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  1. Re: I ordered a high-end electric guitar yesterday

    Come on Tig spill the beans man what did you get?
  2. Re: Female Cop Allegedly Caught Using 5 Finger Discount!

    I think her mug shot look's like Michelle Obama.. Big Mike as I like to
  3. Re: Anyone else went from left to right politically?

    When I had kid's I started leaning to the conservative side 35years ago. I know crazy when I see it But what I see now is a political system set up to control the people no matter what political...
  4. Re: Happy to hear what improvements you've made in your lives since going MGTOW

    I get to do what I want when I want.
  5. Re: 30+ Single Woman Hits THE WALL, COMPLAINS, Then Asks Where All The REAL MEN Are

    The sense of entitlement is astonishing. What stood out for me is how they think men should just change our whole life for them... SMFH!
  6. Re: deep-level cleaning and organizing to build a great life

    I need to get off my ass and do a deep clean of my house too Tig I have neglected it for way to long. Been in a bit of a funk for the last 6 months or so mebbe a good cleaning will help.
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    Re: Dazed, Confused . . . Hopeful

    I do believe in God but not like most people do. I am God as are you and all people past and present. The power of prayer is a powerful thing a group praying is even more powerful. In scripture we...
  8. Re: Jordan Peterson - Men: How to find the right woman - FFS.

    All men are expected to conform with what a female wants. We are suposta offer up undivided attention, money, safety our home bla bla. All we get in return is how we are all knuckle dragging bafoons...
  9. Re: . . . Michigan House Candidate Is Fine With Women Not Being Able To Vote

    Yup I agree 100%.. I was hoping for a different outcome on the other side but alas we have another RINO .
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    Re: Enabling Fat People

    I am not over wight by any means but could shed some pounds like a lot of people. I found this a pretty interesting read. ...
  11. Thread: Maybe

    by Slow Handf

    Re: Maybe

    Wa What... Watchout is an
  12. Re: This woman seems like a really sweet person

    I see a manipulative woman casting her spell..
  13. Re: etiquette is one of the many casualties of feminism

    I think it's a liberal mind set they have never learned to THINK for them selfs.. Make something old new again packaged is a shiny new way all the wile patting themself on the back..
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    Re: Jeremey's Razors, the anti WOKE razor!

    Godda love his no bullshit approach...
  15. Re: Hunter Biden cries poverty! President's son is demanding his support payments to four-year-old love child with Lunden Roberts be LOWERED due to a 'substantial material change' to his income

    He's just like his dad a money whore! I think the Demorats will use the "laptop from hell" to oust old Joe after the midterms they have been using him to push the bullshit agenda he's so clueless...
  16. Women Are Disproportionately Hurting Our Country
    I think Mr Prager nails it down pretty good other than marriage lol!

    When I...
  17. Re: The Plight of a former SAHM who left husband of ~15 years... to become an Escort, now Age 60

    Only a woman's brain could THINK this is okay.. Sheesh I'm so fucking glad I no longer subscribe to the narrative of female ideology.
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    Re: Who do you trust?

    My dog..
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    Re: My Dad Had A Heart Attack Last Night

    God speed!
  20. Re: I can't be right or left wing because they all SUCK

    Both party's are an embarrassment I support none.. Trump can be an asshole all he want's I don't vote for mental masturbation I vote for results. Looking at what he accomplished for average...
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    Re: Global climate cult Fertilizer Ban.

    Farming is the only business that buy's all supply's and labor at retail then sells the end product at wholesale.

    The cult is trying it's best to squeeze out small business.

    The cult is...
  22. Re: Why Men No Longer Want To Get Married - Proof MGTOW Works

    It's a dam shame women’s think it's ok to exploit men all the wile saying they are the ones being exploited. The female mind and logic are indeed like oil & water! The world of wizards, demons, evil...
  23. Re: Fear in the employees at the FDA, CDC, and NIH over Covid dishonesty

    These sick fucks pushing the jab for profit are benefiting the most it's all about the dead presidents. It's the biggest wealth transfer scam in history!
  24. Re: There aren't a hundred different genders, and saying so is not bigotry

    I could give 2 fucks what someone else’s sexual preferences are, none of my business is the way I see it.

    Attention seeking pronoun whore's are just that..LOOK AT MEEEE I'M FLYING MY FREEK FLAG.....
  25. Re: How many of you will or won't vote for Donald Trump in 2024?? I mean, he does care about America, though. And he shows it.

    I look at what the man accomplished not what he says. If I wanted a feel good mental masturbation mouth piece I would vote for a career politician that would say all the feel good bullshit a woman...
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