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  1. Re: Sperm Donor shortage in Victoria, Australia (White man sperm needed!) MGTOW comments from readers

    Men know that the laws protecting them today, can be changed tomorrow.

    Only a foolish or very desperate man would donate his sperm.
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    Re: Sexually placing women

    Because its biology.

    As long as you continue to deny and refuse to recognise that men are biologically programmed to desire women, you will never be able to come to terms with it, and you will...
  3. Re: Coach Greg Doucette Sums Up Women Being Picky About Her Choice of Man

    Many women wont date guys shorter than them. Many women wont date guys poorer than them. Booo hoooo. Whats new?

    Many men wont date fat women.

    This has very little to do with MGTOW.

    We are...
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    Re: The elephant in the room, vasectomy

    I have considered it.

    But have you read the reddit thread where men share their "Vasectomy Horror Stories"?

    Its so bad, that reddit thread alone is enough to convince me the risks are too high.
  5. Re: Artificial wombs: The coming era of motherless births?

    Between letting Governments have this new power, and the current situation where women have most the of power over birthing and pro-creation, i think the current situation is the lesser of 2 evils.
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    Re: Muslims were right after all

    Islam was right. But they way they went about it was extreme.

    All we need is the knowledge and wisdom, and enough men will go their own way naturally.

    We cannot resort to crazy rules and...
  7. Re: Incontinent Ex-Trans Man Sues Over Penis Removal, Predicts an 'Avalanche' of Court Cases

    To quote other commentors ive seen on youtube,

    It took less than a decade for them to go from "We only want our marriage to be recognised by the law!"


    "It is my absolute right to groom...
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    Re: Most work is respectable

    I have to say this is one of the most helpful MGTOW topics/threads i have read on this forum.

    I share the admiration for Honest, Legal, hard work.

    And i agree that women have shamed men and...
  9. Re: Mother goes viral with incredible tale of how she left her husband of 14 years for a near stranger she was convinced was her 'soulmate' after one evening chatting at a conference - only for the other man to reject her


    If a man did that, he would be receiving death threats.
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    An old hilarious video mocking feminism

    Just thought of an old video I saw some years ago mocking feminism. I searched it on YouTube to see if it was still there, and Surprise! It's still there.

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    Re: To HELL with Mother's Day!

    My mum is a great mother.

    I know plenty of good mothers who raised their sons and daughters well.

    I don't think "To Hell With Mothers' Day" is a good representation of MGTOW.
  12. Re: Scientific Redpills - Study finds: The uglier you are, the more your wife or girlfriend wants to fuck other men when she can get pregnant.

    Comes as no surprise at all.

    But thank you for the topic. Another straight to the point reminder to stay MGTOW.
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    Re: Antagonizers at work

    Stop laughing openly. Stop showing your emotions and reactions openly.
  14. Re: Onlyfans thot fatally stabs boyfriend, out on bail less than an hr, and continues to post content

    A FEMALE ("vulnerable gender") killed a BLACK MAN ("vulnerable race").

    Lets see how woke culture computes this.

    Its literally 22 divided by 7 for them. The woke brains are going to implode...
  15. Re: If you want to become a pilot, it's better to have a cunt

    I think in half a decade, when most airlines in the world start this policy, i will stop flying.
  16. Re: Female Blogger upset over female privilege in Italy.

    She is tone deaf.

    Gives the same feeling as that UK Foreign Minister Elizabeth Truss arriving in Russia to negotiate the whole Ukraine debacle only to end up making tone-deaf demands, all the...
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    Re: Will one ever regret going his own way?

    Short Answer:

    Periodic regret probably. Temptation to return to the plantation from time to time? Probably.

    But will always snap out of it quickly and return to the MGTOW lifestyle.
  18. Supreme Court Judge Nominee Dodges Question Asking Her To Define What A Woman Is

    Just look at this.

    I dont blame the nominee. Its not her fault.

    Whatever happened here, is just a reflection of how damn stupid society has become.

    She knew that answering the question, no...
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    Re: Biden's Latest Dept. of Energy Hire

    On the whole, reading about Sam Brinton made me nauseous.

    Anyway, i read abit more into him just to be sure that he wasn't ACTUALLY having sex with dogs.

    It seems like he just enjoys having...
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    Re: Brazil is highly misandric

    Its regretful that so many unfair laws are being passed.

    It just makes more men walk away.
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    Re: Jesus was the first ever MGToW

    Are you kidding?

    No significant difference between the first century manuscripts in the aggregrate as compared to the modern canon?
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    Re: Jesus was the first ever MGToW

    I think you will find that the first historical figure to lead and preach a lifestyle VERY SIMILAR to MGTOW was Siddartha Gautama (the Buddha).
  23. Thread: MGTOW on Signal

    by BMod

    Re: MGTOW on Signal

    Come on man. Calling a fellow MGTOW 'paranoid' for wanting to protect his identity from possible exposure is rude.

    Protecting our identities and hiding in plain sight in today's Soy-Ciety is what...
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    Re: I'm not supposed to get crushes on women anymore

    Just carry on with life.

    What you are experiencing is normal. Its biological.

    But dont forget: its also in our biology to get over crushes/relationships/romance after some time.

    Just carry...
  25. Re: New Crisis! Women hardest hit! ‘Cockfishing’ sex trend is becoming popular and you must look out for it

    Absolutely agreed. I dont care what they think of me. Im of no use to them anyway.

    Im always walking away. Happy with myself.
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