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    Sticky: Re: Thanks to MGTOW

    Precisely, since MGTOW my standard is zero crap from anyone be it man or woman. Thank you MGTOW.

    My reading of her drivel was that she was using him to get herself through school. That was the...
  2. Re: Feminst Craziness Explained? Birth Control Pills May Be Shrinking Brains In Women, Study Finds

    Possibly the part of the brain that inhibits hybristophilia.
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    Re: Words Have Lost Their Meaning.

    I recently had to be extremely ruthless to some family who did some of the most ruthless things anyone has ever done to me to date. I exposed their hidden secrets to the family at large making...
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    Re: Tampons Are Coming

    I'm stealing all of these manpons that I find. They're great for cleaning up spilled motor oil.

    Speaking of these freaks, I've seen two over the past six weeks. The faux-woman was just about...
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    Re: We Rank #2 for Mgtow Forum on Google

    Congratulations to all!!!

    As for the past, it's yesterday's news Here's to a bright future for all, lurkers too.
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    Re: Poor James

    That loving "mother" has the eyes of a cult member. To not call it for what it is, child abuse, is denying reality. If mama was forcing poor James to drink whiskey, he'd be taken from her so fast...
  7. Re: The world’s first Gattaca baby tests are finally here

    Tower, many of the pointless electronics they put in modern cars will start failing within five years just from heat and cold stress on the components or simple obsolescence.

    My cousin bought one...
  8. Re: Mackenzie Davis talks about the new terminator movie

    Before I read the article, I was thinking who would be there to kill spiders for her. It took about 2 paragraphs to realize all her spiders dwell in her head.

    I have to be paid at least $500 to...
  9. Re: Hermione Granger flies her broomstick streight into the wall

    “I’m very happy being single,”

    Lie!!! She's miserable being manless. She must be a vicious harridan to not even have herself a benchwarmer. Wait until she hits 40. Tempus fugit, toots!
  10. Re: Why Are We So Shocked That Keanu Is Dating Someone Age Appropriate?

    I rather enjoy the lamentations whenever one hits 50. They know they're like a pack of half-rotted bait shrimp at that point.
  11. Re: The world’s first Gattaca baby tests are finally here

    Technology grows ever more malignant.
  12. Re: New Jersey Judge steps down over feminist backlash

    Ingenious idea, Machiavelli. It would just be a matter of obtaining data from various sources and calculating her Unicorn Score. It would be just like a credit score. Anything less than 600 is...
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    Re: Vagina dress....really???

    Whoever finds the first pic of some tatted out fatty from Mississippi wearing one of these, please post it.

    Guido seems as if he's never seen a vagina in his life. The best action would be to set...
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    Re: Is this guy a creeper, or a god level troll?

    I'm already on board. I'll be there at 3PM your time. I'll save her fat sister for ya.
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    Re: Is this guy a creeper, or a god level troll?

    NYC is loaded with virgin Unicorns who can cook? Hot damn, I'm on the next flight to NYC this AM.
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    Re: Is this guy a creeper, or a god level troll?

    With just enough fuel to make it mid-ocean.

    I'm still recovering from reading of this an hour ago. We need Giant Meteor!
  17. Re: Natalie Portman is Thor, Mahershala Ali is Blade and more

    Good eyewash, damn good....
  18. Re: Plus sized model goes to beach [dear God, EYE BLEACH! EYE BLEACH!]

    Fun fact, she's from Mississippi. Who would have thought?
  19. Re: The MAN NETWORK, the bartering bastards.

    You should have seen the Chinese flywheel my buddy pulled out of his Troy-Built riding mower. It metal fatigue failed right across the middle. I've never seen a flywheel made so poorly.
  20. Re: The MAN NETWORK, the bartering bastards.

    Then again, the house is grandfathered by city code plus the insurance company had zero problems underwriting it. The electrician said everything looked brand new. I should stick with what works...
  21. Re: No women in Billboard Top 10 for the first time in 33 years

    Seconded, chicks cannot do metal. I'm typing this to listening to Slayer's Tom Arraya singing "Altar of Sacrifice" right now. No, they can't do it, affirmed. Folk is another style where a female...
  22. Re: New Jersey Judge steps down over feminist backlash

    Piss poor parenting, feminists, and two sex crazed teens with video tech. What could possibly go wrong?

    The Judge and the boy were the ones who got ruined here. She played her role. Then, she...
  23. Re: The MAN NETWORK, the bartering bastards.

    The MAN NETWORK literally saved my bacon after Hurricane Matthew both online and meat space. The FAMILY NETWORK actively impeded me every step of the way to recovery. Now, I'm a ruthless asshole to...
  24. Re: Guide to Sex and Marriage in the 21st Century

    #MeToo - It's both hilarious and disgusting at the same time. There's nothing crazier than a 50+ year old woman on a man hunt.
  25. Re: Can the intrusiveness of google be a good thing?

    I was a Windows Phone man for many years. Everyone I knew who owned one loved it though we were few in number. It was the best R.I.P. :mad: They're all in cahoots, anyway. Google and Facebook are...
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