...
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    Re: New here, but not new to MGTOW

    Any time I see good MGTOW quotes, I always save them in a document.
    These are going in the book.

  15. Re: Where Manginas Come From? " New Study: Fast Food Can Make Your Penis Smaller"

    I'm not denying that there is a statistically significant decrease in T levels. Correlation/causation is extremely hard to prove anyway because designing a study that eliminates confounding variables...
  16. Re: Man hires escort for two hours to help him move

    I could actually fathom a situation where he is using the escort to show off to his ex or her spies that he has moved on by having another woman help him move his shit out.

    Or he was just doing it...
  17. Re: Where Manginas Come From? " New Study: Fast Food Can Make Your Penis Smaller"

    You didn't counter my point. You basically said nothing.
    I know they are on the down low. I know gangstas that pay hobos/vagrants to suck their dick. That's beside the point. Those same gangstas...
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    Re: Are modern relationships just about sex?

    It's the only thing they have that I want.
    Everything else I can get from somewhere or someone else. Pets, family, friends and learning to do shit on my own covers everything else.

    I need nothing...
  19. Re: Where Manginas Come From? " New Study: Fast Food Can Make Your Penis Smaller"

    Alright, this one is it. No more replies are necessary. Close the fucking thread.

    On a real though, this is BS.
    Black people live on fast food and they're still pumping out welfare-raised babies...
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    Re: Divorce laws in China.

    China is the only place where they actually deport muslims. Feminists aren't going there. They'll get destroyed. The chinese government kills peaceful protestors, why would they... actually, that's a...
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    After watching that last thread and seeing that the last thread had so many more replies and total views than any other thread that has been created around a similar time frame on this ENTIRE forum...
  22. Re: TERF Fight: In UK, Lesbian Feminists Are Allowed to Criticize Transgender Ex-Men. Disgusting!

    I have a skybox to this shit. Everyone is welcome to the viewing party. I'm ready to laugh my ass off. The suspense is killing me. Someone start the fight already.

    The socialist overlords are not...
  23. Re: One of the most hilarious Goldigger videos I've ever seen.

    As long as there are guys out there giving these bitches money, I could never go broke if I were a conman.
    So many idiots like this just waiting to be robbed. I feel absolutely no remorse for...
  24. Re: How many of your women were any good in bed ?

    The women I've been with all receive passing grades. I can safely say that I've never had any starfish sex where she just lies there and takes it. They all made an effort.
    Even when I asked them to...
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    Re: You are not funny or cute.

    If all the men get fired, who's going to lift the boxes?
    I love when shit like this happens because I always edge the blue pilled men to go help her. He feels bad and goes and helps her while I...
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