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    Re: What should women do?

    For myself the manosphere / red pill boils down to a few simple concepts.

    1) The evolutionary nature of humans and concepts like hypergamy,

    2) Previously society itself functioned as a result...
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    Re: What should women do?

    It's not a case of what I want but what I can realistically have. I didn't choose the rules of nature or the state of society I can only play the hand I have been dealt the best I can.

    For many...
  3. Re: The consequences of stupidity and immorality

    I don't
  4. Re: The behaviors of the low SMV female. 20 years ago vs. now.

    I blame female nature combined with modern social media. My Facebook newsfeed is a constant reminder of this with a number of over 35 low SMV single mothers. My pet hates include.......

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    Re: Married Men buried by Wives' Student Debt

    Things were a bit different here, tuition fees were not introduced until 1998. Back in the old days school kids were streamed into 2 ability groups from the age of 11. The bright kid from a poor...
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    Re: Towards a new civil war

    Lots of riots and unrest as western collapse sets in but not actual civil war, same with Europe as well.
  7. Re: Is buying electrical surge protection insurance for my appliances worth it?

    Problem with this post is it's an international forum, different laws, different risks, different insurance etc

    But as Mr Walton said "insurance is usually a scam, I don't have any if its not...
  8. Re: "Why date a single mother?" Twitter Post Slammed by 'Conservatives'

    My first post red pill "relationship" was with a single mother but older (kids moved out).

    Some random woman I got talking to on a quiet Sunday evening and ended up going home with her. She told...
  9. Re: When a monkey brancher says 'I havent been completely honest with you'

    Understatement of the year.............
  10. Re: I got married to a whore, that fucks like a prude.

    I don't think any other article in the manosphere hits harder than this one. Thanks to the internet more and more men are discovering to their horror that their sexually reserved wives were absolute...
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    Re: Share your favorite pictures, meme, etc.
  12. The biggest enemy in the manosphere seems to be other men.

    I can relate to this video a lot from Colttaine.

    In the last 3 and a half years since I was red pilled most of the criticism I have had on forums or YouTube were not from feminist's or blue...
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    Re: MGTOW: The impact.

    Some of the forums on reddit are the opposite, dozens of threads that near impossible to keep up with. Lots of low effort posts to go through to find the good stuff, I prefer quality over quantity.
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    Re: Harry and Megan Domestic Bliss?

    Been following the rational males analysis of prince Harry on twitter for sometime.

    Classic example of a man submitting to a woman's demands, only for her to increase her demands and lose her...
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    Re: MGTOW: The impact.

    I have a lot of friends (30s & 40 s) who have nothing to do with women, mainly due to 80/20 rule, lack of choice and have just given up. They live in a world of video games, gambling, substances,...
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    Re: A theory about WHATGMG

    Not just clothes, houses and cars as well but obviously that's not something a woman sees instantly. I have never spent much on clothes just enough to be socially acceptable, but then again I'm never...
  17. Re: What kind of lie do you usually use to control what co-workers think of you being alone?

    I think that's more of the 80/20 rule in action, many of these men would still have settled if they only had the chance. I know I would have done (cold shiver down spine as I typed that!!!!).

  18. Re: What kind of lie do you usually use to control what co-workers think of you being alone?

    In my blue pill late 20s it was a nightmare being made to feel a failure because I wasn't going down the house, marriage, kids route.
    I suppose now 99% of the time I don't even need to say anything...
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    Re: From Best Of MGTOW: Briffault's Law

    As one guy on reddit said.....Women live in the here and now. All that stuff you did for them in the past means nothing. There's no bank account of loyalty, no savings of favors. It's a running...
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    Re: Article: Beware the "Groupie"

    The link to women rate 80% of men as below average has now been removed, obviously the cold hard truth is not a good way to advertise dating sites.
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    Re: Skiving at Work (Empty Labor)

    Yes that was me in my 20s, chasing production targets thinking that there was some kind of points chart in the managers office and I would be rewarded greatly "one day". Now I know as long as I turn...
  22. Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: Alpha Fux, Beta Bux

    Just seen this on twitter, and it perfectly illustrates the point.

    Now I'm aware I see it playing out in real life...
  23. Thread: Double Life?

    by stanmsl

    Re: Double Life?

    On the outside I'm essentially the same person I was 5 years ago, but I'm doing a slow steady calculated withdrawal from my previous bad habits examples include.

    Withdrawing from female friends...
  24. Re: 10 of 10 Signs you're in a Toxic Relationship. She slowly tries to alienate you from your social circle

    From Blackdragon

    The problem with describing a personality trait as being toxic is that if all women do it as above then then all women are toxic. The argument for being toxic fails for lack...
  25. Re: Tell me how my impressions of MGTOW are wrong...

    For the same reason medical experts spend a lot of time talking about diseases.
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