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  1. Re: Hood, Urban, whatever the hell you call it it's degenerate culture.

    Dam, you actually watched that - I can't stand chicks screeching like children it's almost as bad as dragging chalk across a blackboard, just jump 1-2 minutes ahead, spent probably less than 30...
  2. Re: House Voted to Remove Requirement for Women to Register

    Goddammit, feminists across USA must be flooding their local sewers with their tears, this is a great blow for equality!

    Maybe the US military finally realized how useless the majority of woman...
  3. Re: Flex your MGTOW lifestyle a bit here

    I stick to gaming & go for ride's to get a reminder on how dumb fucking fast bikes are for less than 10grand, have fancy exhaust on my FZ07 - sounds like a V8 before it starts going to 4k+ RPM's....
  4. Re: What can be done to be immune to black pill thinking?

    I doubt this is the whole list but even then it's not much? Count your blessings - the fact that you even pry open the truth of things and accepting alternative facts means you atleast go common...
  5. Re: Anyone else grow frustrated with their technologically illiterate parent(s)?

    It's like learning a language, easier when you're young and tends to get more difficult as you age.

    There's not much tech to keep up with, I haven't seen any radical changes the past 1-2 decades...
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    Re: DangZagnut

    Maybe he's ashamed that liberalism is thrown into the same pit as the modern day socialist movement, technically by the left's own standards anything that doesn't play by their absurd rules is some...
  7. Re: becoming happy after huge disappointment

    Stoicism is not worrying about what you can't change, or not caring if you want to simplify it further - I doubt you need to read self-help books to learn stoicism, I know there was a book called the...
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    Re: Women in cryyptos

    A revolution, okay then.


    I can judge people's interest however I want and would have the same opinion at 0 posts... If my opinion somehow effects you that's your problem.

    I'm sorry...
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    Re: Need advice on losing weight

    On average the daily recommended dose of sugar is 40 grams, I usually keep it below that even - start lookin at labels, you don't want excess sugar, or fat in your diet - fat isn't bad perse but...
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    Re: Crypto World

    No, it doesn't.

    Got any links to the articles otherwise? Crypto supports violence against women, who came up with that silly line - it may trigger some SJW or gender warrior, seems like BS.
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    Re: Women in cryyptos

    Did you make an account just for these posts to start shilling crypto's, what a way to make an entrance lmao.
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    Re: Has there ever been a good woman?

    Male & female software has remained mostly the same for thousands of years, only thing that is of notable change on behaviour tends to be the environment that they're born & raised in.
    You can use...
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    Re: Why can't I be mad at women?

    You can but being mad eventually gets boring and mundane.
    Same bullshit over and over, another news story about a men getting screwed over or a chick getting a pussy pass - water is wet and the sky...
  14. Re: becoming happy after huge disappointment

    Don't be dissapointed, be happy that you didn't have to experience divorce.
    Staying an ignorant ATM and imagining that women are actually like this compared to the truth of reality which leaves you...
  15. Re: How to shake off all-or-nothing thinking?

    To answer your question, I stopped caring.

    When the heart stomps pumping and your brain stops functioning, your interactions with the world and memories will cease existing - so you'd better...
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    Re: Work Opinions Requested

    Beyond being nice and respectful to others while doing your job there's not much else you can do at that point no?

    When you're working for a company, literally everyone there is your friend ...
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    Re: Should I take this job?

    Your brothers got the right idea on having a backup plan, it's better than nothing, work experience won't hurt - what are you studying in university, if you can make 1000 repairing phones and the...
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    Re: Personally

    With deep posts like that, no doubt a great loss to the manosphere.

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    Re: Tik Tok Has An Incel Problem

    In my late 20s and even I distance myself from the retardation that is Tik-Tok - man I don't know how people get so brainwashed into wasting their lives on social media posting pure vomit for the...
  20. Re: Walmart Said This Woman Shoplifted; Jury Awards Her $2.1 Million

    Don't know if the transaction went through but the machine just didn't print a receipt so she yeeted herself outta the store.

    If WM is gonna pay 2.1Mill I assume they could check and verify if...
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    Re: Arsonist Beyatch

    "She reportedly has mental health issues"

    Yea, she's a woman...
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    Re: What is your solution ?

    Most of everything been said really, mgtow is the solution - do your thing and enjoy life, it can all burn and I wouldn't lose any sleep over it - not your problem.
    Pandora's box is open, poor simps...
  23. Re: Man Shot at Ex's House For Demanding Court Ordered Time with Kid - Video

    One blue-pillar going into a hole, the other to jail. And the wife will just find a 3rd dick to hop on and no longer has to deal with child custody battles, all around win for her, big daddy...
  24. Re: Does having a kid via surrogate in the US/Canada save you?

    You'd want to think about why you even need to have a child in the first place, with the MGTOW train of thought this is far easier to weigh up the purpose when you aren't a brainwashed bluepiller.
  25. Re: Does having a kid via surrogate in the US/Canada save you?

    Similar to that I've some some retarded child-support legal battles involving surrogacy - technically better than having a wife but you'd still be exposing yourself to some risk on the off-chance.
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