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  1. Re: I got married to a whore, that fucks like a prude.

    My mom did the same thing. She got them out again after my dad died. The poor bastard never had a chance of making her happy. He went to his grave, never having figured it out.
  2. Re: Man Refrains From Marrying Woman, Owes Millions in Spousal Support

    We talk about women all the time because we are biologically addicted to them. These are our AA meetings. We must continually remind ourselves of what damage the "demon rum" can do if we choose to...
  3. Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: Alpha Fux, Beta Bux

    I think it is every bit as typical for the beta to not even get his own kids out of the deal. She's usually dragging at least a couple of Chads kids around with her by the time she hits 30. Cucking...
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    Dealing with the Thurst

    This guy has strong points for young men. He's not exactly "red pill" but this vid is solid IMHO.
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    A new form of PUA

    This one is from AwakenWithJP. File under humor. How to be a spiritual PUA. Maybe he'll be able to get in on the 21 convention. ;)
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    Re: Mel Magazine article on MGTOW

    Women for decades have said they need men like fish need bicycles. MGTOW are simple the bicycles that realized that they in fact do not need the fish.
  7. Re: L.A. Affairs: We dated for three years. Then he told me he didn't believe in marriage

    His response should have been "If we get married, you can stop meeting all my needs and I am Fucked."
  8. Re: Oldie but a goodie. Sam Kinison on Marriage

    Classic stuff.
  9. Re: I think Tomi Lahren is on a bullet train headed for the wall

    I can't wait until Allie Stucky makes such a video. She's the only one that could be more annoying than Tomi.
  10. Re: I think Tomi Lahren is on a bullet train headed for the wall

    As a serious defense of these guys that are texting her, they just might be waiting for an unambiguous indicator of interest. With today's rape culture (you know, where women accuse a man of rape...
  11. Re: I think Tomi Lahren is on a bullet train headed for the wall

    Maybe its my age, but I don't even find women that look like her attractive at all these days. Yes I recognize that she is "hot". That being said, you know the attitude that is going to come with...
  12. I think Tomi Lahren is on a bullet train headed for the wall

    Apparently she says men don't know how to treat women any more. I can only surmise that she is looking for a pack mule now that she is approaching 30.
  13. Re: Remember that crazy bee-otch on Tucker Carlson?

    Her accusation against Hannity sounds very possible to me. Supposedly he told the staff that he'd pay anyone $100 if they had the nerve to take her on a date. I'm assuming nobody took that up.
  14. Remember that crazy bee-otch on Tucker Carlson?

    Tucker used to have a crazy liberal chick on his show. Her points of view were often so cartoonishly liberal that people would frequently question if she was in fact just a scripted character. Here...
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    Re: Why are so many pro athletes simps/cucks

    I second the vote for single mothers. All they can do is teach young men to be simps.
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    Re: The seed of limerence—from experience

    This word is why it is so critical for the powers to be to control language. Limerence is a term that is seldom learned by young men in the west. Hell, even my spell checker doesn't recognize it. ...
  17. Re: This guy thinks he broke out of the friend zone.

    Apparently the guy is loaded. I didn't dig too deep. In any case, she'll take about half of that shit off his hands anyway.
  18. Re: Check this guy out, he is very clever and makes amazing videos

  19. This guy thinks he broke out of the friend zone.

    To be honest, I couldn't get past 10 seconds in. I just think the title alone and the look on her face pretty much tells it all. The blue pill is...
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    Re: ManWomanMyth has returned

    Any chance there is a UK citizen on this blog that can explain why this guy doesn't have an advocate? What happens over there to people who are put into long term care? He clearly can't handle his...
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    ManWomanMyth has returned

    I just saw a vid by TFM who found out that ManWomanMyth has returned. Well, sort of...

    He has had a brain injury. TFM stated that he tried to kill himself, but I have not confirmed that yet. In...
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    Re: Boyscouts of America files for bankruptcy

    The bankruptcy is to pay off accusations from around 30 years ago.

    Girls were allowed in because the BSA was imploding from a membership point of view. The girl scouts are pissed as hell because...
  23. Re: I'm 71 and I’ve been married for 27 years. She wants me to pay for everything and bend to her will. Am I too old to bite the bullet — and ask my wife for a divorce?

    I know a guy of that age that divorced his wife. He's so much happier now. It's never too late.
  24. Re: Ghostbusters 2020 movie trailer is already upsetting SJWs.

    Here is an entertaining take on it:
  25. Re: Ghostbusters 2020 movie trailer is already upsetting SJWs.

    Also one other red pill nugget... The single mom is broke as shit and won't admit it. No Dad appears to be recognized as a problem. I guess we'd have to see it if they make dad out to be a...
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