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  1. Re: Feminists bit their allies heads off -- now abortion might be outlawed


    I think that's been largely true of the GOP in the past. But these days, a lot of recently-elected Republicans give the impression that they're not fucking around anymore when it comes to...
  2. Re: Anyone else notice most women have no hard (technical) skills?

    I one time did tech support in a call center. As is common, there's Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, etc. in the support department.

    Among Tier 1 (the easiest level in terms of technical knowledge), you...
  3. Re: Feminists bit their allies heads off -- now abortion might be outlawed


    I might be wrong. But I don't think women see abortion as a question of simply getting rid of a child they're unready/unprepared for. I think it goes deeper, honestly.

    I can't prove it....
  4. Re: Feminists bit their allies heads off -- now abortion might be outlawed

    The deep dark secret of a big chunk of the pro-life movement is that many of them are still pro-choice. It's really just a matter of circumstance and degree. The whole "if the life of the mother is...
  5. Re: Men need to “shut up and listen” to women . . . Benedict Cumberbatch has said.

    Cumberbatch is a beta from way back. His "sexiness" to women owes everything to his fame, wealth and status. Take those three things away and the majority of women wouldn't give him a second look.
  6. Re: Does having a kid via surrogate in the US/Canada save you?

    Don't know much about surrogacy. But any time paternity is an issue, the usual battles over custody, child support and other shit can't be too far behind.

    Fundamentally, women simply have too much...
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    Re: What is your solution ?

    I didn't want to quote your entire post. Nevertheless, I disagree with virtually all of it.

    For example, the hooker thing. The joke goes that free pussy is the most expensive of all. It's true....
  8. Re: This Crazy Woman Thinks She Having Sex With Ghosts

    Lady Gaga once claimed to have slept with a ghost. She implied it wasn't consensual either.

    Make of that whatever you will.
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    Re: Paul Elam critiques Briffault's Law

    "The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place."

    That's what...
  10. Re: We need to advocate for men like feminists advocate for women

    This came up in my YouTube recommendations.

    I dgaf if women become MRA's. As per the above, I'm not even one of the MRA's myself. But some number of...
  11. Re: dumbest things feminists say: "He's old enough to be her father."

    Aside from Brittany Murphy, I don't remember too many women criticizing Demi Moore for marrying Ashton Kutcher.

    The lack of self-reflection continues...
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    Re: Wife buys clothes for husband

    Yeah, sometimes married guys claim to be RP'ed, they've got it all under control, etc. All I can think is that guy's wife must be running one hell of a game on him.

    I mean, don't get the wrong...
  13. Re: Does anybody else feel physically ill thinking about Modern Society?

    I'm not sure that I completely agree with the socialism angle. But it is true that the American right just never had the ideological tools to defend itself against encroaching Marxism. Conservatives...
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    Re: Wife buys clothes for husband

    I can understand the idea of some men not caring about fashion. But still, allowing your wife to pick out your clothes is a problem. You cede a small amount of control here, a small amount there and...
  15. Re: Don't be a dumb-ass with compliments toward women

    Never compliment a woman. No compliments, no validation, no attention.
  16. Re: Is Kevin Samuels the most dangerous man in the manosphere?

    This reminds me of a war story.

    A few years ago, a hurricane was bearing down on my city. It was generally known that it was happening. It was also generally known that the time had come and gone...
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    Re: Women's low standards

    Women's objective criteria for men consist of the 6's: height, pack, figures, inches.

    Women's nebulous criterion for men is being Chad.

    You'll note that there's nothing in there about being a...
  18. Re: Don't be a dumb-ass with compliments toward women

    I've gotten a considerable amount of mileage out of talking to women like they're five years old. A normal, healthy man will want to smack you if you talk to him that way. But a lot of women roll...
  19. Re: Is Kevin Samuels the most dangerous man in the manosphere?

    This is a phenomenon I've glommed onto myself over the last couple years.

    A friend of a friend got married quite a while ago. Now, I'm not a MGTOW evangelist. I've never even actually said the...
  20. Re: Is Kevin Samuels the most dangerous man in the manosphere?

    Either him or Rollo. My quibble with both of them is ain't nobody got time to sit through some four hour livestream. Both of them need to condense their content down to less than twenty minutes...
  21. Re: Question about women flaunting their bodies.

    In a society where monogamy is generally expected, women have to one up each other to attract the most high value men. It's a competition for them. And make no mistake about it, they take it very...
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    Re: Should I work?

    If you have the time to work, I say go for it. If nothing else, some kind of paycheck coming in is always helpful in college. Plus, your parents might appreciate you bringing in some money to pay...
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    Re: Lesbians Being Trans-phobic

    Obviously, I have nothing in common with lesbians. But I have to admit, I do respect the TERF's for standing their ground. They're women who want to be with women. They don't want to be with men. A...
  24. Re: Question about women flaunting their bodies.

    It never pays to take women at their literal word.

    When they say they don't want to be treated like sex objects, what they mean is they don't want to be spank bank material for ugly guys. But the...
  25. Re: What was dating like pre-Social Media?

    Millennial here. I was in high school in the late Nineties and in college during the early 2000's. So, hooking up in college was ridiculously easy. War story for you. In the commons at my college one...
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