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  1. Re: Why is a hard patriarchy such an attractive 'remedy'?

    I never said that this would happen, or even that it was possible. Just that it would be optimal to men, and a return to traditionalism would not.
  2. Re: New Crisis: The Long Lines for Women’s Bathrooms Could Be Eliminated. Why Haven’t They Been?

    They have so much "equality" that they are down to issues like bathroom lines, air conditioning in offices, "man-spreading" on subways. These are the most pressing issues they can even find to...
  3. Re: Why is a hard patriarchy such an attractive 'remedy'?

    One of the common themes I see in MGTOW forums is the desire to go back to some form of traditionalism. They'll say things like, if enough men GTOW, women will have to get their shit together and...
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    Re: When delusion collides with reality....

    It was a lot easier for women when men guided them through life, built and maintained everything both in the home and in society, took care of women and protected them. But they saw that as...
  5. Re: First male birth control injection almost ready . . .

    Personally, I'd recommend getting a vasectomy rather than waiting for this. They've been "almost ready" for years now, but still not available. Meanwhile a vasectomy will only set you back around...
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    Re: Confused Again!

    They are trying to destroy the fabric of our society, which is why men are under constant attack. We ARE society, and if they can sufficiently weaken or destroy us, they know they can come in and...
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    Re: Buying the Boyfriend Experience in Japan

    Cool, good for them. It's nice to see so many young women trying to pull their own weight in society. Now when Japanese women achieve similar death rates by Karoshi (literally working to death) as...
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    Re: How big is MGTOW?

    I think MGTOW as we know it is very small, although it is growing. It gets almost as many searches as feminism, and the MGTOW reddit has over 130k members and is rapidly growing.

    However, the...
  9. Re: Hermione Granger flies her broomstick streight into the wall

    See how she feels when she fades away into obscurity. Once all the attention disappears, these women never recover.
  10. Re: Dating, comittement, having a gf? Go ahead...this is what's on offer. Have at it...

    It is the norm.

    When I was in college I talked to and dated a ton of girls, mostly in their early to mid-20's. I would always ask them tons of questions, and observe the patterns over time.

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    Re: Im quite confused, are men poor or rich?

    Men are too poor when women are looking for wealthy men to date or marry, but rich whenever they are arguing for higher wages and gender quotas for women since they can't earn those high-paying jobs...
  12. Re: Why Are We So Shocked That Keanu Is Dating Someone Age Appropriate?

    I love how they make a huge deal out of how men prefer younger women, like it's some horrible sexist thing anytime a man has some preference or standards. Yet they completely ignore the fact that...
  13. Re: Urban Dictionary slanders MGTOW while glorifying FEMINISM.

    Ever notice how all they ever have is shaming language and insults? No facts and statistics to back up what they're saying. No argument whatsoever. It's literally just "ooooh MGTOW are incels and...
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    Re: Married Men buried by Wives' Student Debt

    Yeah, shit like this really pisses me off. I worked my ass off in school. I planned out my entire career and the path I would take to get there starting when I was 19. From the get-go I was aiming...
  15. Re: It seems to me that nowadays men spend much less in designer clothes and status cars

    When I look around me, almost everyone I see looks poor. Something like half of all US households are dependent on government assistance (AKA welfare) and struggling to survive. Over half of...
  16. Re: Coppertops, the CA Governor NewScum views you as a walking wallet! Newsom vetoed two bills aimed at reforming child support payback system

    For every dollar a state collects in child support, it gets one dollar of federal funding.

    Think about that for a second. They have a HUGE financial incentive to extort as much money as possible...
  17. Re: A woman gives her take on current gender dynamics

    Don't be fooled. The image tells you everything you need to know. Pretty young girl with dyed blonde hair and tons of makeup, parroting a message she was not clever enough to come up with by herself....
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    Re: Get ‘em when they’re young.

    Further proof of just how myopic and stupid western women are.

    It's only after men have solved all the problems, built a comfortable society for women to live in, that they start coming up with...
  19. Re: German man gives half of what he owns to his ex

    It's easy to laugh at these kinds of stories, but do not lose sight of the underlying message. These men are essentially destroying all of their property and wealth by sawing it in half, not just...
  20. Re: Woman Sues Law Firm because She Voluntarily Slept with Someone at The Firm

    Here is her picture, in case anyone was wondering what she looks like:

    Picture says it all. Washed out...
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    Re: This one written by a guy

    I've just got some regular AR-10 style P-Mags, 10 round and 25 round. I wanted some 20-rounders too but man they are surprisingly hard to get...
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    Re: This one written by a guy

    Why bother? I can take financial responsibility for a shit-tier western female, watch her put on weight and become increasingly moody and miserable (which she'll blame me for) until she inevitably...
  23. Re: Megan Fox sends her six-year-old son to school in a dress

    Megan Fox...the only thing I remember about her is like ten years ago everyone talking about how fucking hot she was...for like two months. That was the last I heard of her. Some shitty Transformer...
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    Re: The Prisoner here

    The solitude of the road must be really nice. You get to escape from women and their bullshit when you work, but a lot of men have to put up with more women's bullshit at work. Myself included. I...
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    Re: Some thoughts for today...

    The notion that we're not supposed to feel any emotion at all towards these problems we are constantly faced with is one of the oldest shaming tactics in the book. The idea is to invalidate whatever...
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