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  1. Hillary Clinton Breaks Down During Fake Victory Speech

    Just recently, 2016 loser Hilary Clinton, read what would of been her victory speech that night, and breaks down. So once again and...
  2. Kyle Rittenhouse Tells LeBrone James "Fuck You!"

    Kyle Rittenhouse isn't going to take shit from anyone, including overpaid celebrities such as LeBrone James. Kyle said...
  3. Re: Anyone else grow frustrated with their technologically illiterate parent(s)?

    I know what you mean. My dad is a 1955 Boomer and he can't even hook up his new printer, or find Control Panel on his computer. Yet he know enough about computers to order Elvis CDs, model trains...
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    Re: Dealing with trolls.

    Whenever someone online is being unruly to me, I just leave the topic or video comments and not come back anymore. I comment on YouTube videos periodically but I never check for replies because of...
  5. Re: What does it mean when women say they value people?

    It means they're bullshit lying to you, because the only thing women ever value are themselves. They make every topic, political issue during an election cycle, everything all about what we should...
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    Re: DangZagnut

    He calls himself a filthy liberal. In my opinion, that means far left.
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    Re: DangZagnut

    He's describes himself as a filthy liberal. That says enough to make this 7-day ban forever. We don't need liberalism in a site for real men, not someone who belongs to a party that doesn't know...
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    Re: Need advice on losing weight

    If you're only getting $20 a week in allowance, which is $80 a month, you can invest half of it on a gym membership or buy weights each month. Then work your butt off and burn more calories than...
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    Re: Why can't I be mad at women?

    If a woman threatens you, lies about you in a malicious way, abuses you, or does an unspeakable crime then yes be mad. However, if she's just being a bitch by calling out names, or blames you for...
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    Re: Should I take this job?

    And you guys expect everyone to know that? Seriously, why can't we stop being lazy in our writing and use all words?
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    Re: Should I take this job?

    What the hell is NEET? I don't mean to be one of those grammar Nazis but I prefer words over acronyms.
  12. DEBATE: Which Is Better: Men Or Women? (Video Included)

    I think it's obvious; MEN are the better gender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

    Now I don't have much time to make a big...
  13. Walmart Said This Woman Shoplifted; Jury Awards Her $2.1 Million
  14. Re: Men need to “shut up and listen” to women . . . Benedict Cumberbatch has said.

    I refuse to be told to shut up and listen while being lectured about being a man by a man with no dick.
  15. Re: dumbest things feminists say: "He's old enough to be her father."

    They do. They taste like liberal tears. I hydrate with them. I mix my protein shakes with feminist/liberal tears.
  16. New Hampshire High School Student Suspended for Saying That There's Only Two Genders

    Liberal logic at it's finest. Where do these crazy people who are telling us all these genders and pronouns get this false...
  17. Re: Since no desire for chasing women how much porn do you watch? Porn addict?

    Fuck the old whore! No one wants to play with oldies when you can have a hottie.
  18. Re: Since no desire for chasing women how much porn do you watch? Porn addict?

    Years ago I subscribed to porn sites and downloaded all the videos and then unsubscribed because the few updates a month isn't enough to pay for another month. Whenever I go back on those sites (not...
  19. This Crazy Woman Thinks She Having Sex With Ghosts

    Woman are getting nuttier and nuttier. This one claims she's having sex with ghosts. Ooh!
  20. Re: Father gets shot by stepfather and women don't care

    I'm an American and I don't understand it either.
  21. Re: Father gets shot by stepfather and women don't care

    That broke my heart seeing that. All that man wanted to do was be with his kids and the psycho new husband and his shotgun killed him, and on video. That was hard to watch. That woman and her Chad...
  22. Re: Should I "get a job" even if I have the option not to?

    I didn't declare bankruptcy to clear my debts. I got out of it with a high credit score of 802 Experian. It's been almost 9 years since the last time I had a monthly card balance and I haven't been...
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    Happy Thanksgiving MGTOW Family

    Today, November 25, is Thanksgiving and I want to take this time to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and have yourself as much protein-rich turkey as possible. Stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkey of...
  24. Fiction: Man Divorces Wife Because She Farted And Got Screwed Over By Her

    I may not always understand things, but I don't know what to make of this. I think it's stupid to end a relationship over...
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    Re: OMG, Nightmare!

    I still have nightmares about being back in high school and I graduated 20 years ago.

    I also have dreams about a friend I had back in my childhood, whom are related to my half brother. I miss...
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